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Debbie Gibson

Deborah Ann Gibson was born on August 31, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. She is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She became famous at the age of 16. The following year, she was pronounced the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, with her song "Foolish Beat" and she remains the youngest female to write, record, and perform a #1 single to date. She appeared on the covers of teen magazines (in the USA), such as Tiger Beat. By this time she and fellow teen queen Tiffany were pitted as rivals for teen pop queen. However, it has been revealed that they have always been good friends. She has gone on to starring roles on Broadway and touring musicals, as well as independent film and television work. In 2005, she posed for Playboy magazine -something she said she would never do- in order to promote her then new single, Naked. She continues to record, and reached the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart as high as #24 during 2006 in a duet with Jordan Knight titled "Say Goodbye."

Out of the Blue (1987)

Out of the Blue is Debbie Gibson's debut album, released on August 18, 1987. Gibson personally wrote all ten songs on this album. As executive producer, Douglas Breitbart of Broadbeard Productions, Inc. (whom Gibson's mother had hired as manager five years before), assembled a team of producers from both New York and Florida: Fred Zarr, John Morales, Sergio Munzibai and Lewis A. Martineé. Zarr produced "Shake Your Love" and "Fallen Angel" in addition to "Only in My Dreams," and co-produced "Out of the Blue," "Staying Together" and "Wake Up to Love" with Gibson, sole producer for "Foolish Beat." Morales and Munzibai produced "Red Hot" and "Between the Lines." Martineé produced "Play the Field". The album charted to #7 in the U.S. (3 Platinum discs) and #26 in the U.K. (Gold disc). The singles taken from this album were: Only in My Dreams (#4 U.S., #11 U.K.), Shake Your Love (#4 U.S., #7 U.K.), Out of the Blue (#3 U.S., #19 U.K.), Foolish Beat (#1 U.S., #9 U.K.), Staying Together (#22 U.S., #53 U.K.), and Red Hot.


1-) Out of the Blue.
2-) Staying Together.
3-) Only in My Dreams.
4-) Foolish Beat.
5-) Red Hot.
6-) Wake up to Love.
7-) Shake Your Love.
8-) Fallen Angel.
9-) Play the Field.
10-) Between the Lines.

Electric Youth (1989)

Electric Youth is Debbie Gibson's second studio album, released on January 24, 1989. As with Out of the Blue, all tracks were written by Gibson, and she single-handedly produced six of the tracks. She was also given half of the production credits on one track alongside Fred Zarr who produced the other four tracks. The album, like her first, contained mainly bubblegum-pop songs, though other, more mature styles were touched upon. Gibson promoted the album with "The Electric Youth World Tour" in 1989. In parallel with the album, she created an Electric Youth perfume under Revlon, and various makeup essentials for young girls through Natural Wonder Cosmetics, one of her sponsors at the time, distributed throughout the US. The album charted to #1 in the U.S. and stayed there for 5 weeks. (2 Platinum discs). It also charted to #8 in the U.K. (Gold disc). The singles taken from this album were: Lost in Your Eyes (#1 U.S., #34 U.K.), Electric Youth (#11 U.S., #14 U.K.), No More Rhyme (#17 U.S.), and We Could Be Together (#71 U.S., #22 U.K.).


1-) Who Loves Ya Baby?
2-) Lost in Your Eyes.
3-) Love in Disguise.
4-) Helplessly in Love.
5-) Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words).
6-) Should've Been the One.
7-) Electric Youth.
8-) No More Rhyme.
9-) Over the Wall.
10-) We Could Be Together.
11-) Shades of the Past.
12-) We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix) (CD version only).
13-) No More Rhyme (Acoustic Mix) (CD version only).


Anything Is Possible (1990)

Anything Is Possible is Debbie Gibson's third studio album, released on November 13, 1990. The album is divided in two sections. One called NRG which consists of the upbeat tracks. The other one is called Mood Swings, which is made up of ballads. The album was her first one not to reach the Top 10 in the U.S. It peaked at #41 over there, earning a Gold disc. It also reached #69 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were: Anything Is Possible (#26 U.S., #51 U.K.), This So-Called Miracle, One Hand One Heart, One Step Ahead (#18 U.S. Dance charts), Sure, and In His Mind (#90 Japan).


1-) Another Brick Falls.
2-) Anything Is Possible.
3-) Reverse Psychology.
4-) One Step Ahead.
5-) Stand Your Ground.
6-) Deep Down.
7-) It Must've Been My Boy.
8-) Lead Them Home My Dreams.

Mood Swings:

9-) One Hand, One Heart.
10-) Sure.
11-) Negative Energy.
12-) Mood Swings.
13-) Try.
14-) In His Mind.
15-) Where Have You Been?
16-) This So-Called Miracle.

Body Mind Soul (1993)

Body Mind Soul is Debbie Gibson's fourth studio album, released on January 19, 1993. The album failed to find favor with the record buying public. This propelled the album to chart at only #109 in the U.S. However, in Japan it was successful where it reached #13. The singles taken from this album were: Losin' Myself (#86 U.S., #73 Canada), Shock Your Mama (#74 U.K.), How Can This Be?, and Free Me.


1-) Love or Money.
2-) Do You Have It in Your Heart.
3-) Free Me.
4-) Shock Your Mama.
5-) Losin' Myself.
6-) How Can This Be?
7-) When I Say No.
8-) Little Birdie.
9-) Kisses 4 One.
10-) Tear Down These Walls.
11-) Goodbye.
12-) Eyes of the Child. (Only in Japanese version of the album. Not included in the uploaded file.)

Think with Your Heart (1995)

Think with Your Heart is Debbie Gibson's fifth studio album, released on July 3, 1995. The album only sold 25,000 copies in the U.S. However, in Japan it peaked to #46 and it also had some chart success in countries like South Africa. The singles taken from this album were: For Better or Worse and Didn't Have the Heart.


1-) For Better or Worse.
2-) Didn't Have the Heart.
3-) Will You Love Me Tomorrow.
4-) Dancin' in My Mind.
5-) Dontcha Want Me Now?
6-) Can't Do It Alone.
7-) Think with Your Heart.
8-) Too Fancy.
9-) You Don't Have to See.
10-) Two Young Kids.
11-) Interlude/Tony's Rehearsal.
12-) Call Yourself a Lover (Japan only; NOT included in this file).
13-) You Know Me (Japan only; NOT included in this file).

Deborah (1996)

Deborah is Debbie Gibson's sixth studio album, released on December, 1996. This was the first release where the singer was credited with her full name. The singles taken from this album were: Only Words (#37 U.S. Dance charts), Moonchild, and Naturally.


1-) Prelude.
2-) Ode to a Would Be Lover.
3-) Moonchild.
4-) Only Words.
5-) Naturally.
6-) Nobody's You.
7-) Cry Tonight.
8-) Where I Wanna Be.
9-) Butterflies Are Free.
10-) Give Me Your Love.
11-) Just Wasn't Love.
12-) I Can't.
13-) People.
14-) Don't Rain on My Parade.
15-) I Will Let You Go.

M.Y.O.B. (2001)

M.Y.O.B. (Mind Your Own Business) is Debbie Gibson's seventh studio album, released on March, 2001 on her own Golden Egg record label, and sold 20,000 copies in America. The singles taken from this album were: What You Want and Your Secret.


1-) M.Y.O.B.
2-) Your Secret.
3-) What You Want.
4-) Down That Road.
5-) The One.
6-) Wishing You Were Here.
7-) What Part of No.
8-) In Blue.
9-) Jaded.
10-) Knock Three Times (Duet with Tony Orlando).
11-) M.Y.O.B. (Dance Mix).


Miss Vocalist (2010)

Miss Vocalist is Debbie Gibson's ninth studio album, released on November 3, 2010. This is a Japan-only release. This time around Debbie Gibson's covers Japanese love songs. She even re-recorded her #1 1989 hit, Lost in Your Eyes. The only single taken from this album was: I Love You.


1-) Tsunami.
2-) Say Yes.
3-) I Love You.
4-) Roman Hikou.
5-) Love Story wa Totsuzen ni.
6-) True Love.
7-) Hitomi wo Tojite.
8-) Sakurazaka.
9-) However.
10-) Robinson.
11-) Lost in Your Eyes (2010 English version).
12-) Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto (MSV version, duet with Eric Martin).
13-) Lost in Your Eyes (2010 Japanese version).

Debbie Plus

Debbie Plus is a self-made compilation which consists of some (and very few, hehe) non-album studio songs. This includes her 1990 Japan-only single Without You, her take on Grease's You're the One That I Want, when she did the play back in 1993, her duet with New Kids on the Block member, Jordan Knight, Say Goodbye, among some other tracks.


1-) So Close to Forever.
2-) Without You.
3-) The Most Beautiful Love Song.
4-) You're the One That I Want (duet with Craig McLachlan).
5-) Let's Run Away.
6-) Light the World (duet with Peabo Bryson).
7-) Say Goodbye (duet with Jordan Knight).



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Roxette is a Swedish pop music duo formed in 1986, consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. The group enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, gaining nineteen UK Top 40 hits and four US #1 singles with, "The Look", "Listen to Your Heart", "It Must Have Been Love" and "Joyride". Two further singles "Dangerous" and "Fading Like a Flower" hit #2. Finally, "Dressed for Success" was a modest hit in the US peaking at #14. After a hiatus in the mid-1990s, their popularity continued in other territories such as Europe and South America, where they earned various Gold and Platinum awards until the beginning of the new millennium. The duo took a break from recording and touring, when in 2002, Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which she later successfully recovered from. Roxette took to the stage together again for the first time in 8 years, in 2009, during Gessle's European Party Crasher tour. Their songs continue to receive radio airplay, with "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart" both recently receiving awards from BMI for achieving four million radio plays. They have sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide, with over 3.5 million record sales in the United States, achieving platinum for Joyride and Look Sharp! there.

Pearls of Passion (1986)

Pearls of Passion is Roxette's debut album, released on October 31, 1986. It was re-released internationally on CD on October 31, 1997 with some previously unreleased or single-only bonus tracks. It was re-mastered and re-released again in 2009. The album was originally only released in Scandinavia and Canada. It has sold 800,000 copies worldwide. The album charted to #2 in Sweden. The singles released from this album were: Neverending Love (#3 Sweden), Goodbye to You (#9 Sweden), Soul Deep (#18 Sweden), and I Call Your Name.


1-) Soul Deep.
2-) Secrets That She Keeps.
3-) Goodbye to You.
4-) I Call Your Name.
5-) Surrender.
6-) Voices.
7-) Neverending Love.
8-) Call of the Wild.
9-) Joy of a Toy.
10-) From One Heart to Another.
11-) Like Lovers Do.
12-) So Far Away.

Look Sharp! (1988)

Look Sharp! is Roxette's second studio album, released on October 19, 1988. Look Sharp! is often considered as Roxette's breakthrough. Despite having a lot of success in their homeland, they were virtually unknown in the rest of the world. However, everything changed when while studying in Sweden an American exchange student from Minneapolis, Dean Cushman, heard "The Look", and brought a copy of Look Sharp! home for the 1988 holiday break. He gave the album to a Minneapolis radio station, KDWB 101.3 FM. The station started playing "The Look" and based on positive caller feedback, the song became very popular, and quickly spread to other radio stations. The song became a radio hit before any Roxette music had been commercially released or promoted in the US market. The story was covered by radio, newspapers and TV in the US and in Sweden, making for good press for many years, with Gessle telling this as the story which highlighted the beginning of their international success. The album has sold 9 million copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden (6 Platinum discs), #23 in the U.S. (Platinum disc) and #4 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) It is also the second best selling album in Swedish music history (only behind ABBA's Arrival). The singles taken from this album were: The Look (#6 Sweden, #7 U.K., #1 U.S.), Dressed for Success (#2 Sweden, #18 U.K., #14 U.S.), Listen to Your Heart (#3 Sweden, #6 U.K., #1 U.S.), Chances, and Dangerous (#9 Sweden, #6 U.K., #2 U.S.).


1-) The Look.
2-) Dressed for Success.
3-) Sleeping Single.
4-) Paint.
5-) Dance Away.
6-) Cry.
7-) Chances.
8-) Dangerous.
9-) Half a Woman, Half a Shadow.
10-) View from a Hill.
11-) (I Could Never) Give You Up.
12-) Shadow of a Doubt.
13-) Listen to Your Heart.

Joyride (1991)

Joyride is Roxette's third studio album, released on March 28, 1991. After the great popularity of "It Must Have Been Love" single and enormous sales of Look Sharp!, Joyride became just as successful, spawning the US #1 hit "Joyride". The album has sold 11 million copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden, #12 U.S. (Platinum disc), #2 U.K. (2x Platinum discs). In Argentina, the album was awarded as the best-selling English album ever (to that date), with sales of more than 400.000 copies there. The singles taken from this album were: Joyride (#1 Sweden, #1 U.S., #4 U.K.), Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave) (#5 Sweden, #2 U.S., #12 U.K.), The Big L (#10 Sweden, #21 U.K.), Spending My Time (#11 Sweden, #32 U.S., #22 U.K.), and Church of Your Heart (#21 Sweden, #36 U.S., #21 U.K.).


1-) Joyride.
2-) Hotblooded.
3-) Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave).
4-) Knockin' on Every Door.
5-) Spending My Time.
6-) Watercolours in the Rain.
7-) The Big L.
8-) Soul Deep.
9-) (Do You Get) Excited?
10-) Church of Your Heart.
11-) Small Talk.
12-) Physical Fascination.
13-) Things Will Never Be the Same.
14-) Perfect Day.

Tourism (1992)

Tourism: Songs from Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & Other Strange Places is Roxette's fourth studio album, released on August 28, 1992. It was recorded mostly during their Join The Joyride world tour and is often mistaken for being a live album. In fact it's a mixture of live and studio tracks. Some tracks were even recorded in hotel rooms and nightclubs. Four live tracks were included in the album, "The Look", "It Must Have Been Love", "Things Will Never be the Same" and "Joyride". While "It Must Have Been Love" didn't appear on a Roxette album until their Greatest hits album Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!, the other three songs did appear on Look Sharp! and Joyride albums. Another three songs were also released before, "So Far Away" was included on their 1986 debut album Pearls of Passion, "Come Back (Before You Leave)" was originally the b-side for the "Joyride" single, while "Silver Blue" originally appeared as a demo version as the b-side for "The Look" single. "Here Comes the Weekend", the album's 11th track, featured some improvisation. As the song was recorded in a hotelroom, a Samsonite suitcase was used instead of drums. The album has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. The album peaked to #1 in Sweden, #117 U.S., #2 U.K (Gold disc). The singles taken from this album were: How Do You Do! (#2 Sweden, #58 U.S., #13 U.K.), Queen of Rain (#12 Sweden, #28 U.K.), and Fingertips (#39 Sweden).


1-) How Do You Do.
2-) Fingertips.
3-) The Look.
4-) The Heart Shaped Sea.
5-) The Rain.
6-) Keep Me Waiting.
7-) It Must Have Been Love.
8-) Cinnamon Street.
9-) Never Is a Long Time.
10-) Silver Blue.
11-) Here Comes the Weekend.
12-) So Far Away.
13-) Come Back (Before You Leave).
14-) Things Will Never Be the Same.
15-) Joyride.
16-) Queen of Rain.


Crash! Boom! Bang! (1994)

Crash! Boom! Bang! is Roxette's fifth studio album, released on April 9, 1994. A smaller album was made available as a special deal at the McDonald's restaurant chain, called Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang!. The Japanese version includes the track "Almost Unreal", which was (from unknown reasons) entitled It's Almost Unreal. In the UK a vinyl version of the album was also released, despite CDs taking over as the mainstream format. The album has sold 5 million copies worldwide. The album reached #1 in Sweden and #3 in the U.K. Singles taken from this album were: Sleeping in My Car (#1 Sweden, #50 U.S., #14 U.K.), Crash! Boom! Bang! (#17 Sweden, #26 U.K.), Fireworks (#34 Sweden, #30 U.K.), Run to You (#27 U.K.), and Vulnerable (#12 Sweden, #44 U.K.).


1-) Harleys & Indians (Riders in the Sky).
2-) Crash! Boom! Bang!
3-) Fireworks.
4-) Run to You.
5-) Sleeping in My Car.
6-) Vulnerable.
7-) The First Girl on the Moon.
8-) Place Your Love.
9-) I Love the Sound of Crashing Guitars.
10-) What's She Like?
11-) Do You Wanna Go the Whole Way?
12-) Lies.
13-) I'm Sorry.
14-) Love Is All (Shine Your Light on Me).
15-) Go to Sleep.


Have a Nice Day (1999)

Have a Nice Day is Roxette's sixth studio album, released on March 9, 1999. This was the first international Roxette release in 4 years and their first brand new studio album since 1994's Crash! Boom! Bang! The album was not released in the U.S. as the duo were no longer signed to a record label there. Additional Spanish language versions of "Wish I Could Fly", "Anyone" and "Salvation" were included as bonus tracks in some Spanish-speaking countries. The track "It Will Take a Long Long Time" was featured in the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere romantic comedy Runaway Bride, though it was not included on the soundtrack album. Have a Nice Day was the first ever Roxette album to feature a track solely written by Marie Fredriksson ("Waiting for the Rain"). The album cover had to be slightly altered for sale in neighboring Arab states as the presence of naked babies on the sleeve was deemed offensive. The success of Have a Nice Day saw Roxette win the 'Highest Selling Scandinavian Act' at the 2000 World Music Awards. For the Awards Gala, Roxette chose to perform lead single "Wish I Could Fly". The album has sold 2,200,000 copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden and #3 in the U.K. The singles taken from this album were: Wish I Could Fly (#4 Sweden, #11 U.K.), Anyone (#35 Sweden), Stars (#13 Sweden, #56 U.K.), and Salvation (#46 Sweden).


1-) Crush on You.
2-) Wish I Could Fly.
3-) You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone.
4-) Waiting for the Rain.
5-) Anyone.
6-) It Will Take a Long Long Time.
7-) 7Twenty7.
8-) I Was So Lucky.
9-) Stars.
10-) Salvation.
11-) Pay the Price.
12-) Cooper.
13-) Staring at the Ground.
14-) Beautiful Things.

Room Service (2001)

Room Service is Roxette's seventh studio album, released on April 3, 2001. The album has sold 150,000 copies in Germany. The album charted to #1 in Sweden and #120 in the U.K. The singles taken from this album were: The Centre of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain) (#1 Sweden), Real Sugar (#23 Sweden), and Milk and Toast and Honey (#21 Sweden, #89 U.K.).


1-) Real Sugar.
2-) The Centre of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain).
3-) Milk and Toast and Honey.
4-) Jefferson.
5-) Little Girl.
6-) Looking for Jane.
7-) Bringing Me Down to My Knees.
8-) Make My Head Go Pop.
9-) Try (Just a Little Bit Harder).
10-) Fool.
11-) It Takes You No Time to Get Here.
12-) My World, My Love, My Life.

Charm School (2011)

Charm School is Roxette's eighth and so far last studio album, released on February 11, 2001. It is the Roxette's first album of all-new material in ten years, since 2001's Room Service. The only single released so far is She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio) (#11 Norway, #18 Germany).


1-) Way Out.
2-) No One Makes It on Her Own.
3-) She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio).
4-) Speak to Me.
5-) I'm Glad You Called.
6-) Only When I Dream.
7-) Dream On.
8-) Big Black Cadillac.
9-) In My Own Way.
10-) After All.
11-) Happy on the Outside.
12-) Sitting on Top of the World.

Roxette Plus

Roxette Plus is a self-made compilation which consists of some of Roxette's non-studio album tracks such as smash hit It Must Have Been Love (from the Pretty Woman film), Almost Unreal (from Super Mario Bros. 1993 film), plus some other tracks.


1-) Pearls of Passion.
2-) It Must Have Been Love.
3-) I Remember You.
4-) Almost Unreal.
5-) June Afternoon.
6-) You Don't Understand Me.
7-) She Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
8-) I Don't Want to Get Hurt.
9-) It Hurts.
10-) Entering Your Heart.
11-) The Weight of the World.
12-) Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart).
13-) A Thing About You.
14-) Opportunity Nox.
15-) One Wish.
16-) Reveal.



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Duran Duran/Arcadia/The Power Station

Duran Duran

Duran Duran is n English New Wave band that formed in Birmingham, England in 1978. They first became noticed when they were the opening act for Hazel O'Connor during a tour she did in late 1980. Also, they supported Blondie during their 1982 American tour before they broke up. They were one of the most successful bands of the 1980s and a leading band in the MTV-driven "Second British Invasion" of the United States. Since the 1980s, they have placed 14 singles in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 and have, according to the Sunday Mercury, sold more than 100 million records. While they were generally considered part of the New Romantic scene along with bands such as Spandau Ballet when they first emerged, they later shed this image. The band worked with fashion designers to build a sharp and elegant image that earned them the nickname "the prettiest boys in rock." The band's controversial videos, which included partial nudity and suggestions of sexuality, became popular in the early 1980s on the then-new music video channel MTV. Duran Duran were among the first bands to have their videos shot by professional directors with 35 mm film movie cameras, which gave their videos a much more polished look. In 1984, the band were early innovators with video technology in their live stadium shows. The group was formed by Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen Duffy, with the later addition of Roger Taylor and, after numerous personnel changes, Andy Taylor and Simon Le Bon. (None of the Taylors are related.) The group has never disbanded, but the lineup has changed to include guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (from New Wave band Missing Persons) from 1989 to 2000 and drummer Sterling Campbell (who has been a drummer for artists like Cyndi Lauper) from 1989 to 1991. The reunion of the original five members in the early 2000s created a stir among the band's fans and music media. Andy Taylor left the band in mid-2006, and London guitarist Dom Brown has since been working with the band as a session player and touring member.

Duran Duran (1981)

Duran Duran is the band's debut album, released on June 15, 1981 and on April 25, 1983 in the U.S. The album charted to #3 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) and #10 in the U.S. (Platinum disc). The singles released from this album were: Planet Earth (#12 U.K.), Careless Memories (#37 U.K.), Girls on Film (#5 U.K.), Anyone Out There (Brazil promo only), and Sound of Thunder (UK promo only). Demos for the album were written and recorded at AIR Studios in late 1980, while one of Duran Duran's main influences, the band Japan, was recording Gentlemen Take Polaroids just down the hall. The album was formally recorded in December 1980 at various recording studios in London (as well as Chipping Norton Studios) with record producer Colin Thurston, shortly after Duran Duran signed their record deal with EMI. In interviews, the band has recalled the struggle to continue recording after hearing of the 8 December murder of John Lennon.


1-) Girls on Film.
2-) Planet Earth.
3-) Anyone Out There.
4-) To the Shore.
5-) Careless Memories.
6-) Night Boat.
7-) Sound of Thunder.
8-) Friends of Mine.
9-) Tel Aviv.

Rio (1982)

Rio is Duran Duran's second studio album, released on May 10, 1982 and in November of that same year in the U.S. The album peaked to #2 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) and #6 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs). The singles taken from this album were: My Own Way (#14 U.K.), Hungry Like the Wolf (#5 U.K., #3 U.S.), Save a Prayer (#2 U.K.), and Rio (#9 U.K., #14 U.S.). In 2000, Rio was ranked #98 in Q magazine's "100 Greatest British Albums". In 2003, it was listed at #65 in the NME "100 Greatest Albums of All Time". In 2004, CMJ ranked it as #1 in their "Top 20 Most-Played Albums of 1982". The band had their own plans and ambitions for promotion. They reunited with director Russell Mulcahy (who had directed the music video for their first single, "Planet Earth"), and planned the release of a full length video album—eleven videos for the best songs off of the Duran Duran and Rio albums. The band travelled to Sri Lanka and Antigua between tour dates to film the memorable videos for the singles "Rio", "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Save a Prayer", as well as the lesser-known "Lonely in Your Nightmare" and "Nightboat" — the latter video being a creepy zombiefest set on a deserted island.


1-) Rio.
2-) My Own Way.
3-) Lonely in Your Nightmare.
4-) Hungry Like the Wolf.
5-) Hold Back the Rain.
6-) New Religion.
7-) Last Chance on the Stairway.
8-) Save a Prayer.
9-) The Chauffeur.

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger is Duran Duran's third studio album, released on November 21, 1983. It would prove to be the last studio album for the band's original lineup until 2004's Astronaut. Simon Le Bon said the album "is an adventure story about a little commando team. 'The Seven' is for us — the five band members and the two managers — and 'the Ragged Tiger' is success. Seven people running after success. It's ambition. That's what it's about." The songs were written in the south of France as tax exiles because their income had increased dramatically after the fantastic success of Rio and the reissue of their 1981 debut album Duran Duran the previous year. Then the album was recorded first at George Martin's Air Studios in the Caribbean island of Montserrat (same studio where The Police recorded). Then they moved their operation to Australia. The album charted to #1 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) and #8 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs). The singles released from this album were: Union of the Snake (#3 U.K., #3 U.S.), New Moon on Monday (#9 U.K., #10 U.S.), The Reflex (#1 U.K., #1 U.S.), Tiger Tiger (Japan only promo), and Shadows on Your Side (Malaysia only promo).


1-) The Reflex.
2-) New Moon on Monday.
3-) (I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement.
4-) I Take the Dice.
5-) Of Crime and Passion.
6-) Union of the Snake.
7-) Shadows on Your Side.
8-) Tiger Tiger.
9-) The Seventh Stranger.

Live in NYC (1984)

This is an unofficial recording from one of Duran Duran's dates at Madison Square Garden, New York City during their 1983-1984 Blue Silver World Tour in support of their then latest album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger. This concert took place in March, 1984. Hits like Hungry Like the Wolf, Rio, Girls on Film, and The Reflex, among others are included in this live show.


Disc 1:

1-) Tiger Tiger.
2-) Is There Something I Should Know?
3-) Hungry Like the Wolf.
4-) The Reflex.
5-) New Moon on Monday.
6-) Union of the Snake.
7-) New Religion.
8-) (I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement.
9-) Of Crime and Passion.

Disc 2:

1-) Friends of Mine.
2-) The Seventh Stranger.
3-) The Chauffeur.
4-) Save a Prayer.
5-) Planet Earth.
6-) My Own Way.
7-) Careless Memories.
8-) Rio.
9-) Girls on Film.

Descargar CD 1/Download CD 1
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Notorious (1986)

Notorious is Duran Duran's fourth studio album, released on November 18, 1986. The gap between previous efforts and the new one, however (one year removed from "A View To A Kill" and the Arcadia/Power Station projects, two years from Arena, three from Seven and the Ragged Tiger), was hard to handle for the greater part of the fan base, since the album left the well-worn path of the successful euro-dance-pop of earlier days. Many fans felt that the album seemed to lack the sparkle of the band's peak era (roughly 1982 to 1985). For the sessions of this album was when member Andy Taylor decided to leave the band and Warren Cuccurullo joined the band when they met while Andy jammed with Missing Persons, noticing that Andy had his mind set in not returning to Duran Duran. Andy's departure occurred under acrimonious circumstances, including legal actions. The album charted to #16 in the U.K. (Gold disc) and #12 in the U.S. (Platinum disc). The singles released from this album were: Notorious (#7 U.K., #2 U.S.), Skin Trade (#22 U.K., #39 U.S.), and Meet El Presidente (#24 U.K., #70 U.S.).


1-) Notorious.
2-) American Science.
3-) Skin Trade.
4-) A Matter of Feeling.
5-) Hold Me.
6-) Vertigo (Do the Demolition).
7-) So Misled.
8-) Meet El Presidente.
9-) Winter Marches On.
10-) Proposition.

Big Thing (1988)

Big Thing is Duran Duran's fifth studio album, released on October 18, 1988. The album charted to #15 in the U.K. and #24 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: I Don't Want Your Love (#14 U.K., #4 U.S.), All She Wants Is (#9 U.K., #22 U.S.), Do You Believe in Shame? (#30 U.K., #72 U.S.), Big Thing (Mexico and U.K. promo only), and Too Late Marlene (Brazil promo only). In 1988, the musical climate was changing, veering to a more dance-based groove. Duran Duran were known primarily as an early '80s new wave synth-pop act, and the band was sitting at a career crossroads; Big Thing was their stab at maintaining mainstream popularity. Turning to more synth- and bass-heavy grooves than their previous efforts, Big Thing was seen by many as the band's "house music" album. Tracks like the first single "I Don't Want Your Love", the title track, and the album's second single "All She Wants Is" cemented the band's more aggressive dance angle. The band decided to stylise how they spell their name, shortening it to the single word "Duranduran".


1-) Big Thing.
2-) I Don't Want Your Love.
3-) All She Wants Is.
4-) Too Late Marlene.
5-) Drug (It's Just a State of Mind).
6-) Do You Believe in Shame?
7-) Palomino.
8-) Interlude One.
9-) Land.
10-) Flute Interlude.
11-) The Edge of America.
12-) Lake Shore Driving.

Liberty (1990)

Liberty is Duran Duran's sixth studio album, released on August 20, 1990. Liberty is the first Duran Duran album to feature songwriting credits outside the original five band members. Guitarist Warren Cuccurullo and drummer Sterling Campbell were made permanent band members and given songwriting credits, although Campbell would leave in early 1991, before the band began work on their subsequent hit The Wedding Album. In a 1998 interview with Goldmine magazine, bassist John Taylor admitted that he was struggling with his drug addictions during recording of the album. He said, "When we were in rehearsal, it seemed like we had a great album, but we weren't able to parlay it into a great album in the studio, whatever. I can just remember smoking hash oil, that's all I can really remember about making that album." The album charted to #8 in the U.K. (Silver disc) and #46 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (#20 U.K., #64 U.S.) and Serious (#48 U.K.)


1-) Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over).
2-) Liberty.
3-) Hothead.
4-) Serious.
5-) All Along the Water.
6-) My Antarctica.
7-) First Impression.
8-) Read My Lips.
9-) Can You Deal with It.
10-) Venice Drowning.
11-) Downtown.


Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) (1993)

The Wedding Album is Duran Duran's seventh studio album, released on February 23, 1993. The cover art by Nick Egan features wedding photos from the parents of the four band members. Recording of the album was completed in early 1992 with an impending release by Capitol Records in the U.S.A. Duran Duran's new management company, Left Bank, was distressed at the apparent lack of enthusiasm for the album and had it pulled from the release schedule. During this hiatus, the band began working on what would become the Thank You album, and a Warren Cuccurullo-derived riff of "First Impression" led to the rapid inclusion of the song "Come Undone". Some critics seemed to consider the band as a modern act for the first time, and to re-evaluate their back catalog as deeper and more significant than that of a throwaway "teeny-bop" band. Both the band and the record label seemed to be caught by surprise by the sudden success. Bassist John Taylor, who had begun recording solo material on the side and was considering leaving the band, agreed to stay instead. The album charted to #4 in the U.K. (Gold disc) and #7 in the U.S. (Platinum disc). The singles taken from this album were: Ordinary World (#6 U.K., #3 U.S.), Come Undone (#13 U.K., #7 U.S.), Too Much Information (#35 U.K., #45 U.S.), Drowning Man (#40 U.S. Dance charts), None of the Above (Japan only), Breath After Breath (Brazil only), and Femme Fatale (France only).


1-) Too Much Information.
2-) Ordinary World.
3-) Love Voodoo.
4-) Drowning Man.
5-) Shotgun.
6-) Come Undone.
7-) Breath After Breath (duet with Milton Nascimento).
8-) UMF.
9-) Femme Fatale.
10-) None of the Above.
11-) Shelter.
12-) To Whom It May Concern.
13-) Sin of the City.

Thank You (1995)

Thank You is Duran Duran's eighth studio album, released on April 4, 1995. The album was reportedly begun as a lighthearted tribute to the band's influences, in the vein of Bowie's Pin Ups -- some of the tracks were recorded in borrowed studios (including Prince's Paisley Park) while the band was on the Wedding Album tour, with the intent to have an album ready to release soon after the tour was finished. Another studio album was to follow quickly afterwards. However, after a brief break the band set up a portable studio in the south of France to finish the album with producer John Jones, and progress slowed to a crawl. Conflicts within the band and between the band and Capitol/EMI created delay after delay, and mix after mix was ordered and rejected. Duran Duran's former drummer Roger Taylor, who retired from the band in 1986, joined the band in studio to play drums on "Watching The Detectives" and "Perfect Day" (as well as a cover of "Jeepster" by T. Rex that did not appear on the album). The cover of this album features a collage of the various artists whose songs were covered on this album, including Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Public Enemy with Flavor Flav, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Sly And The Family Stone, and Lou Reed. The album was received very negatively by critics; Q Magazine lists it as the worst album ever. The album charted to #12 in the U.K. and #19 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: Perfect Day (#28 U.K., #101 U.S.), White Lines (#17 U.K.), and Lay Lady Lay (#19 Italy).


1-) White Lines (originally by Grandmaster Melle Mel).
2-) I Wanna Take You Higher (originally by Sly & The Family Stone).
3-) Perfect Day (originally by Lou Reed).
4-) Watching the Detectives (originally by Elvis Costello).
5-) Lay Lady Lay (originally by Bob Dylan).
6-) 911 Is a Joke (originally by Public Enemy).
7-) Success (originally by Iggy Pop).
8-) Crystal Ship (originally by The Doors).
9-) Ball of Confusion (originally by The Temptations).
10-) Thank You (originally by Led Zeppelin).
11-) Drive By.
12-) I Wanna Take You Higher Again (originally by Sly & The Family Stone).

Medazzaland (1997)

Medazzaland is Duran Duran's ninth studio album on October 14, 1997. The album is the follow-up to the poorly-received covers album Thank You, and bassist John Taylor left the band in January 1997 before recording was complete. With only three members remaining – Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon and Warren Cuccurullo – Duran Duran wrote and recorded several new tracks for the album, and re-recorded songs previously done with Taylor. His work remains on only four songs. The dismal performance of the album led in part to the dissolution of the band's contract with EMI after almost two decades. EMI gave the band ownership rights and the master tapes to the Medazzaland album, as well as several unreleased audio and videotapes of their 1995 and 1997 concerts. It was rumoured that the band would independently release the album in the UK, but they went on to sign with Hollywood Records and released Pop Trash instead. Medazzaland is only available in Europe as an import or digital download. The album charted to #66 in Canada and #58 in the U.K. The singles taken from this album were: Out of My Mind (#21 U.K.) and Electric Barbarella (#52 U.S.).


1-) Medazzaland.
2-) Big Bang Generation.
3-) Electric Barbarella.
4-) Out of My Mind.
5-) Who Do You Think You Are?
6-) Silva Halo.
7-) Be My Icon.
8-) Buried in the Sand.
9-) Michael You've Got a Lot to Answer For.
10-) Midnight Sun.
11-) So Long Suicide.
12-) Undergoing Treatment.


Pop Trash (2000)

Pop Trash is Duran Duran's tenth studio album, released on June 19, 2000. The album marked their first release not under Capitol Records/EMI, with whom they'd been signed since 1981. It was also the last to feature the trio of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo. The CD album went out of print in 2001. The album artwork features a rhinestone-encrusted car which belonged to Liberace. Since July 2008, the album is available for sale digitally through the iTunes Store in the US and Europe, along with Medazzaland. The band left Capitol in 1998 and signed with Hollywood Records, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Vocalist and lyricist Le Bon, increasingly unhappy with the band's situation and the departure of bassist John Taylor, was suffering from a severe case of writer's block during the making of this album. In his stead, keyboard player Rhodes and guitarist Cuccurullo took on more of the songwriting than usual, reworking some of their TV Mania material into some of the songs on the album. This album was poorly promoted and did not sell well, although the supporting concert tour sold out at almost all venues, including a week-long stint at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. In March 2001, the band announced they had parted ways with Hollywood Records. At the conclusion of the supporting tour for this album, Cuccurullo was dismissed, and the band reunited with its original five members. Duran Duran went without a record deal for a couple of years, while recording their next album and doing extensive touring. They finally signed with Epic Records, and released Astronaut in 2004, with greater success due to the reunion and promotion. The album peaked at #53 in the U.K. and #135 in the U.S. The only single release was Someone Else Not Me (#53 U.K., #37 Italy).


1-) Someone Else Not Me.
2-) Lava Lamp.
3-) Playing with Uranium.
4-) Hallucinating Elvis.
5-) Starting to Remember.
6-) Pop Trash Movie.
7-) Fragment.
8-) Mars Meets Venus.
9-) Lady Xanax.
10-) The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever.
11-) Kiss Goodbye.
12-) Last Day on Earth.

Astronaut (2004)

Astronaut is Duran Duran's eleventh studio album, released on October 11, 2004. This was the first full album since Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983) to be recorded by the original five members of the band. Duran Duran originally announced a reunion of the original five members in 2001, and began writing new music together in the south of France. They continued to write and record intermittently, working hard for a few months at a time, throughout 2002 and 2003. The band's friend Nile Rodgers did preliminary production work on several tracks. Meanwhile, the search for a record label went on, complicated by the band's desire for independence, control, strong promotional support, and a commitment for more than one album, at the same time that the cash-strapped and risk-averse recording industry was unwilling to gamble on the "leftover fame" of a band best-known for a series of twenty-year-old hits. Finally, after lengthy negotiations, the band signed a four-album deal with Epic Records (a subsidiary of Sony BMG Music Entertainment) in June 2004. The songs were given a final polishing with producer Don Gilmore at Sphere Studios in London, and then mixed by Jeremy Wheatley throughout June and July 2004. R&B producer Dallas Austin produced three tracks on the album, and Nile Rodgers' early production work remains on another three. The album charted to #3 in the U.K. (Gold disc) and #17 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: (Reach Up) For the Sunrise (#5 U.K., #89 U.S.), What Happens Tomorrow (#11 U.K.), and Nice (European only release, iTunes download).


1-) (Reach Up) For the Sunrise.
2-) Want You More!
3-) What Happens Tomorrow.
4-) Astronaut.
5-) Bedroom Toys.
6-) Nice.
7-) Taste the Summer.
8-) Finest Hour.
9-) Chains.
10-) One of Those Days.
11-) Point of No Return.
12-) Still Breathing.

Red Carpet Massacre (2007)

Red Carpet Massacre is Duran Duran's twelfth studio album, released on November 13, 2007. Most of the music on the current incarnation of the album was completed in late 2006 after the departure of band member Andy Taylor, when music producer Timbaland began working with the band. It was the band's second and final album released with Epic Records. The band parted ways with Sony Music in 2009. Dominic Brown, who had taken Taylor's place at several previous missed concerts in the past, was hired as Duran Duran's guitarist, taking part in the recording sessions. Brown has since performed with the band as their full-time touring guitarist. The album charted to #44 in the U.K. and #36 in the U.S. Falling Down was the only single release taken from this album (#52 U.K., #2 Italy).


1-) The Valley.
2-) Red Carpet Massacre.
3-) Nite-Runner.
4-) Falling Down.
5-) Box Full O'Honey.
6-) Skin Divers.
7-) Tempted.
8-) Tricked Out.
9-) Zoom In.
10-) She's Too Much.
11-) Dirty Great Monster.
12-) Last Man Standing.

All You Need Is Now (2010)

All You Need Is Now is Duran Duran's thirteenth and so far last studio album, released digitally on December 21, 2010 and physically on March 21, 2011. It is the first album by the band that has not been released on a major record label. It was released on the band's own label, Tapemodern and since Mark Ronson produced the album, it is released by Allido Records, following their split from Epic. The album was produced by the Grammy Award-winning Mark Ronson, best known for his work with Amy Winehouse, Adele, Kaiser Chiefs, and Lily Allen. After the lacklustre performance of the band's previous album, Red Carpet Massacre in 2007, All You Need Is Now is touted as a return-to-roots homage to Duran Duran's most celebrated musical era. The album debuted in the top two in both the US and UK download charts. The latest single is All You Need Is Now.


1-) All You Need Is Now.
2-) Blame the Machines.
3-) Being Followed.
4-) Leave a Light On.
5-) Safe (In the Heat of the Moment) (ft. Ana Matronic).
6-) Girl Panic!
7-) The Man Who Stole a Leopard (ft. Kelis).
8-) Runway Runaway.
9-) Before the Rain.


Reflexology is a self-made compilation which contains some of Duran Duran's non-album tracks such as smash hits A View to a Kill and Is There Something I Should Know, among many others.


1-) Is There Something I Should Know?
2-) The Reflex (single version).
3-) Wild Boys.
4-) Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me).
5-) A View to a Kill.
6-) Burning the Ground.
7-) Time for Temptation.
8-) Stop Dead.
9-) Ball and Chain.


Arcadia were the pop group formed in 1985 by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, during a break in that band's schedule. However, Roger Taylor appeared in only a few band photographs and in none of the music videos, and stated he was only to be involved in the recording side of the project (he also had minor involvement in The Power Station, the other Duran Duran splinter group). The name of the band was reportedly inspired by the Nicolas Poussin painting Et in Arcadia ego (also known as "The Arcadian Shepherds").

So Red the Rose (1985)

So Red the Rose is Arcadia's first and only studio album, released in November, 1985. There were many musical guests on the album, including David Gilmour, Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones (in Election Day), and Sting (who provided backing vocals on "The Promise"). Musically, the album was a more lush, ambient affair than the previous output of Duran Duran. The songs explored new sonic spaces and a number of the tracks were quite lengthy. The album's artwork featured painted ink drawings inspired by the sketches of Jean Cocteau as well as an innovative "light space" photograph of the band by Dean Chamberlain, who also directed the video for the song, "Missing". The album charted to #30 in the U.K. and #23 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: Election Day (#7 U.K., #6 U.S.), Goodbye Is Forever (#33 U.S.), The Promise (#37 U.K., #24 Ireland), and The Flame (#58 U.K., #29 Ireland).


1-) Election Day.
2-) Keep Me in the Dark.
3-) Goodbye Is Forever.
4-) The Flame.
5-) Missing.
6-) Rose Arcana.
7-) The Promise.
8-) El Diablo.
9-) Lady Ice.

The Power Station

Power Station was a 1980s supergroup made up of singer Robert Palmer, bassist John Taylor of Duran Duran, guitarist Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, and former Chic drummer Tony Thompson. Bernard Edwards, also of Chic, was involved on the studio side as recording producer. For a short time he also functioned as Power Station's manager. The band was formed in New York City late in 1984 during a break in Duran Duran's schedule that became a lengthy hiatus. Power Station was named after The Power Station recording studio where their album was conceived and recorded.

Power Station (1985)

Power Station is the first studio album by group Power Station, released on March 25, 1985. The original plan for this one-album project was for the three musicians (Taylor, Taylor and Thompson) to provide musical continuity to an album full of material, with a different singer performing on each track. Those who were approached included Mick Jagger, Billy Idol, Mars Williams (who eventually contributed brass to the album) and Richard Butler (of The Psychedelic Furs), and Mick Ronson. The group then invited eclectic soul singer Robert Palmer to record vocals for the track "Communication". When he heard that they had recorded demos for "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", he asked to try out vocals on that one as well, and by the end of the day, the group knew that they had found that elusive chemistry which distinguishes successful bands. Before long, they had decided to record the entire album with Palmer. However, the union was not to hold. By the time the band decided to take the 8-track set on the road, Palmer had left to record his solo album Riptide (which, likely because of the involvement of The Power Station participants Edwards, Thompson, and Andy Taylor, is very similar in sound to The Power Station album). He was replaced by Michael Des Barres (famed for co-writing Animotion's "Obsession"). The album charted to #12 in the U.K. and #6 in the U.S. The singles taken from this album were: Some Like It Hot (#14 U.K., #6 U.S.), T-Rex's Get It On (Bang a Gong) (#22 U.K., #9 U.S.), and Communication (#75 U.K., #34 U.S.).


1-) Some Like It Hot.
2-) Murderess.
3-) Lonely Tonight.
4-) Communication.
5-) Get It On (Bang a Gong).
6-) Go to Zero.
7-) Harvest for the World.
8-) Still in Your Heart.