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theaudience/Sophie Ellis-Bextor

theaudience was a Britpop group founded in 1996 by guitarist Billy Reeves, formerly of the indie group, Congregation.The group were fronted by Sophie Ellis-Bextor and achieved some success with their new wave-style records. Reeves left the band late in 1998 and despite the remaining band members writing new material, theaudience split soon afterwards. Bextor eventually started a solo career and had much success in major label dance pop music. Although their one and only album received critical acclaim, it did not sell well and was later discontinued. Bass player Kerin Smith and guitarist Billy Reeves are currently involved with the London indie pop band, Friends of The Bride. Drummer Patrick "Patch" Hannan was also a member of The Sundays.

theaudience (1998)

theaudience is the first and only studio album released by the group theaudience on August 17, 1998. The album charted to #22 in the U.K. The following singles were released: I Got the Wherewithal (#170 U.K.), If You Can't Do It When You're Young; When Can You Do It? (#48 U.K.), A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed (#27 U.K.), and I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough) (#25 U.K.).


1-) A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed.
2-) Now That You're 18.
3-) Mr. Doasyouwouldbedoneby.
4-) I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough).
5-) Keep in Touch.
6-) I Got the Wherewithal.
7-) Harry Don't Fetch the Water.
8-) If You Can't Do It When You're Young; When Can You Do It?
9-) Running Out of Space.
10-) You Get What You Deserve.
11-) The More There Is to Do.
12-) Bells for David Keenan.
13-) Shoebox Song.
14-) How's That?

Quiet Storm (2010)

Quiet Storm is an unreleased album by theaudience. It surfaced on the internet in 2010.


1-) The Greatest Gift.
2-) How It Should Be Done.
3-) Day and Night.
4-) Headcase.
5-) Out with the Cold School.
6-) The Fool Will Rise Again.
7-) So Clever.
8-) Twilight of the Teenage.
9-) Grey with Dusty Rain.
10-) You Will Do for Now.
11-) King of Action.
12-) Repetition Kills.
13-) Two Way.
14-) Sanctuary Hill.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was born on April 10, 1979 in London, England. She is the daughter of Robin Bextor and former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis. As a young girl, she appeared on several Blue Peter items, with no indication given on-screen that she was Ellis's daughter. She attended St. Stephen's School and later Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith. Among her earliest public performances were with the W11 Opera children's opera from the age of thirteen, and she is now a patron of the organisation. She is an English singer, songwriter, model and occasional DJ. She first came to prominence in the late 1990s, as the lead singer of the indie rock band Theaudience. After Theaudience split, Ellis-Bextor took a year off from singing. In 2000, Ellis-Bextor collaborated with Italian DJ Spiller on adding vocals to his then-instrumental club track "Groovejet", her first recorded work since that with Theaudience. "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)" entered the UK charts at number one, just beating former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham on her first solo outing to the top spot. Since then, the two have been described as rivals. Both women deny, however, that there is any rivalry between the two of them.This is when Ellis-Bextor decides to go solo, achieving widespread success in the early 2000s. Her music is a mixture of mainstream pop, disco, nu-disco, and 1980s electronic influences.

Read My Lips (2001)

Read My Lips is Sophie Ellis-Bextor's debut studio album, released on August 27, 2001 by Polydor Records. After minor success with the band The Audience in the late 1990s, Ellis-Bextor went on to have a hugely successful collaboration with Spiller in 2000. The track, "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)", was a UK no.1 and the 8th best-selling single there for that year. Ellis-Bextor began working on her first solo album the same year. Polydor decided to re-issue the album on 17 June 2002, complete with extra tracks and an alternate running order. The album peaked to #2 in the U.K. (2x Platinum). The following singles were released: Her cover of Cher's Take Me Home (#2 U.K.), Murder on the Dancefloor (#2 U.K.), Get Over You (#3 U.K.), and Music Gets the Best of Me (#14 U.K.).


1-) Murder on the Dancefloor.
2-) Take Me Home.
3-) Lover.
4-) Move This Mountain.
5-) Music Gets the Best of Me.
6-) Sparkle.
7-) The Universe Is You.
8-) I Believe.
9-) Get Over You.
10-) By Chance.
11-) Is It Any Wonder.
12-) Leave the Others Alone.
13-) Final Move.
14-) Everything Falls Into Place.

Shoot from the Hip (2003)

Shoot from the Hip is Sophie Ellis-Bextor's second studio album, released on October 27, 2003 by Polydor Records. The album charted to #19 in the U.K. (Gold disc). It spawned the following singles: Mixed Up World (#7 U.K.) and I Won't Change You (#9 U.K.). The album also includes -as a hidden track-her cover version of Olivia Newton-John's 1981 megahit, Physical.


1-) Making Music.
2-) Mixed Up World.
3-) I Won't Change You.
4-) Nowhere Without You.
5-) Another Day.
6-) Party in My Head.
7-) Love It Is Love.
8-) You Get Yours.
9-) The Walls Keep Saying Your Name.
10-) I Won't Dance with You.
11-) I Am Not Good at Not Getting What I Want.
12-) Hello, Hello.
13-) Physical.

Trip the Light Fantastic (2007)

Trip the Light Fantastic is Sophie Ellis-Bextor's third studio album, released on May 18, 2007. Ellis-Bextor claimed she had recorded four duets for the album, however, no duets appear in the final track listing. Dan Gillespie Sells provides backing vocals for two songs on the album and Fred Schneider lends vocals on one. Sophie said that she wouldn't be posing on the cover but she later confirmed she would actually appear. She commented, "It's sparkly, but hopefully it's got a bit more depth than just a nice picture of me on the cover!" She said that she worked with "a French guy named Dimitri" who was rumoured to be Dimitri from Paris, but turned out to be Dimitri Tikovoi. She has also worked with Kerin Smith of theaudience. The album peaked to #7 in the U.K. (Gold disc). The following singles were released: Catch You (#8 U.K.), Me and My Imagination (#23 U.K.), and Today the Sun's on Us (#64 U.K.).


1-) Catch You.
2-) Me and My Imagination.
3-) Today the Sun's on Us.
4-) New York City Lights.
5-) If I Can't Dance.
6-) The Distance Between Us.
7-) If You Go.
8-) Only One.
9-) Love Is Here.
10-) New Flame.
11-) China Heart.
12-) What Have We Started?


Make a Scene (2011)

Make a Scene is Sophie Ellis-Bextor's fourth and so far last studio album, released on April 18, 2011 in Russia and on June 6, 2011 in the U.K. Make a Scene originated from recording sessions for a Greatest Hits compilation set for release in the autumn of 2007. The success of those recording sessions led Ellis-Bextor and her record label at the time, Fascination Records, to change their plans and record a full studio album instead. Following the release of several singles in 2009 and 2010, the album title was announced in early 2010, and subsequently changed to Straight to the Heart later that spring. Ellis-Bextor changed the album title back to Make a Scene in late 2010 and announced the final album title in a posting on her Facebook account in January 2011. The following singles have been taken from this album: Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) (#13 U.K.), Bittersweet (#25 U.K.), Can't Fight This Feeling (#13 France), Not Giving Up on Love (#125 U.K.), Off and On, and Starlight.


1-) Revolution.
2-) Bittersweet.
3-) Off and On.
4-) Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer). (Freemasons ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor).
5-) Not Giving Up on Love. (Armin van Buuren vs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor).
6-) Can't Fight This Feeling. (Junior Caldera ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor).
7-) Starlight.
8-) Under Your Touch.
9-) Make a Scene.
10-) Magic.
11-) Dial My Number.
12-) Homewrecker.
13-) Synchronised.
14-) Cut Straight to the Heart.


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Vixen is an all-female American hard rock band which achieved some commercial success during the late 1980s and early 1990s as part of the Los Angeles, California glam metal scene with the classic line up consisting of: Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Janet Gardner, original founding member and lead guitarist Jan Kuehnemund, bassist Share Pedersen and drummer Roxy Petrucci. The band was originally formed in St. Paul, Minnesota back in 1980 when Jan Kuehnemund was still in high school. In 1985, the band moved to Los Angeles, California to be part of the L.A. rock scene. In 1988 the band was signed to EMI, and they began recording their debut album Vixen, which was released in September 1988. Singer-songwriter Richard Marx actually wrote and arranged their signature hit, "Edge of a Broken Heart", as well as performing keyboards and producing the song. Rumor was he was asked to assist the all-female band by EMI to produce their first major-hit, to compete with the all-female band the Bangles. Richard Marx had nothing to do with their follow-up CD, since he was becoming more of a mainline- singer than songwriter. Vixen spent the next year touring the world, supporting acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, and Bon Jovi, as well as headlining their own shows. The band returned to the studio in late 1989/early 1990 to record their follow up album, Rev It Up, which was released in July 1990. A year of touring followed, including headlining their own shows and supporting acts such as KISS and Deep Purple. In mid-1991, the group disbanded due to musical differences. In 1997, drummer Roxy Petrucci reformed Vixen, with Janet Gardner (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Gina Stile (lead guitar), and Rana Ross (bass). This lineup toured the United States in 1997, and in 1998 Gardner, Stile, and Petrucci recorded the album Tangerine. After the release of the new album, Roxy's sister Maxine Petrucci was brought in to play bass on a U.S. tour of 1998, but they were sued for copyright infringement by Kuehnemund. In 1999, Share Pedersen joined her husband's band, the Dogs D'Amour, who were reforming after a long hiatus. She appeared on their 2000 album, Happy Ever After, playing bass, keyboards, and, backing vocals. Share and her husband, Bam, also have their own band, Bubble, which is very popular in L.A..In 2001, Vixen was reformed by Kuehnemund with a lineup consisting of herself, Janet Gardner, Roxy Petrucci, and new bassist Pat Holloway. This lineup toured the U.S. as part of the Voices of Metal tour. Unfortunately, half-way through the tour, disagreements caused the band to split-up, with only Kuehnemund remaining. In 2004, VH1 approached the four members of the "classic lineup" to appear on their show, Bands Reunited. The show was recorded in August 2004, and broadcast in the U.S. in November 2004. Following the broadcast of the VH1 show, EMI re-released the first two Vixen albums, Vixen and Rev It Up.

Vixen is Vixen's debut album, released in September, 1988. The album has sold over a million copies in the U.S. It spawned the following singles: The Richard Marx-composed Edge of a Broken Heart (#26 U.S.), Cryin' (#22 U.S.), and Love Made Me.


1-) Edge of a Broken Heart.
2-) I Want You to Rock Me.
3-) Cryin'.
4-) American Dream.
5-) Desperate.
6-) One Night Alone.
7-) Hell Raisers.
8-) Love Made Me.
9-) Waitin'.
10-) Cruisin'.
11-) Charmed Life.

Rev It Up (1990)

Rev It Up is Vixen's second studio album, released in July, 1990. The album charted to #52 in the U.S. and #20 in the U.K. The following singles were released: How Much Love (#44 U.S.), Love Is a Killer (#71 U.S.), and Not a Minute Too Soon.


1-) Rev It Up.
2-) How Much Love.
3-) Love Is a Killer.
4-) Not a Minute Too Soon.
5-) Streets in Paradise.
6-) Hard 16.
7-) Bad Reputation.
8-) Fallen Hero.
9-) Only a Heartbeat Away.
10-) It Wouldn't Be Love.
11-) Wrecking Ball.


Live in Baltimore

This is a live gig that took place at Hammerjacks in Baltimore on October 21, 1990 in order to promote their then latest album, Rev It Up. The bulk of the show is made up of the Rev It Up tracks but it also includes hits like Edge of a Broken Heart and Cryin' from their debut album.


1-) Intro/Streets in Paradise.
2-) Rev It Up.
3-) Not a Minute Too Soon.
4-) Cruisin'.
5-) Edge of a Broken Heart.
6-) Cryin'.
7-) Hell Raisers.
8-) Bad Reputation.
9-) How Much Love.
10-) Hard 16.
11-) I Want You to Rock Me.

Tangerine (1998)

Tangerine is Vixen's third studio album, released in 1998. It was recorded without former members Jan Kuehnemund and Share Pedersen. The line up for this album was Janet Gardner, Roxy Petrucci, Gina Stile, and additional bass player Mike Pisculli. Different from the classic Vixen sound, it was more grunge than hard rock.


1-) Page.
2-) Tangerine.
3-) Never Say Never.
4-) Peace.
5-) Barely Breathin'.
6-) Bleed.
7-) Stay.
8-) Shut Up.
9-) Machine.
10-) Air Balloon.
11-) Can't Control Myself.
12-) Swatting Flies in Wanker County.

Live & Learn (2006)

Live & Learn is Vixen's fourth and so far last studio album, released on December 12, 2006. This time the line up consisted of: Founding member Jan Kuehnemund (the only original member), vocalist Jenna Sanz-Agero, drummer Kathrin Kraft and bassist Lynn Louise Lowrey.


1-) Anyway.
2-) Live and Learn.
3-) I Try.
4-) Little Voice.
5-) Pacifist.
6-) Don't Want It Anymore.
7-) Love Song.
8-) Angry.
9-) I'm Sorry.
10-) You Wish.
11-) Suffragette City.
12-) Give Me Away.


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Heart is an American rock band who were formed in British Columbia, Canada in 1973. Throughout several lineup changes, the only two remaining members of the group are sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. The group rose to fame in the 1970s with their music being influenced by hard rock as well as folk music.In 1977, Heart's record label, Mushroom Records, fueled rumors that Ann and Nancy were lesbian lovers by running a full-page ad in Rolling Stone showing the sisters bare-shouldered (as appearing on the "Dreamboat Annie" album cover) and suggestively captioned, "It was only our first time!" This was done without the sisters' permission and awareness. That was one of the main reasons why they left Mushroom Records and were signed to Epic Records. After diminishing in popularity for a couple of years in the early 80s, the band enjoyed a comeback in 1985, experiencing further successes with their power ballads and pop hits into the 90s. Over their four-decade career, Heart has had chart successes with songs in genres ranging from hard rock and metal to folk rock. With Jupiter's Darling (2004) and Red Velvet Car (2010), Heart made a return to their hard rock/acoustic roots of the late 70s. To date, Heart has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Heart was ranked #57 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock".

Dreamboat Annie (1976)

Dreamboat Annie is Heart's debut album, first released in 1975 in Canada by Mushroom Records and then released in the United States on February 14, 1976. Mushroom paid for an advertising campaign celebrating the sales of Dreamboat Annie which read "It was only our first time" and showing a photo of Ann & Nancy Wilson leaning up against each other with only heads and bare shoulders visible, as on the cover of the album. The band had not been consulted and was furious with this. Hence, relations were already strained when the group and the label tried to re-negotiate their contract. With the success of Dreamboat Annie, the group expected the label to raise their royalty rate substantially. However, Mushroom refused to pay more money and said it did not want to release a second Heart album. Placed in the position of presenting this unacceptable offer to the group, Flicker broke off negotiations with Mushroom. The group left the label, believing that their contract allowed them to do so as long as Flicker was no longer working with the label. Nevertheless, the album charted to #7 in the U.S. (Platinum disc) and earned 2 Platinum discs in Canada. Dreamboat Annie spawned the following singles: Crazy on You (#35 U.S., #25 Canada), Magic Man (#9 U.S., #26 Canada), Dreamboat Annie (#42 U.S., #53 Canada), and (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song.


1-) Magic Man.
2-) Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child).
3-) Crazy on You.
4-) Soul of the Sea.
5-) Dreamboat Annie.
6-) White Lightning and Wine.
7-) (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song.
8-) Sing Child.
9-) How Deep It Goes.
10-) Dreamboat Annie (Reprise).

Little Queen (1977)

Little Queen is Heart's second studio album, released on May 14, 1977. The group intended Little Queen to be the official follow-up to the debut Dreamboat Annie. They had just left their first label Mushroom Records, for the new formed Portrait Records division of CBS Records (now Sony/BMG.) However the situation became very complicated when Mushroom decided to release a batch of studio demos and live recordings as the album Magazine at the same time as Little Queen. It also produced the band's most popular hit Barracuda, which Ann Wilson wrote after a controversial publicity stunt by Mushroom Records created about her and Nancy featured a full-page ad in Rolling Stone showing the sisters bare-shouldered (as appearing on the "Dreamboat Annie" album cover) and suggestively captioned "It was only our first time". When a reporter suggested, backstage after a live appearance, that the sisters were sex partners, Ann returned to her hotel room and began writing the lyrics to "Barracuda" to relieve her frustration. The song became one of Heart's biggest hits (#11, 1977). The album charted to #9 in the U.S. (3x Platinum discs) and earned 2 Platinum discs in Canada. The following singles were released: Barracuda (#11 U.S., #2 Canada), Little Queen (#62 U.S., #58 Canada), Kick It Out (#79 U.S., #67 Canada), and Love Alive. This album was reissued in 2004.


1-) Barracuda.
2-) Love Alive.
3-) Sylvan Song.
4-) Dream of the Archer.
5-) Kick It Out.
6-) Little Queen.
7-) Treat Me Well.
8-) Say Hello.
9-) Cry to Me.
10-) Go On Cry.

Magazine (1978) (***NEW***)

Magazine is Heart's third studio album, first released in 1977 and re-released on April 22, 1978. It has an unusual history in that the first release in 1977 was an unfinished version not authorized by the group. A second authorized version of the album was re-released in 1978. The change in labels resulted in a prolonged legal battle with Mushroom's creative director Shelly Siegel. Mushroom, still having a 2-album contract, claimed they had the legal right to release a second Heart album after all. Having retained ownership of the 5 unfinished studio recordings Mushroom had the recordings mixed by Heart's recording engineer, Rolf Henneman, but without the participation of any group members. The label also added Here Song, a rare b-side, and filled up the rest of the album with 2 live songs recorded in 1975 at "The Aquarius Tavern", a Seattle area rock club where the group had played regularly. Mushroom released the collection as Magazine in the spring of 1977 at the same time that the group was preparing their next album for Portrait titled Little Queen. According to Flicker, about 50,000 copies of the original Magazine album were pressed. Some of these copies were sold in stores, mostly in Los Angeles and Hollywood, Florida where the records were manufactured. Unsold copies were quickly recalled and later destroyed when Heart took Mushroom to court to stop distribution of the album. The 1977 version was also briefly released in Europe through Arista Records. Unhappy with the somewhat unpolished studio performances and the inclusion of the live recordings, the group took Mushroom to court with the aim of having the 1977 release of Magazine taken off the market. The Seattle court ruled that Mushroom had to recall the album, but the terms of the settlement required that Heart provide a second album for Mushroom. Heart chose to fulfill this obligation by finishing the previously released songs to a quality of their satisfaction. For the 1978 version Heart chose to re-record, remix, edit, and re-sequence the recordings. A security guard stood by in the studio to make sure that the group didn't try to erase the multitrack master tapes. They added new lead vocals to most of the existing studio tracks. One of the most obvious differences is that on the original recording of "Heartless" Ann Wilson sings "The doc said come back again next week..." On the re-recorded version she clearly sings "doctor" instead. In fact the entire vocal track on "Heartless" is notably more controlled in the original; the revision is oversung. The synthesizer solo on "Just the Wine" was replaced by a flute solo and the song is slightly edited. The ending of the title track fades about 30 seconds earlier. The live Blues Medley was edited to remove some of Roger Fisher's guitar solo sections and Ann Wilson's solo vocal parts. There are also other more subtle differences. The revised version of the album was released with no disclaimer by Mushroom Records in April 1978. The album peaked to #17 in the U.S. The only single taken from this album was Heartless (#24 U.S., #18 Canada).


1-) Heartless.

2-) Devil Delight.

3-) Just the Wine.

4-) Without You.

5-) Magazine.

6-) Here Song.

7-) Mother Earth Blues.

8-) I've Got the Music in Me.



Dog & Butterfly (1978)

Dog & Butterfly is Heart's fourth studio album, released on October 7, 1978 through Portrait Records. The album was the 'proper' successor to 1977's hit Little Queen in terms of musical development and direction. As Heart themselves noted on the album's release, Side 1 was the "Dog" side, and was the more "rocking" compared to the "Butterfly" Side 2, which was all ballads, with the exception of the closer "Mistral Wind," which, in many ways, epitomized the trademark sound for which Heart would be remembered: folksy ballads shifting into searing hard rock explosions. Though the first song on the album "Cook with Fire" sounds like a live recording it was actually recorded in the studio. Audience sounds were overdubbed on the studio recording from a live performance. The album peaked to #17 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs) and earned 1 Platinum disc in Canada. This album spawned the following singles: Straight On (#15 U.S., #14 Canada), and Dog & Butterfly (#34 U.S., #51 Canada).


1-) Cook with Fire.
2-) High Time.
3-) Hijinx.
4-) Straight On.
5-) Dog & Butterfly.
6-) Lighter Touch.
7-) Nada One.
8-) Mistral Wind.

Bebe Le Strange (1980)

Bebe Le Strange is Heart's fifth studio album, released on February 14, 1980 through Epic Records. It was the first album without Roger Fisher on lead guitar, who left the band months prior. Some of the backing vocals were provided by Don Wilhelm, who had been in a group called The Army with Steve Fossen and Roger Fisher in the 1960s. The album was re-released in an expanded edition in 2004. It contained two additional songs: A live version of Break and the studio outtake Jackleg Man. The album peaked to #5 in the U.S. (Gold disc) and earned a Platinum disc in Canada. The following singles were released: Even It Up (#33 U.S., #56 Canada), Bebe Le Strange (#109 U.S.), Break, Raised on You, and Sweet Darlin. The album was re-released in an expanded edition in 2004. It contained two additional songs: A live version of Break and the studio outtake Jackleg Man.


1-) Bebe Le Strange.
2-) Down on Me.
3-) Silver Wheels.
4-) Break.
5-) Rockin' Heaven Down.
6-) Even It Up.
7-) Strange Night.
8-) Raised on You.
9-) Pilot.
10-) Sweet Darlin.

Private Audition (1982)

Private Audition is Heart's sixth studio album, released on June 5, 1982. It is the last Heart album to feature longtime members Mike DeRosier and Steve Fossen, who left after the recording of the album and were replaced by Denny Carmassi and Mark Andes. In 2009 Private Audition was rereleased on the Beat Goes On label as a double CD with Passionworks. Prior to this, Private Audition had been out of print for a number of years and was the most difficult of Heart's CDs to obtain. The album charted to #25 in the U.S. The following singles were released: This Man Is Mine (#33 U.S.), City's Burning (#15 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts), Bright Light Girl, and The Situation.


1-) City's Burning.
2-) Bright Light Girl.
3-) Perfect Stranger.
4-) Private Audition.
5-) Angels.
6-) This Man Is Mine.
7-) The Situation.
8-) Hey Darlin' Darlin'.
9-) One Word.
10-) Fast Times.
11-) America.

Privateworks (1983)

Privateworks is Heart's seventh studio album, released on August 20, 1983. The album marks a shift in musical direction from hard rock to power ballads. It turned out to be the band's final album with Epic Records, before their comeback-fueled move to Capitol Records. It is the first Heart album to feature Denny Carmassi and Mark Andes, who had replaced longtime members Mike DeRosier and Steve Fossen. In 2009 Passionworks was rereleased on the Beat Goes On label as a double CD with Private Audition. The album charted to #39 in the U.S. The following singles were released: How Can I Refuse? (#44 U.S.), Sleep Alone (#43 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts), and Allies (#83 U.S.).


1-) How Can I Refuse?
2-) Blue Guitar.
3-) Johnny Moon.
4-) Sleep Alone.
5-) Together Now.
6-) Allies.
7-) (Beat By) Jealousy.
8-) Heavy Heart.
9-) Love Mistake.
10-) Language of Love.
11-) Ambush.

Heart (1985)

Heart is Heart's eighth and self-titled album, released on July 6, 1985. This album completed the band's transition into a pop group, a genre that yielded the band its greatest success by far, marking the band's Capitol Records debut. The album charted to #1 in the U.S. (5x Platinum discs), #19 in the U.K. (Silver disc) and it earned 6 Platinum discs in Canada. The following singles were released: What About Love (#10 U.S., #8 Canada, #14 U.K., 1988), Never (#4 U.S., #13 Canada, #8 U.K., 1988), These Dreams (#1 U.S., #62 U.K., #6 Canada), Nothin' at All (#10 U.S., #76 U.K., #29 Canada), and If Looks Could Kill (#54 U.S.).


1-) If Looks Could Kill.
2-) What About Love.
3-) Never.
4-) These Dreams.
5-) The Wolf.
6-) All Eyes.
7-) Nobody Home.
8-) Nothin' at All.
9-) What He Don't Know.
10-) Shell Shock.

Bad Animals (1987)

Bad Animals is Heart's ninth studio album, released on June 6, 1987. The album is notable for containing only 4 tracks with writing contributions from lead members Ann and Nancy Wilson. The album peaked to #2 in the U.S. (3x Platinum discs), #7 U.K. (Platinum disc), and it earned 4 Platinum discs in Canada. Bad Animals spawned the following singles: Alone (#1 U.S., #3 U.K., #1 Canada), Who Will You Run To (#7 U.S., #30 U.K., #19 Canada), There's the Girl (#12 U.S., #34 U.K., #31 Canada), I Want You So Bad (#49 U.S., #88 Canada), and Wait for an Answer.


1-) Who Will You Run To.
2-) Alone.
3-) There's the Girl.
4-) I Want You So Bad.
5-) Wait for an Answer.
6-) Bad Animals.
7-) You Ain't So Tough.
8-) Strangers of the Heart.
9-) Easy Target.
10-) RSVP.

Brigade (1990)

Brigade is Heart's tenth studio album, released on March 26, 1990. Like its predecessor Bad Animals, the album is notable for a sharp decline in writing contributions from lead members Ann and Nancy Wilson, but would be the last of the three 'comeback' Heart albums to do so. The album peaked to #3 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs), #3 U.K. (Gold disc), and it earned 5 Platinum discs in Canada. The following singles were released: All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You (#2 U.S., #8 U.K., #1 Canada), Wild Child (#3 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts), Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger (#24 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts), I Didn't Want to Need You (#23 U.S., #47 U.K., #14 Canada), Stranded (#13 U.S., #60 U.K., #2 Canada), and Secret (#64 U.S., #79 U.K., #30 Canada).


1-) Wild Child.
2-) All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You.
3-) Secret.
4-) Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger.
5-) I Didn't Want to Need You.
6-) The Night.
7-) Fallen from Grace.
8-) Under the Sky.
9-) Cruel Nights.
10-) Stranded.
11-) Call of the Wild.
12-) I Want Your World to Turn.
13-) I Love You.

Desire Walks On (1993)

Desire Walks On is Heart's eleventh studio album, released on November 16, 1993. It marked a return to featuring a majority of tracks written by lead members Ann and Nancy Wilson. The album charted to #48 in the U.S. (Gold disc) and #32 in the U.K. and it earned a Gold disc in Canada. The following singles were released: Black on Black II (#4 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts, #59 Canada), Will You Be There (In the Morning) (#39 U.S., #19 U.K., #8 Canada), Back to Avalon (#60 Canada), and The Woman in Me (#105 U.S., #13 Canada).


1-) Desire.
2-) Black on Black II.
3-) Back to Avalon.
4-) The Woman in Me.
5-) Rage.
6-) In Walks the Night.
7-) My Crazy Head.
8-) Ring Them Bells.
9-) Will You Be There (In the Morning).
10-) Voodoo Doll.
11-) Anything Is Possible.
12-) Avalon (Reprise).
13-) Desire Walks On.


Jupiters Darling (2004) (***NEW***)

Jupiters Darling is Heart's twelfth studio album, released on June 22, 2004. This album marked a return to Heart's hard rock roots; The album cover bears an image of the Mandelbrot set, rotated so the main cardioid is oriented the same way a heart would normally be, with the cusp at top. The album cover art is seen briefly in the film Elizabethtown, for which Nancy Wilson did soundtrack music. Sovereign Artist's Marketing Director, Paul Angles, simultaneously released their album via file sharing networks which was included in an Amicus Brief to the US Supreme Court . The album peaked to #94 in the U.S. It sold roughly 100, 000 copies. Since then the Sovereign record company has filed bankruptcy and it has been reported (via band sources on that Sovereign still owes Heart thousands of dollars. The following singles were released: The Perfect Goodbye, Oldest Story in the World (#22 U.S. Mainstream Rock charts), and Make Me.


1-) Make Me.
2-) Oldest Story in the World.
3-) Things.
4-) The Perfect Goodbye.
5-) Enough.
6-) Move On.
7-) I Need the Rain.
8-) I Give Up.
9-) Vainglorious.
10-) No Other Love.
11-) Led to One.
12-) Down the Nile.
13-) I'm Fine.
14-) Fallen Ones.
15-) Lost Angel.
16-) Hello Moonglow.


Red Velvet Car (2010)

Red Velvet Car is Heart's thirteenth studio album, released on August 31, 2010. The album was released with differing track lists according to format in different territories: the standard US CD release features 10 tracks, the European CD and US download version contain 12 tracks, whilst the Japanese CD and some exclusive download versions contain 13 tracks. Though the 13th track is "Listening" on the Japanese CD, some exclusive download versions substitute this for a live 2010 version of "Crazy on You". The album charted to #10 in the U.S., making it the first Heart album to enter the Top 10 in 10 years. It also charted to #196 in the U.K. The following singles were released: Hey You (#26 U.S. Adult Contemporary charts) and WTF.


1-) There You Go.
2-) WTF.
3-) Red Velvet Car.
4-) Queen City.
5-) Hey You.
6-) Wheels.
7-) Safronia's Mark.
8-) Death Valley.
9-) Sunflower.
10-) Sand.



Sunday, April 3, 2011


Tiffany Renee Darwish was born on October 2, 1971 in Dearborn, Michigan but grew up in Norwalk, California. She is a singer and more recently songwriter of Lebanese, Syrian and Irish heritage. Tiffany began singing around 1975, when she was four years old, and learned the words to the song "Delta Dawn". In 1981, Tiffany debuted with country music singer Jack Reeves at a country and western spot called Narods in Chino, California. She passed a hat along the crowd afterward, and collected $235 in what would be her first career earnings. In 1984, Tiffany was signed to a recording contract by George Tobin who heard a demo tape she recorded. In 1986, Tiffany signed a contract that gave Tobin total control over her career. She recorded her first studio album, and was signed to a MCA contract. Tiffany's eponymous album, Tiffany, was released in 1987. Tiffany went on a nationwide tour titled "The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour '87". The tour kicked off at the Bergen Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. Soon she was vying with fellow pop star Debbie Gibson for space on the covers of teen magazines, including Tiger Beat, and Teen Beat, as well as on television shows on MTV. In 1988, at the peak of her popularity, Tiffany ended up in the middle of a conflict between her manager George Tobin and her mother and stepfather over control of her career and earnings. This led to a court fight which included an attempt by Tiffany to have herself declared an emancipated minor. This was rejected by the court, but her grandmother (who supported and sided with Tiffany during the trial) became her temporary guardian. These legal battles took a toll on the singer's career. In 1995, Tiffany moved to Nashville to attempt a country music career, but never released any music of that genre until 2011's Rose Tattoo. In 2000, Tiffany released a "comeback" album, The Color of Silence, which received good reviews. Billboard pegged it as "one of the best pop albums of the year" and the year's "biggest surprise". Despite the critical validation, and a record-breaking turnout for her college campus tour, a record deal with a shady, now defunct company and the teen-pop "stigma" attached to her name hindered the album's potential success. She hasn't stopped recording music ever since.

Tiffany (1987)

Tiffany is Tiffany's debut studio album, released on September 15, 1987. Tiffany had begun working with manager/producer George Tobin several years earlier, with some of the tracks recorded as early as when she was 12 years old, in 1984. As a novel means of promoting the album and artist, Tiffany was sent on a "shopping mall tour" which was called "The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour '87". Tiffany's tour included performances in various malls across the United States, at first to small, indifferent audiences, but by the end to large crowds as her fame grew. The album charted to #1 in the U.S. (4x Platinum discs) and #5 in the U.K. Tiffany spawned the following singles: Danny, her cover of Tommy James & The Shondells hit and what would become her signature hit, I Think We're Alone Now (#1 U.S., #1 U.K.), Could've Been (#1 U.S., #4 U.K.), The Beatles' I Saw Him Standing There (#7 U.S., #8 U.K.), and Feelings of Forever (#50 U.S., #52 U.K.).


1-) Should've Been Me.
2-) Danny.
3-) Spanish Eyes.
4-) Feelings of Forever.
5-) Kid on a Corner.
6-) I Saw Him Standing There.
7-) Johnny's Got the Inside Moves.
8-) Promises Made.
9-) I Think We're Alone Now.
10-) Could've Been.

Hold an Old Friend's Hand (1988)

Hold an Old Friend's Hand is Tiffany's second studio album, released in November, 1988. In her summer tour, where she was to once again have the New Kids on the Block as her opening act as she did the year before, the sudden popularity of the New Kids caused their roles to be reversed, with Tiffany opening for them, although they were officially billed as co-headliners. The album charted to #17 in the U.S. (Platinum disc) and #56 in the U.K. The following singles were taken from this album: All This Time (#6 U.S., #47 U.K.), Radio Romance (#35 U.S., #13 U.K.), Hold an Old Friend's Hand (#37 U.S. Adult Contemporary charts ), It's the Lover (Not the Love), and Oh Jackie.


1-) All This Time.
2-) Oh Jackie.
3-) Hold an Old Friend's Hand.
4-) Radio Romance.
5-) We're Both Thinking of Her.
6-) Walk Away While You Can.
7-) Drop That Bomb.
8-) It's the Lover (Not the Love).
9-) I'll Be the Girl.
10-) Hearts Never Lie (with Chris Farren)
11-) Overture.

New Inside (1990)

New Inside is Tiffany's third studio album, released on October 2, 1990. Tiffany had broken with manager/producer George Tobin soon after her 18th birthday, and signed with manager Dick Scott and producer Maurice Starr. Starr was the producer responsible for putting together the group New Kids on the Block, who had risen to teen popularity by opening for Tiffany in 1988, and who had since eclipsed Tiffany in degree of pop success (she even opened for them in 1989). This album came out on Tiffany's 19th birthday, and she hoped it would revive her faltering career. Unfortunately for Tiffany, New Inside was not a commercial success, and neither the album nor any single released from it made it onto the pop charts, though the title track got a little bit of airplay in some areas and reached some local radio stations' request-based countdowns thanks to the efforts of fans, who were starting to get organized on bulletin board systems and online services. Billboard magazine reviewed the album in a somewhat favorable vein, saying "Teen diva gratefully shrugs off the dated sound of former svengali George Tobin and strikes a harder-edged, pop/funk pose on third album. While her matured, raspy vocals would be better served with less formulaic material than she has here, set offers several sterling moments." The CD booklet and back cover show "A Moment to Rest" as track number 3, but this brief instrumental interlude is actually on the CD as part of the following track, "Tenderly", shown as track 4 on the cover but actually track 3; all subsequent tracks are confusingly shown with numbers one higher than actually displayed by a CD player. The album charted to #17 in Japan. New Inside spawned the following singles: New Inside, Here in My Heart, and Back in the Groove.


1-) New Inside.
2-) It's You.
3-) A Moment to Rest/Tenderly.
4-) Never Run My Motor Down.
5-) Here in My Heart.
6-) Tiff's Back.
7-) Our Love.
8-) Life Affair.
9-) Back in the Groove.
10-) There Could Never.

Dreams Never Die (1993)

Dreams Never Die is Tiffany's fourth studio album, released on November 21, 1993. It represented an attempt to return to pop success three years after her last album, and five years after her last commercially successful one. It was released in various countries of Asia, but not in the United States; she had retained a greater degree of popularity in Asia than in the United States. An American release was planned but never released; it was expected to have some changes from the Asian version, because, as Tiffany said at the time, "A lot of the stuff in the Asia market is a little more pop than what I want to do here. I want to break away from the bubble gum thing... My goal is to do not hard rock, but a semi-rock sound." Earlier in 1993, Tiffany (who was by then married to makeup artist Bulmaro "Junior" Garcia and had given birth to her son Elijah) gave a series of performances at the Las Vegas Hilton's casino lounge, which included songs from this album. This album was produced by Tiffany's former manager, George Tobin, with whom she had earlier split, and who had been widely criticized for his exploitative management style, but also widely credited for achieving Tiffany's pop success. However, this business relationship soon soured; according to Tiffany, this happened when she discovered that the songs Tobin had given her to sing on this album were previously used by another Tobin act, PC Quest. Tiffany and Tobin went their separate ways, with Tiffany moving to Nashville and attempting a career as a country singer; this, however, never led to any record releases, and by 2000 she was back to pop music. In 2005, Tobin re-released Dreams Never Die through CD Baby, with previously-unreleased bonus tracks from Tiffany's early studio sessions. The album didn't make it to the charts and the following singles were released: If Love Is Blind and Can't You See.


1-) If Love Is Blind.
2-) Kiss You All Over.
3-) Can't You See.
4-) Kiss the Ground.
5-) Dreams Never Die.
6-) That One Blue Candle.
7-) Almost in Love.
8-) Ruthless.
9-) These Arms of Mine.
10-) Sam Loves Joann.
11-) We're the Truth.
12-) Loneliness.

The Color of Silence (2000)

The Color of Silence is Tiffany's fifth studio album, released on November 7, 2000. It represented a "comeback" for Tiffany, being her first studio album released in seven years, and the first released in the United States in ten years. It was released after Tiffany returned to southern California after living in Nashville, Tennessee for several years in an unsuccessful attempt to establish a career in country music; she never released any country albums. Originally, The Color of Silence was going to be released by Modern Records, but when this company ran into business troubles the release was switched to Eureka Records. The Color of Silence received some very favorable reviews. A Billboard front-page article called it "thoughtful, intelligent, and full of grace", and said that it could be considered "Tiffany's equivalent to Alanis Morissette's landmark Jagged Little Pill." However, it did not achieve commercial success to match the critical welcome. It made it onto the shelves of many record stores, but was not heavily promoted; it ended up selling mostly to the established fan base which had stuck with Tiffany over the years, as well as to a few new fans attracted by word of mouth or dance club play of songs from this album. The ballad "If Only" is in memory of Tiffany's bodyguard, Frank D'Amato, who died of cancer at age 34 not long before the album was released. An online download version, and a version released in non-US countries, each had bonus tracks not found on the original U.S. CD release. The album didn't chart and the following singles were released: I'm Not Sleeping and Open My Eyes.


1-) Open My Eyes.
2-) I'm Not Sleeping.
3-) Piss U Off.
4-) I Will Not Breakdown.
5-) Keep Walking.
6-) If Only.
7-) Silence.
8-) All the Talking.
9-) Good Enough for Me.
10-) Christening.
11-) Betty.
12-) Cinnamon.
13-) Butterfly.

Dust Off and Dance (2005)

Dust Off and Dance is Tiffany's sixth studio album, released on May 31, 2005. Its style is electronica or dance music, representing a departure from the styles she has used in earlier albums, and of particular interest to dance clubs, where its songs have achieved some success. Tiffany has stated that this album is especially aimed at the gay community, which represents a significant portion of her fan base; she says "I have done the complete gay album." Tiffany did not have a record contract at the time, so this album was released independently and sold online at the CDBaby site, where it was for a while the top-selling CD. It was also made downloadable in the iTunes music store. Tiffany has been performing in various places in the US and the UK, including songs from this album as well as her earlier releases and cover songs. Several tracks from the album ("Ride It", "Na Na Na" and "Fly") have been featured in several episodes of the television series Ugly Betty. The album didn't make it into the charts. However, the album spawned the following singles: Be with U Tonite and Na Na Na.


1-) Be with U Tonite.
2-) Ride It.
3-) Kama Sutra.
4-) Na Na Na.
5-) Everyone Get Down.
6-) Fly.
7-) Artificial Girlfriend.
8-) Sacrifice.
9-) I Luv How You Feel.
10-) I Think We're Alone Now.
11-) Artificial Girlfriend (Second Sun Remix).

I Think We're Alone Now: 80's Hits and More (2007)

I Think We're Alonw Now: 80's Hits and More is compilation album released by Cleopatra Records on April 3, 2007. It features songs that were hits in the 1980's re-recorded by Tiffany (there are also a few songs that are from later decades). Many of these songs were originally released on various tribute albums on the Cleopatra Records label. The album has been issued in the following years in other countries with different titles.


1-) I Think We're Alone Now.
2-) Could've Been.
3-) Venus (Originally by Shocking Blue and later redone by Bananarama).
4-) Kids in America (Originally by Kim Wilde).
5-) Voices Carry (Originally by 'Til Tuesday).
6-) Forever Young (Originally by Alphaville; later redone by Laura Branigan).
7-) Panic (Hang the DJ) (Originally by The Smiths).
8-) Call Me (Originally by Blondie).
9-) I Don't Wanna Fall in Love. (Originally by Tonya Mitchell).
10-) I Saw Him Standing There.
11-) The Beat Goes (Originally by Sonny & Cher).
12-) You've Got a Way (Originally by Shania Twain).

Just Me (2007)

Just Me is Tiffany's seventh studio album, released on June 5, 2007. Fresh off of Celebrity Fit Club, 80's Pop sensation Tiffany released her first album of all original music since 2005's Dust Off and Dance. The video for "Feels Like Love" was officially released on YouTube by Tiffany's record company, 10 Spot records. On the day of the album's release Tiffany played a free show at the Virgin Megastore Sunset in Los Angeles, California. The album didn't chart. The only single taken from this album was Feels Like Love.


1-) Feels Like Love.
2-) Just Me.
3-) Be Alright.
4-) Hiding Behind the Face.
5-) Calling out Your Name.
6-) Mind Candy.
7-) Anyone But Me.
8-) Streets of Gold.
9-) This Love.
10-) Winter's Over.
11-) I Will Not Breakdown.

Rose Tattoo (2011)

Rose Tattoo is Tiffany's eighth and so far last studio album, released on March 1, 2011 by Only the Girl Inc. Productions. It represents a return to country music, a genre Tiffany actually began with before her success as a teen pop star in the 1980s. The singer has described the sound of this new album as “Bonnie Raitt with a Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe.” The album's release was celebrated with a release party in Nashville, Tennessee on February 25, 2011.


1-) Feel the Music.
2-) Crazy Girls (duet with Lindsay Lawler).
3-) He's All Man.
4-) He Won't Miss Me.
5-) All Over You.
6-) Just Love Me.
7-) Love You Good.
8-) Just That Girl.

Tiffany Plus (***NEW***)

Tiffany Plus is a self-made compilation which comprises some of Tiffany's non album tracks such as 2011 single, Serpentine, and especially many of her b-sides, such as No Rules, Can't Stop a Heartbeat, among many others.


1-) No Rules.
2-) The Heart of Love.
3-) Gotta Be Love.
4-) Out of My Heart.
5-) Heart Don't Break Tonight.
6-) Can't Stop a Heartbeat.
7-) Ruthless.
8-) Angel Baby.
9-) Just Another Day.
10-) Serpentine.



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