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Missing Persons/Dale Bozzio

Hey people, sorry for taking a long time to post something new but we've come back with something new and that hopefully will be of your appreciation. Today's band is a New Wave band formed in 1979 by drummer Terry Bozzio (you may know him from Korn as of recent years); guitarrist Warren Cuccurullo and last but not least the frontwoman with a quirky vocal style and equally quirky image, Boston-born former Hustler and Playboy magazine sex bomb Dale Bozzio (née Consalvi). Cuccurullo and Bozzio are innovative and eccentric rocker Frank Zappa's disciples and Dale Bozzio was a Zappa head and got to meet the future members in a party. Frank Zappa gave her the eye, was fascinated with her peculiar Bostonian accent and thought that that was enough reason to put Dale's peculiar accent as vocal talent. In 1979 Miss Consalvi became Mrs. Bozzio and the following year the band was born -originally as U.S. Drag. In 1981 they started recording their new material such as L.A. radio popular child Mental Hopscotch and I Like Boys. Soon, in 1982 they released their first LP, Spring Session M (an anagram for the band's name). This album became successful, their videos got heavy exposure on MTV and the band despite the fact of never having huge hits, definitely had a cult following thanks to Terry's virtuoso drums, Warren's equally outstanding guitar playing and Dale's unique vocal style and futuristic extravaganza for an image -with lots of Spandex, tin foil materials. In 1984, they released their second album, Rhyme & Reason and wasn't successful as its predecessor though its singles still received respectable MTV airplay. In 1986, the band released what would become their third and final studio album, Color in Your Life, which was a commercial flop --despite the obvious quality of its music. During this same year the band did a small tour and the Bozzio marriage ended after the band ended. Later, Warren Cuccurullo became an official member of Duran Duran from 1988 to 2001. Terry Bozzio went on drumming for artists as important as Mick Jagger and hosting drum clinics, among other projects. Dale Bozzio went on for a solo career signing under the mysterious and quiet Minneapolis-native genius Prince and in 1988 she released her only solo album Riot in English spawning only one minor hit, Simon Simon, which passed somewhat unnoticed. As of later years she has created her own Missing Persons band touring frequently with them. Unfortunately, having been charged in November, 2008 in New Hampshire, Bozzio was convicted on one count of animal cruelty in March, 2009. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 60 of which were deferred for two years. She was ordered to pay $2,700 and to complete 250 hours of community service. On November 12, 2009, Dale Bozzio turned herself in to a New Hampshire jail to serve her time for the conviction. Many people criticized her for being cruel to animals, others don't agree that she is in jail because she supposedly left one person in charge to take care of the animals while she was away traveling to New Hampshire, and others say she has mental problems. You be the judge but the most important thing is to appreciate this underrated band hailing from California who have had and still have an impact on the New Wave culture.
Spring Session M (1982)

This is Missing Persons's first LP released in 1982. The album reached #17 in the Billboard charts, selling up to 500, 000 copies. Not bad for a debut album. This is highly regarded by many Missing Persons fans as their best album and is also regarded as a perfect example of what New Wave should sound like or at least, California New Wave. The album spawned classic hits such as Words (#42 in Billboard Hot 100) with their signature video that received heavy airplay thanks to Dale's caked make-up and Pexi Glass bra and an apparent speaker as a bikini. Also Destination Unknown was released as a single (also #42) with an equally classic video. Subsequent releases were Windows (#63) andWalking in L.A. (#70). The album was re-issued in 1995. This album would also set a characteristic feature of touching non trivial topics in their songs. For example, Windows talks about how a person feels isolated from the world and finds solace in it. Walking in L.A. makes a sarcastic comment about how "nobody walks in L.A." Destination Unknown talks about not knowing what route to take in life and why we are here in this planet, and so on. This line of topics would become recurrent for the rest of their work.

Este es el primer acetato de Missing Persons lanzado en 1982. El disco alcanzó el #17 en los charts de Billboard, llegando a vender 500, 000 copias. Nada mal para un disco debut. Este material es llamado por los fans de la banda como su mejor disco y también es apreciado como un ejemplo perfecto de como debería sonar la música New Wave -o al menos el New Wave de California. Este disco produjo éxitos clásicos tales como Words (#42 en el Billboard Hot 100) con su video más representativo el cual recibió muy buena rotación en el canal MTV gracias al maquillaje muy vistoso de Dale y su vestuario tan peculiar como un brassiere de Pexi Glass y lo que parecía ser un bafle como bikini. También Destination Unknown fue lanzado como sencillo (también #42) con un video igualmente clásico que el del sencillo anterior. Los posteriores sencillos fueron Walking in L.A. (#70) y Windows (#63). El álbum fue remasterizado en 1995. Este disco dejaría un sello característico para el grupo de tocar temas que no son nada triviales. Por ejemplo, Windows trata sobre una persona que se siente aislada del mundo y encuentra su solaz en ello. Walking in L.A. hace un comentario sarcástico sobre como nadie camina en Los Angeles. Destination Unknown habla sobre el no saber qué rumbo tomar en la vida y el por qué estamos en este mundo. Esta línea de temáticas sería frecuente en sus siguientes lanzamientos.


1-) Noticeable One.
2-) Windows.
3-) It Ain't None of Your Business.
4-) Destination Unknown.
5-) Walking in L.A.
6-) U.S. Drag.
7-) Tears.
8-) Here and Now.
9-) Words.
10-) Bad Streets.
11-) Rock & Roll Suspension.
12-) No Way Out.

Rhyme & Reason (1984)

This is Missing Persons's second studio album released in 1984. This time around the band went down an experimental new wave pop music which somehow didn't spark much interest within the audience since the album charted to #43 in the U.S. However, singles like Give ( #67), Surrender Your Heart and Right Now had success in MTV as these videos received respectable amount of airplay. For example the video for Surrender Your Heart featured amazing animation technology for the time and it's among their most memorable videos.
Despite the commercial lack of success of this album, Rhyme & Reason still it's worth a listen. This album was remastered in 2000 by Capitol Records.

Este es el segundo disco de Missing Persons lanzado en 1984. Esta vez la banda tomó la ruta de una música pop new wave con matices experimentales el cual no logró causar una gran impresión en el público. El disco logró entrar a los charts a la posición #43 en E.U.A. No obstante, sencillos como Give (#67), Surrender Your Heart y Right Now tuvieron éxito en MTV ya que recibieron respetable cantidad de rotación en ese canal. Por ejemplo, el video de Surrender Your Heart mostraba uso de animación adelantada a su época y es considerado como uno de los videos más recordados de Missing Persons. A pesar del fracaso comercial de este disco, Rhyme & Reason es un disco que vale la pena escuchar. Este disco fue remasterizado en el año 2000 por Capitol Records.


1-) The Closer That You Get.
2-) Give.
3-) Now Is the Time (For Love).
4-) Surrender Your Heart.
5-) Clandestine People.
6-) Right Now.
7-) All Fall Down.
8-) Racing Against Time.
9-) Waiting for a Million Years.
10-) If Only for the Moment.


Color in Your Life (1986)

This is Missing Persons's third and last studio album, released in November 1986. The album was their least successful, charting to #88 in Billboard and spawning only one single which was I Can't Think About Dancin'. This video received airplay on MTV but a lesser amount of airplay in comparison with their previous videos. This album was produced by ex-Chic Bernard Edwards and during this time Dale Bozzio temporarily quit the band, hence the track We Don't Know Love at All being performed by drummer Terry Bozzio instead of Dale. The band promoted the album with a tour and after the tour the band broke up and the Bozzio marriage ended. Despite the lack of commercial success of this album, a lot of Missing Persons fans regard this record as their best album, even better than Spring Session M. You be the judge. This album was remastered with extra tracks on 2000 by Capitol Records.

Este es el tercer y último disco de nuevo material de la banda, lanzado en Noviembre de 1986. El disco fue el menos exitoso de su carrera, alcanzando la posición #88 en Billboard y logrando lanzar solamente un sencillo, I Can't Think About Dancin'. El video recibió rotación en MTV pero no la misma cantidad que sus predecesores. El disco fue producido por el anterior miembro de Chic Bernard Edwards y durante este tiempo Dale Bozzio temporalmente dejó el grupo. Por este motivo es que el baterista Terry Bozzio es el que da su voz para el track We Don't Know Love at All. La banda promocionó el disco con una gira y posterior a ésta el grupo se desintegró a lo igual que el matrimonio Bozzio. A pesar del fracaso comercial del disco, muchos fans de Missing Persons consideran este disco como el mejor de su carrera, superando inclusive a Spring Session M. Juzguen ustedes. Este disco fue remasterizado en el año 2000 por Capitol Records.


1-) Color in Your Life.
2-) I Can't Think About Dancing.
3-) No Secrets.
4-) Flash of Love.
5-) Go Against the Flow.
6-) Boy I Say to You.
7-) Come Back for More.
8-) Face to Face.
9-) We Don't Know Love at All.

Playing Hopscotch

This is a self-created compilation including Missing Persons' non-album tracks, including radio hit Mental Hopscotch and the fan favorite I Like Boys, among others.// Esta es una compilación creada por nosotros mismos que incluye aquellos tracks de Missing Persons que no vienen en sus discos de estudio incluyendo el éxito radial Mental Hopscotch y el popular entre los fans I Like Boys, entre otros.


1-) Mental Hopscotch.
2-) I Like Boys.
3-) Hello, I Love You.
4-) Fight for Life.
5-) Action Reaction.
6-) Hot to Cold.
7-) It's a Must.

Live from the Danger Zone! (2008)

Live from the Danger Zone is a live album by Missing Persons. This recording was taken from their Rhyme & Reason Tour in 1985. It includes hits like Words, Destination Unknown, Mental Hopscotch and others plus some tracks from their Rhyme & Reason album.// Live from the Danger Zone es un disco en vivo de Missing Persons. Esta grabación fue tomada de su gira Rhyme & Reason en 1985. Incluye éxitos como Words, Destination Unknown, Mental Hopscotch entre otros además de algunos tracks de su disco Rhyme & Reason.


1-) Walking in L.A.
2-) Noticeable One.
3-) The Closer That You Get.
4-) Give.
5-) Right Now.
6-) All Fall Down.
7-) Tears.
8-) I Like Boys.
9-) Mental Hopscotch.
10-) Destination Unknown.
11-) Words.
12-) No Way Out.

Dale Bozzio:

Riot in English (1988)

Dale's first solo album, Riot in English was released on January 1, 1988 under Prince's label, Paisley Park. Notice that she released the album under the name Dale, minus her last name. The album has a sound reminiscent of Prince's music, although ironically Prince himself wrote only one of the tracks from this album. The singles spawned from this album were: Simon Simon, which was a Top 40 dance hit in the U.S. and a crossover hit in Europe and Riot in English which didn't chart.// El primer disco de solista de Dale, Riot in English, fue lanzado el 1 de Enero de 1988 bajo la casa disquera de Prince, Paisley Park. Noten que ella lanzó este disco bajo el nombre Dale, sin su apellido. El disco tiene un sonido que recuerda a la música de Prince, aunque irónicamente él escribió solamente una canción del disco. Los sencillos extraídos de este disco fueron: Simon Simon, el cual fue un hit en los Dance Charts de Billboard y un éxito transatlántico en Europa y Riot in English, el cual no entró en las listas de popularidad.


1-) Simon Simon.
2-) Giddi Up Baby - Be Mine.
3-) Overtime.
4-) So Strong.
5-) Love Is Hard Work.
6-) Riot in English.
7-) He's So Typical.
8-) Ouch That Feels Good.
9-) Perfect Stranger.


New Wave Sessions (2007)

This is Dale's last album to date, as a solo artist though she features her new Missing Persons band. This was released under Cleopatra Records on October 23, 2007. Here, Dale gives us refreshed versions of 2 Missing Persons hits plus a remix and a few covers of 80's New Wave hits, such as Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Lipps Inc.'s Funkytown among others. It's really nice to hear Dale singing again and releasing new material and her voice certainly hasn't changed much and this record is worth listening to. On a sidenote, Dale also recorded a version of Madonna's huge 80's classic Into the Groove but it doesn't appear in this CD.

Este el último disco de Dale hasta la fecha como solista aunque ella acá presenta su nueva banda de Missing Persons. Este disco fue lanzado a través de Cleopatra Records el 23 de Octubre del 2007. Acá, Dale nos trae versiones más frescas de 2 de sus éxitos como parte de Missing Persons además de un remix y unos "covers" de grandes éxitos del New Wave de los 80's tales como Girls Just Want to Have Fun de Cyndi Lauper y Funkytown de Lipps Inc, entre otros. Es realmente muy bonito escuchar a Dale cantar de nuevo y lanzar nuevo material y su voz ciertamente no ha cambiado mucho. Este disco vale la pena darle una escuchada. Como una nota extra, Dale también grabó una versión del gran clásico de Madonna de los 80's, Into the Groove, pero esta canción no aparece en este disco.


1-) Words.
2-) Destination Unknown.
3-) I Know What Boys Like.
4-) Funkytown.
5-) Turning Japanese.
6-) Der Kommissar.
7-) Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
8-) Destination Unknown (TV Mania 12'' Mix).
9-) Walking in L.A. (Technova's Electro Mix).

Make Love not War (2010)

Make Love not War is Dale Bozzio's second studio album recorded in 1991 which was kept unreleased up until January 10, 2010 when it was finally released via Elektrik Blue Records. This album once again was originally recorded at Paisley Park, Prince's record company and he collaborates in this album. No singles were released and the album never charted. However, among the tracks there is Simon Simon represented in 3 different versions, which was a single from her debut album, Riot in English.


1-) Simon Simon (7'' Mix).
2-) Simon Simon (12'' Mix).
3-) Simon Simon (Simon Says Edit).
4-) Last Century.
5-) My Friends.
6-) Until the End.
7-) Crazy.
8-) Talk Talk.
9-) The Motorcycle Song.
10-) Let's Get Personal.
11-) Hide 'n' Seek.
12-) The Motorcycle Song (Instrumental).
13-) Take Me to Your Leader (Not included in this file).
14-) Mr. Slick.
15-) Make Love not War.
16-) The Motorcycle Song (Alternate take).



  1. Muchisimas Gracias por los discos de Dale...amo Missing persons y la verdad q los discos de Dale llevo buscandolos hace muchisimo tiempo... realmente gracias totales.


  2. This is great....THANKS!

  3. Hi there...
    Overall, great bio of Missing Persons. However, as a close friend of the band, and in particular Dale, and as the person who created the cover of 'Make Love Not War,' I would like to point out that, other than co-writing lyrics for 'Take Me @ Your Leader,' Neither Prince, or Paisley Park, had anything to do with the production of this album. Tracks were recorded in L.A., Santa Cruz, and in Dale's native Boston. Also, and back to the original Missing Persons, the Bozzio marriage was ending during the recording of 'Rhyme & Reason,' and in fact, they were separated by the time 'Color in Your Life' was recorded. In essence, the marriage officially ended before the tour, and the band broke up for good thereafter, and did not fulfill remaining tour dates. Finally, though 'Color in Your Life' is certainly beloved by devoted MP fans,'Rhyme & Reason' is also considered their masterpiece. But then again, devoted fans are, well, devoted. In the end, Missing Persons were one of the best live bands of that era, and they certainly secured a solid footnote in pop music history. Thanks again.

  4. pure nostalgie
    most popular and on top of the hitcharts
    in Suriname with "words" and "destination unknown"

  5. Just re-discovered Missing Persons after 9 years of silence.
    What an amazing band, ahead of their time.
    Being a huge fan of Terry Bozzio, I still wonder why their marriage (w/ Dale) broke. Drugs? Personalities? And why did they get back together in 2001 to rehearse again just to fail quite soon?
    I know I'll never know, but I try asking.

  6. Missing persons is an amazing band, great bio overall. To me, they always reminded me of Giorgio Moroder, probably that deep chugging synth they both used. Did you know Moroder did a renewal of Fritz Lang's sci-fi cult classic Metropolis. He added a new soundtrack that features 80s rockstars like Freddie Mercury (Queen), Pat Benatar, Loverboy and many more. I instantly loved this film...if youve never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Atleast check out the trailer, go to for more!

  7. Can you repost the last one please?