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Samantha Fox

Samantha Karen Fox was born on April 15, 1966 in Mile End, London, England. Born in a working class, traditionally of market traders, she showed interest in theater at a very early age. When she was only 3, she appeared in her first stage production and was later enrolled in the Anna Scher Theatre School from the age of 5. She did her first television appearance on BBC, at the age of 10 in a play called No Way Out. From here on, she enrolled at the Judi Dench Mountview Theatre School at the age of 11. When she was a child she also was skeptical whether she was gonna be a singer or a police woman. In the end, she chose the first one. When she was only 14 she formed her first band with Richard Smart on guitar and Bob Day on tambourine and Sam herself as the frontwoman. Her first record deal became a reality the following year with Lamborghini Records. However, both the theatre and music careers were put on hold as her next career took over her life: Modeling. When she was 16, her mother, Carole Fox, took pictures of her daughter in lingerie and submitted them to the Sunday People newspaper's "Face and Shape of 1983" amateur modeling contest. Her pictures were published, judges ranked them and she eventually got the chance to do her first photo shoot (though test shoot) in early 1983 for The Sun newspaper's Page 3 feature. She later had her breasts insured for a quarter of a million sterling pounds and soon became one of the most photographed women in the U.K. after Princess Diana of Wales and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. During her teenage years, she studied in a Catholic high school and once she and her classmates set up a contest of who looked more like Kim Wilde. Yes, Kim Wilde the other British pop starlette. Sam won.
In 1986, as a twist of fate and after becoming Britain's most sought after sex symbol of the era, she retired from the Page 3 topless modeling and started her recording career. She released in that same year her debut album, Touch Me. The album had really good sales and spawned successful singles, especially her signature hit, the ultra sensuous and horny Touch Me (I Want Your Body). She continued spawning more hits with her subsequent albums, including the hip-hop flavored Naughty Girls, the S/A/W-produced Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now and she became a really famous and popular face all around the world. Whenever she toured, thousands of thousands of her fans received her at the airports. In her 1990 Pleasure Zone World Tour, for example, when she went to Colombia, 45000 people greeted her at the airport. And she toured other rare and exotic locations such as Costa Rica, India, among others. Fox's father, Patrick, a former carpenter, managed Sam's career until 1991. Then, Sam hired accountants to trace over 1 million sterling pounds that she believed her own father had embezzled from her accounts. She then sued her father, who by then was already divorced and later remarried, and in May 1995 she was awarded a 363, 500 sterling pounds court settlement. Patrick Fox died in 2000, at which time he and Sam had not spoken to each other for an entire decade.
In 1995, she did a one-off appearance to celebrate Page Three's 25th Anniversary and due to popular demand, she appeared in her photo spreads for the entire anniversary week. In this same year, she also recorded and cowrote the track Go for the Heart for the UK submission for the Eurovision song contest. She called herself SOX along with Cris Bonacci and Lorraine McKintosh and the song placed #4 and didn't go to the final rounds of the song that would represent the U.K. at the Eurovision song contest. In 2003, after strong suspicions, she finally came out of the closet and revealed that her partner was her manager Myra Stratton. In 2004, she rerecorded her signature hit Touch Me (I Want Your Body) with Swedish musician Günther. In late 2009 they talked about serious possibilities to plan a civil relationship with Myra, after a long time of dating and living together. She continued appearing reality shows such as I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here! and Celebrity Wife Swap. In 2009, she released a double disc Greatest Hits compilation, including Sam's own choice of tracklist. This compilation includes 3 unreleased S/A/W/ songs. Nowadays, there are strong rumors about a new studio album, her first one since 2005's Angel with an Attitude. Let's wait and see. For now, let's enjoy her classics. On June 1, 2010 Samantha along with Sabrina premiered in Youtube their video for their take on Blondie's classic hit, Call Me. This single will be released for radio stations on June 4, 2010.
Touch Me (1986)

This is Samantha Fox's debut album, released in November 1986. Samantha's debut consisted of 80's rock/pop to portray her as some kind of sensuous, maybe even slutty, rock star. This album spawned the following singles: Her moaning-charged signature hit, Touch Me (I Want Your Body), (#3 U.K., #4 U.S.), Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (#10 U.K.), Hold on Tight (#26 U.K.), and I'm All You Need (#41 U.K.). Many Sam Fox fans feel that Rockin' the City should've been released as a single but it never was. Despite this, Samantha has frequently included this song in her concerts. The album was remastered in October 2009 with bonus tracks including rare b-sides and remixes. However, this is the original U.S. version tracklist. The album was certified gold.// Este es el disco debut de Samantha Fox, lanzado en Noviembre de 1986. El debut de Samantha consiste en un rock/pop típico de los 80's para ilustrarla como un tipo de estrella rock sensual y talvez inclusive un poco vulgar. De este disco se extrajeron los siguientes sencillos: Su éxito más conocido cargado de gemidos, Touch Me (I Want Your Body), (#3 Reino Unido, #4 Estados Unidos), Do Ya Do Ya Wanna Please Me (#10 Reino Unido), Hold on Tight (#26 Reino Unido), y I'm All You Need (#41 Reino Unido). Muchos fans de Sam Fox sienten que Rockin' the City debió ser lanzado como sencillo pero nunca lo fue. A pesar de eso, Samantha ha incluido esta canción frecuentemente en sus conciertos. Este disco fue remasterizado en Octubre 2009 con bonus tracks y lados b difíciles de conseguir y remixes. Sin embargo, el disco presentado acá es el lanzamiento original de la versión estadounidense del disco. El disco fue certificado con un disco de oro.


1-) Touch Me (I Want Your Body).
2-) I'm All You Need.
3-) Suzie, Don't Leave Me with Your Boyfriend.
4-) Wild Kinda Love.
5-) Hold on Tight.
6-) Do Ya, Do Ya (Wanna Please Me).
7-) Want You to Want Me.
8-) Baby I'm Lost for Words.
9-) Rockin' the City.
10-) He's Got Sex.

U.K. tracklist:

1-) Touch Me (I Want Your Body).
2-) I'm All You Need.
3-) Suzie, Don't Leave Me with Your Boyfriend.
4-) Wild Kinda Love.
5-) Hold on Tight.
6-) Do Ya, Do Ya (Wanna Please Me).
7-) Baby I'm Lost for Words.
8-) It's Only Love.
9-) He's Got Sex.
10-) Drop Me a Line.

Samantha Fox (1987)

This is Sam's second album, Samantha Fox, released in September 1987. The album charted at #22 in the U.K., #51 in the U.S. (gold), #40 in Canada, #86 in Australia. Here Samantha Fox left the guitar riffs a bit aside and went into a more poppish direction and she used more different types of music this time around. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now is a Stock, Aitken & Waterman production with their typical sound; Naughty Girls is more hip hop, produced by Full Force; I Surrender was more of the sound from her first album. The singles released here are: her last top ten hit in the U.K., Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (#8 U.K., #80 U.S.), I Surrender (#25 U.K.), I Promise You (#58 U.K.), the ballad True Devotion (#62 U.K.), and her most successful hit in the U.S., Naughty Girls (#3 U.S., #31 U.K.). Samantha Fox also includes a cover of the Rolling Stones's (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. This album is considered by many of her fans as her best one. This album was remastered in October 2009 with bonus tracks.// Este es el segundo material de Sam, Samantha Fox, lanzado en Septiembre de 1987. El álbum llegó a la posición #22 en Reino Unido, #51 en Estados Unidos (disco de oro), #40 en Canadá y #86 en Australia. Aquí Samantha Fox dejó los solos de guitarra un poco de lado y tomó una dirección más pop y esta vez ella utilizó más tipos diferentes de música. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now es una producción de Stock, Aitken & Waterman con su sonido típico; Naughty Girls es más hip hop, producido por Full Force; I Surrender fue más del sonido de su primer disco. Los sencillos extraídos de acá son: su último éxito que entró en el Top 10 en el Reino Unido, Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (#8 Reino Unido, #80 Estados Unidos), I Surrender (#25 Reino Unido), I Promise You (#58 Reino Unido), la balada True Devotion (#62 Reino Unido), y su sencillo más exitoso en Estados Unidos, Naughty Girls (#3 Estados Unidos, #31 Reino Unido). Samantha Fox incluye su versión del éxito de los Rolling Stones, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. Este disco es considerado por muchos de sus fans como su mejor material. Este disco fue remasterizado en Octubre 2009 con bonus tracks.

1-) I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night).
2-) I Promise You (Get Ready).
3-) Naughty Girls (Need Love Too).
4-) True Devotion.
5-) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.
6-) Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now.
7-) If Music Be the Food of Love.
8-) That Sensation.
9-) Dream City.
10-) The Best Is Yet to Come.

I Wanna Have Some Fun (1988)

I Wanna Have Some Fun is Samantha Fox's third studio album, released in November 1988. Here Samantha used different producers in this album and there's more variety in this album, musically speaking. There's S/A/W/ produced songs (her take on Dusty Springfield's I Only Wanna Be with You and You Started Something), Full Force produced songs (I Wanna Have Some Fun, considered as Naughty Girls Part II and Next to Me), ballads (Out of Your Hands), acid house music (Love House), rock/pop (Hot for You), etc. The usage of such wide variety of producers made some people think that this was a non cohesive album. However, it's regarded as a classic Sam album. This album spawned the following singles: Love House (#32 U.K.), I Wanna Have Some Fun (#8 U.S., #63 U.K.), and I Only Wanna Be with You (#16 U.K., #31 U.S.). This album was remastered in October 2009 with bonus tracks.// I Wanna Have Some Fun es el tercer disco de nuevo material de Samantha Fox, lanzado en Noviembre de 1988. Aquí Samantha utilizó diferentes productores y hay más variedad en este disco, musicalmente hablando. Acá hay canciones producidas por S/A/W (su versión del famoso éxito de Dusty Springfield, I Only Wanna Be with You y You Started Something), canciones producidas por Full Force (I Wanna Have Some Fun, considerado como Naughty Girls Parte II y Next to Me), baladas como Out of Your Hands, música del género acid house (Love House), rock/pop (Hot for You), etc. El uso de tantos productores en este disco hizo pensar a algunas personas de que éste era un disco poco cohesivo. Sin embargo, es considerado como un disco clásico de Samantha Fox. De este material se extrajeron los siguientes sencillos: Love House (#32 Reino Unido), I Wanna Have Some Fun (#8 Estados Unidos, #63 Reino Unido) y I Only Wanna Be with You (#16 Reino Unido, #31 Estados Unidos). Este disco fue remasterizado en Octubre 2009 con bonus tracks.


1-) I Wanna Have Some Fun.
2-) Love House.
3-) Your House or My House.
4-) Next to Me.
5-) Ready for This Love.
6-) Confession.
7-) I Only Wanna Be with You.
8-) You Started Something.
9-) One in a Million.
10-) Walking on Air.
11-) Hot for You.
12-) Out of Your Hands.



Just One Night (1991)

This is Sam's fourth studio album, released in 1991. Originally, Samantha Fox wanted to go back to her roots, performing rock/pop songs a la Touch Me album. Her record company didn't want this and forced her to recreate the formula used for her previous album, I Wanna Have Some Fun. The album wasn't successful and it was panned by the critics. However, Sam did go on a world tour, the Pleasure Zone World Tour, where she went all around the world, including Costa Rica, Colombia, the Far East, etc. The singles released from here were: the Full Force-produced (Hurt Me, Hurt Me) But the Pants Stay On, Another Woman (Too Many People), Just One Night and the rockish Spirit of America.// Este es el cuarto disco de Sam, lanzado en 1991. Originalmente, Samantha Fox quería regresar a sus raíces, interpretando canciones del género rock/pop reminiscente de su álbum Touch Me. Su compañía disquera no quería esto y la forzó a reciclar la fórmula utilizada para su disco anterior, I Wanna Have Some Fun. El disco no fue exitoso y recibió comentarios negativos de parte de los críticos. Aún así, Sam hizo una gira mundial, el Pleasure Zone World Tour, donde ella viajó por todo el mundo, incluyendo Costa Rica, Colombia, el Lejano Oriente, etc. Los sencillos extraídos de acá fueron: la producción de Full Force (Hurt Me, Hurt Me) But the Pants Stay On, Another Woman (Too Many People), Just One Night y la roquera Spirit of America.


1-) (Hurt Me, Hurt Me) But the Pants Stay On.
2-) More, More More/Love to Love Medley.
3-) Don't Wait Up.
4-) Just One Night.
5-) Pleasure Zone.
6-) Another Woman (Too Many People).
7-) Don't Cry Wolf.
8-) Nothing You Do, Nothing You Say.
9-) Saving It Up.
10-) Spirit of America.
11-) What You See Is What You Get.
12-) Now I Lay Me Down (CD Bonus).


21st Century Fox (1998)

7 years passed since Samantha Fox had released an album. This period of draught ended with the release of the 21st Century Fox album, released on October 6, 1998 through Ichiban Records. This album symbolized a new look for Samantha, more mature and more chic and a new type of music for her, which was Eurodance. The singles released from this album were: Deeper, which was a flop; Let Me Be Free, which was successful in clubs all over Europe and its video was banned because of nudity (courtesy of Samantha); the Latin-flavored The Reason Is You and Perhaps. The album was a big hit in clubs all over Europe.//
7 años pasaron desde que Samantha Fox había lanzado un disco. Este período de sequía terminó con el lanzamiento del disco 21st Century Fox, lanzado el 6 de Octubre de 1998 a través de Ichiban Records. Este disco simbolizó un nuevo look para Samantha el cual era más maduro y más chic además de un nuevo tipo de música para ella el cual era el género Eurodance. Los sencillos extraídos de este disco fueron: Deeper, el cual fracasó; Let Me Be Free, el cual fue exitoso en clubes de toda Europa y su video fue censurado por desnudez (cortesía de Samantha); el sencillo con sabor latino The Reason Is You y Perhaps. Este disco fue un gran éxito en clubes de toda Europa.


1-) Just a Dream.
2-) The Reason Is You (One on One).
3-) I Dream in Colours.
4-) Deeper.
5-) Where Is the Love?
6-) Love Makes You.
7-) Let Me Be Free.
8-) Wasted N.R.G.
9-) Say What You Want.
10-) Do You Want Me?
11-) Boundaries of Love.
12-) Watching You.
13-) Perhaps.



Angel with an Attitude (2005)

This is Samantha Fox's 6th studio album, released on October 18, 2005. The sound this time around is --as described by Fox herself-- "a blend of rock with electronic sounds". She co-wrote each and every single one of the tracks and co-produced the album herself. The album was recorded in Montreal, Canada through LaChapelle Records, which suddenly became bankrupt and as a result the record had no promotion and was not re-stocked in stores. Fox subsequently released the record through her independent label Fox Records. Her objective for this album was to present herself as a mature woman and as open book and she based her life experiences to write all of this new material. According to Fox the lyrics "show my weakness, joy, moments of total euphoria, but also sadness. These words simply flowed from my heart." The songs reflect her despondency over past troubles as well as her ambition to overcome. Also, during the time that she was writing her autobiography she realized that she had crossed a very important path in her life and wanted to translate that into verse form. She also gained inspiration from her relationship with her manager Myra Stratton. The album was rereleased in 2007 in Australia and New Zealand with a remix of her signature hit Touch Me added as another bonus. This version was internationally available for download in February 2009.// Este es el sexto disco de estudio de Samantha Fox, lanzado el 18 de Octubre 2005. El sonido esta vez es --según Fox misma -- "una mezcla de rock con sonidos electrónicos." Ella co-escribió todas y cada una de las canciones que conforman el disco y co-produjo el disco ella misma. El disco fue grabado en Montreal, Canadá a través de La Chapelle Records, el cual de repente quedó en bancarrota y como consecuencia el disco no recibió ninguna promoción y no fue reabastecido en tiendas de discos. Fox consecuentemente lanzó el disco a través de su propia compañía disquera, Fox Records. El objetivo de este material era de presentarse a sí misma como una mujer madura y como un libro abierto y ella basó sus experiencias personales para escribir todo este nuevo material. Según Fox las letras "muestran mi debilidad, alegría, momentos de euforia total, pero también tristeza. Estas palabras simplemente fluyeron de mi corazón." Estas canciones reflejan su abatimiento con respecto a problemas que tuvo en el pasado como también su ambición de superar las mismas. También, durante el tiempo que estuvo escribiendo su autobiografía ella se dio cuenta que ella había cruzado un camino muy importante en su vida y quería traducir eso en forma de verso. Ella también ganó inspiración por su relación amorosa con su manager Myra Stratton. El álbum fue relanzado en el 2007 en Australia y Nueva Zelanda con un remix de su éxito más famoso Touch Me agregado como un bonus track. Esta versión fue internacionalmente lanzada para descargar en Febrero 2009.


1-) Angel with an Attitude.
2-) To Be Heard.
3-) Destined to Be.
4-) I Give Myself to You.
5-) The Power.
6-) You and Me.
7-) Threw our Love Away.
8-) Move Me.
9-) Breathe.
10-) Nice and Slow.
11-) Cause an Effect.
12-) Dreams Unfold.
13-) Time.

Samantha Plus

This is a self-made compilation of non-album tracks which goes from Sam's very beginnings in music, dating back to 1983 with her high school band S.F.X. with songs like Rockin' with my Radio, her biggest years in the 80's, her try at the Eurovision contest with her self-penned and self-performed song Go for the Heart up to her collaborations from the XXI century, and more.


1-) Rockin' with My Radio (with S.F.X.)
2-) Aim to Win (with S.F.X.)
3-) It's Only Love.
4-) Drop Me a Line.
5-) Tonight's the Night.
6-) Even in the Darkest Hours.
7-) All I Wanna Do (ft. Full Force).
8-) Giving Me a Hard Time.
9-) Don't Cheat on Me.
10-) Too Late to Say Goodbye (12'' Mix).
11-) Hot Lovin'.
12-) Another Woman (Too Many People) (Video Version).
13-) I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.
14-) Go for the Heart (with SOX).
15-) Santa Maria (ft. DJ Milano).
16-) Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (ft. Günther).
17-) Midnight Lover.
18-) Tomorrow (ft. Marc Mysterio).
19-) Forever (ft. 4 Strings).


Call Me (Mini album) (2010)

Call Me is a mini album released in June 15, 2010. Since late 2009 there were strong rumors that the two queens of voluptuous pop, Samantha Fox (!) and Sabrina Salerno (!) were gonna record a duet together. You've heard it!! Their final collaboration was a rerecording of Blondie's hugely successful 1980 hit, Call Me. Both women self-produced the record and there are 3 versions of this mini album. One, the 10 track (plus the video) version, which is the one that will be uploaded here. This version even includes solo versions of Call Me from each of the ladies, a remix of Sabrina's classic Italo disco hit, Gringo, among other tracks. Another version is the picture disc version which consists of 4 tracks only and another version is the 8-track version which is made up of only remixes of Call Me. It certainly is everything worth to watch, listen, and form part of the experience of the biggest news of the year in the 80's revival department. The duet of the two queens of voluptuous pop. Don't miss this!!!


1-) Call Me.
2-) In the Morning (Sabrina).
3-) I Give Myself to You (Samantha Fox).
4-) Gringo (Remix) (Sabrina).
5-) Call Me (Solo version) (Samantha Fox).
6-) Call Me (Solo version) (Sabrina).
7-) Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Yes Tibet Remix).
8-) Call Me (Starlet DJs Club Mix).
9-) Call Me (Sleazesisters Club Mix).
10-) Call Me (Williamsburg Trash Bar Mix).




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