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Roxette is a Swedish pop music duo formed in 1986, consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. The group enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, gaining nineteen UK Top 40 hits and four US #1 singles with, "The Look", "Listen to Your Heart", "It Must Have Been Love" and "Joyride". Two further singles "Dangerous" and "Fading Like a Flower" hit #2. Finally, "Dressed for Success" was a modest hit in the US peaking at #14. After a hiatus in the mid-1990s, their popularity continued in other territories such as Europe and South America, where they earned various Gold and Platinum awards until the beginning of the new millennium. The duo took a break from recording and touring, when in 2002, Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which she later successfully recovered from. Roxette took to the stage together again for the first time in 8 years, in 2009, during Gessle's European Party Crasher tour. Their songs continue to receive radio airplay, with "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart" both recently receiving awards from BMI for achieving four million radio plays. They have sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide, with over 3.5 million record sales in the United States, achieving platinum for Joyride and Look Sharp! there.

Pearls of Passion (1986)

Pearls of Passion is Roxette's debut album, released on October 31, 1986. It was re-released internationally on CD on October 31, 1997 with some previously unreleased or single-only bonus tracks. It was re-mastered and re-released again in 2009. The album was originally only released in Scandinavia and Canada. It has sold 800,000 copies worldwide. The album charted to #2 in Sweden. The singles released from this album were: Neverending Love (#3 Sweden), Goodbye to You (#9 Sweden), Soul Deep (#18 Sweden), and I Call Your Name.


1-) Soul Deep.
2-) Secrets That She Keeps.
3-) Goodbye to You.
4-) I Call Your Name.
5-) Surrender.
6-) Voices.
7-) Neverending Love.
8-) Call of the Wild.
9-) Joy of a Toy.
10-) From One Heart to Another.
11-) Like Lovers Do.
12-) So Far Away.

Look Sharp! (1988)

Look Sharp! is Roxette's second studio album, released on October 19, 1988. Look Sharp! is often considered as Roxette's breakthrough. Despite having a lot of success in their homeland, they were virtually unknown in the rest of the world. However, everything changed when while studying in Sweden an American exchange student from Minneapolis, Dean Cushman, heard "The Look", and brought a copy of Look Sharp! home for the 1988 holiday break. He gave the album to a Minneapolis radio station, KDWB 101.3 FM. The station started playing "The Look" and based on positive caller feedback, the song became very popular, and quickly spread to other radio stations. The song became a radio hit before any Roxette music had been commercially released or promoted in the US market. The story was covered by radio, newspapers and TV in the US and in Sweden, making for good press for many years, with Gessle telling this as the story which highlighted the beginning of their international success. The album has sold 9 million copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden (6 Platinum discs), #23 in the U.S. (Platinum disc) and #4 in the U.K. (Platinum disc) It is also the second best selling album in Swedish music history (only behind ABBA's Arrival). The singles taken from this album were: The Look (#6 Sweden, #7 U.K., #1 U.S.), Dressed for Success (#2 Sweden, #18 U.K., #14 U.S.), Listen to Your Heart (#3 Sweden, #6 U.K., #1 U.S.), Chances, and Dangerous (#9 Sweden, #6 U.K., #2 U.S.).


1-) The Look.
2-) Dressed for Success.
3-) Sleeping Single.
4-) Paint.
5-) Dance Away.
6-) Cry.
7-) Chances.
8-) Dangerous.
9-) Half a Woman, Half a Shadow.
10-) View from a Hill.
11-) (I Could Never) Give You Up.
12-) Shadow of a Doubt.
13-) Listen to Your Heart.

Joyride (1991)

Joyride is Roxette's third studio album, released on March 28, 1991. After the great popularity of "It Must Have Been Love" single and enormous sales of Look Sharp!, Joyride became just as successful, spawning the US #1 hit "Joyride". The album has sold 11 million copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden, #12 U.S. (Platinum disc), #2 U.K. (2x Platinum discs). In Argentina, the album was awarded as the best-selling English album ever (to that date), with sales of more than 400.000 copies there. The singles taken from this album were: Joyride (#1 Sweden, #1 U.S., #4 U.K.), Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave) (#5 Sweden, #2 U.S., #12 U.K.), The Big L (#10 Sweden, #21 U.K.), Spending My Time (#11 Sweden, #32 U.S., #22 U.K.), and Church of Your Heart (#21 Sweden, #36 U.S., #21 U.K.).


1-) Joyride.
2-) Hotblooded.
3-) Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave).
4-) Knockin' on Every Door.
5-) Spending My Time.
6-) Watercolours in the Rain.
7-) The Big L.
8-) Soul Deep.
9-) (Do You Get) Excited?
10-) Church of Your Heart.
11-) Small Talk.
12-) Physical Fascination.
13-) Things Will Never Be the Same.
14-) Perfect Day.

Tourism (1992)

Tourism: Songs from Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & Other Strange Places is Roxette's fourth studio album, released on August 28, 1992. It was recorded mostly during their Join The Joyride world tour and is often mistaken for being a live album. In fact it's a mixture of live and studio tracks. Some tracks were even recorded in hotel rooms and nightclubs. Four live tracks were included in the album, "The Look", "It Must Have Been Love", "Things Will Never be the Same" and "Joyride". While "It Must Have Been Love" didn't appear on a Roxette album until their Greatest hits album Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!, the other three songs did appear on Look Sharp! and Joyride albums. Another three songs were also released before, "So Far Away" was included on their 1986 debut album Pearls of Passion, "Come Back (Before You Leave)" was originally the b-side for the "Joyride" single, while "Silver Blue" originally appeared as a demo version as the b-side for "The Look" single. "Here Comes the Weekend", the album's 11th track, featured some improvisation. As the song was recorded in a hotelroom, a Samsonite suitcase was used instead of drums. The album has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. The album peaked to #1 in Sweden, #117 U.S., #2 U.K (Gold disc). The singles taken from this album were: How Do You Do! (#2 Sweden, #58 U.S., #13 U.K.), Queen of Rain (#12 Sweden, #28 U.K.), and Fingertips (#39 Sweden).


1-) How Do You Do.
2-) Fingertips.
3-) The Look.
4-) The Heart Shaped Sea.
5-) The Rain.
6-) Keep Me Waiting.
7-) It Must Have Been Love.
8-) Cinnamon Street.
9-) Never Is a Long Time.
10-) Silver Blue.
11-) Here Comes the Weekend.
12-) So Far Away.
13-) Come Back (Before You Leave).
14-) Things Will Never Be the Same.
15-) Joyride.
16-) Queen of Rain.


Crash! Boom! Bang! (1994)

Crash! Boom! Bang! is Roxette's fifth studio album, released on April 9, 1994. A smaller album was made available as a special deal at the McDonald's restaurant chain, called Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang!. The Japanese version includes the track "Almost Unreal", which was (from unknown reasons) entitled It's Almost Unreal. In the UK a vinyl version of the album was also released, despite CDs taking over as the mainstream format. The album has sold 5 million copies worldwide. The album reached #1 in Sweden and #3 in the U.K. Singles taken from this album were: Sleeping in My Car (#1 Sweden, #50 U.S., #14 U.K.), Crash! Boom! Bang! (#17 Sweden, #26 U.K.), Fireworks (#34 Sweden, #30 U.K.), Run to You (#27 U.K.), and Vulnerable (#12 Sweden, #44 U.K.).


1-) Harleys & Indians (Riders in the Sky).
2-) Crash! Boom! Bang!
3-) Fireworks.
4-) Run to You.
5-) Sleeping in My Car.
6-) Vulnerable.
7-) The First Girl on the Moon.
8-) Place Your Love.
9-) I Love the Sound of Crashing Guitars.
10-) What's She Like?
11-) Do You Wanna Go the Whole Way?
12-) Lies.
13-) I'm Sorry.
14-) Love Is All (Shine Your Light on Me).
15-) Go to Sleep.


Have a Nice Day (1999)

Have a Nice Day is Roxette's sixth studio album, released on March 9, 1999. This was the first international Roxette release in 4 years and their first brand new studio album since 1994's Crash! Boom! Bang! The album was not released in the U.S. as the duo were no longer signed to a record label there. Additional Spanish language versions of "Wish I Could Fly", "Anyone" and "Salvation" were included as bonus tracks in some Spanish-speaking countries. The track "It Will Take a Long Long Time" was featured in the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere romantic comedy Runaway Bride, though it was not included on the soundtrack album. Have a Nice Day was the first ever Roxette album to feature a track solely written by Marie Fredriksson ("Waiting for the Rain"). The album cover had to be slightly altered for sale in neighboring Arab states as the presence of naked babies on the sleeve was deemed offensive. The success of Have a Nice Day saw Roxette win the 'Highest Selling Scandinavian Act' at the 2000 World Music Awards. For the Awards Gala, Roxette chose to perform lead single "Wish I Could Fly". The album has sold 2,200,000 copies worldwide. The album charted to #1 in Sweden and #3 in the U.K. The singles taken from this album were: Wish I Could Fly (#4 Sweden, #11 U.K.), Anyone (#35 Sweden), Stars (#13 Sweden, #56 U.K.), and Salvation (#46 Sweden).


1-) Crush on You.
2-) Wish I Could Fly.
3-) You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone.
4-) Waiting for the Rain.
5-) Anyone.
6-) It Will Take a Long Long Time.
7-) 7Twenty7.
8-) I Was So Lucky.
9-) Stars.
10-) Salvation.
11-) Pay the Price.
12-) Cooper.
13-) Staring at the Ground.
14-) Beautiful Things.

Room Service (2001)

Room Service is Roxette's seventh studio album, released on April 3, 2001. The album has sold 150,000 copies in Germany. The album charted to #1 in Sweden and #120 in the U.K. The singles taken from this album were: The Centre of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain) (#1 Sweden), Real Sugar (#23 Sweden), and Milk and Toast and Honey (#21 Sweden, #89 U.K.).


1-) Real Sugar.
2-) The Centre of the Heart (Is a Suburb to the Brain).
3-) Milk and Toast and Honey.
4-) Jefferson.
5-) Little Girl.
6-) Looking for Jane.
7-) Bringing Me Down to My Knees.
8-) Make My Head Go Pop.
9-) Try (Just a Little Bit Harder).
10-) Fool.
11-) It Takes You No Time to Get Here.
12-) My World, My Love, My Life.

Charm School (2011)

Charm School is Roxette's eighth and so far last studio album, released on February 11, 2001. It is the Roxette's first album of all-new material in ten years, since 2001's Room Service. The only single released so far is She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio) (#11 Norway, #18 Germany).


1-) Way Out.
2-) No One Makes It on Her Own.
3-) She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio).
4-) Speak to Me.
5-) I'm Glad You Called.
6-) Only When I Dream.
7-) Dream On.
8-) Big Black Cadillac.
9-) In My Own Way.
10-) After All.
11-) Happy on the Outside.
12-) Sitting on Top of the World.

Roxette Plus

Roxette Plus is a self-made compilation which consists of some of Roxette's non-studio album tracks such as smash hit It Must Have Been Love (from the Pretty Woman film), Almost Unreal (from Super Mario Bros. 1993 film), plus some other tracks.


1-) Pearls of Passion.
2-) It Must Have Been Love.
3-) I Remember You.
4-) Almost Unreal.
5-) June Afternoon.
6-) You Don't Understand Me.
7-) She Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
8-) I Don't Want to Get Hurt.
9-) It Hurts.
10-) Entering Your Heart.
11-) The Weight of the World.
12-) Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart).
13-) A Thing About You.
14-) Opportunity Nox.
15-) One Wish.
16-) Reveal.




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