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Sabrina (Salerno)

Norma Sabrina Salerno was born on March 15, 1968 in Genoa, Italy. When she was in her teenage years, she won a beauty contest in her native region of Liguria. As a result she became a model and in 1985 she made her television debut in the Italian prime time show Premiatissima on Canale 5. The following year, she saw her first single being released, Sexy Girl. Produced by Claudio Cecchetto, it became a Top 20 hit in her native Italy as well as in Germany. In 1987, she released her first studio album, Sabrina. In addition to Sexy Girl, this album included her international top 5 hit Boys (Summertime Love), which has sold more than 1,5 million copies worldwide. Part of the success of this single was her classic video where she appears in a very tight bikini and as she kept dancing, the bikini top kept falling down and eventually revealed her nipples. This video caused lots of controversy because of Sabrina's errr…………………possessions. In 1988, she won the Best European Singer Award during the Festivalbar event and enjoyed another European-wide summer hit, the Stock Aitken & Waterman-produced All of Me (Boy Oh Boy). Later in that year, she released her second studio album, Super Sabrina, which included All of Me and her other big hits the Giorgio Moroder produced- Like a Yo Yo and My Chico. The latter was accompanied by another controversial video. She later found herself established as a true European sex symbol. During this time the press created a rivalry between her and Samantha Fox, as the two European voluptuous and raunchy singers who performed sexy music. Also, in 1988, she started a relationship with Enrico Monti. Thanks to her sexy image and success of her albums, she was soon invited to perform at prestigious festivals such as Montreux Pop Festival and in 1989 she appeared at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, where 50,000 people gathered over three days to enjoy Sabrina's music. Also in 1989 Sabrina released a remix album Super Sabrina Remix and a new single, Gringo, which eventually became a hit. In 1990, she hosted a TV show Ricomincio da 2 along with Raffaella Carrà on Rai Due and appeared on the popular music show Festivalbar with a new song called Yeah Yeah. 1991 marked a turning point for Sabrina in terms of her music career. She performed a duet with Italian singer Jo Squillo called Siamo Donne ("We Are Women"), her first release in her native language. They performed together at 1991's Sanremo Music Festival to much acclaim. Sabrina's third studio album, Over the Pop was released in this same year and for the first time she was allowed to co-write and produce some of the songs. This was a reflection of Sabrina's desire to mature as an artist and distance herself from her already famous sexy image. This created conflicts with her management. As a result the promotion for this album was interrupted and just one more single was released, Shadows of the Night. Later, Sabrina parted ways with her record company and with her record company and her career was in hiatus for 4 years. However, in 1992, she released her second non-album single called Cover Model. In 1995, she was able to come back to showbiz and she soon started hosting Italian TV shows and releasing two new singles via an independent label, "Rockawillie" and "Angel Boy", which were minor hits in Italy and Scandinavia. The following year she established her own recording studio in Treviso along with her boyfriend, Enrico Monti. The first fruits of the seeds she sowed was her first album in Italian language, Maschio Dove Sei. This album was a more mature rock/pop influence to Sabrina's music. The album and its two singles, "Fatta e Rifatta" ("Done and Redone") and the title track Maschio Dove Sei (Male, Where Are You?), were surprisingly critically acclaimed yet the album was considered a commercial flop due to lack of promotion and distribution. Supposedly disillusioned by the flop of her album, she focused in other projects. The year 1996 saw her theater debut with the comedy I Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda ("The Knights of the Round Table") playing the role of Morgan le Fey, and after a two year stint she then hosted the game show Il Mercante in Fiera ("The Merchant at the Fair"). In 1998 after the success of her stage debut, Sabrina was cast in a new comedy called Uomini sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi ("Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"), which was also very successful, but during the production she broke a knee and was unable to continue. She had recovered by the summer and could host the TV show Cocco di mamma ("Mamma's Boy") on Rai Uno. In this show she had the chance to sing some Italian and International summer hits of the past. This led her to reconsider a music comeback. That same year she was cast in the Italian music band 883's debut movie Jolly Blu and of the sitcom Tutti gli uomini sono uguali ("All men are the same") airing on Italia 1. In 1999, she released a new studio album, A Flower's Broken, in Italy and Spain. Although there was some curiosity at the beginning because of the single I Love You, the album was unsuccessful. She was a guest on the British TV show Eurotrash where she performed her new single I Love You. Unfortunately, the album's music label RTI Music was being sold (at the same time of the album's release) and all marketing and promotion was stopped.
The year 2001 saw Sabrina's comeback to theatre with the musical Emozioni ("Emotions") that received very good reviews from critics; with this show she toured Italy for almost 3 years. In 2002, Sabrina hosted another TV show on Italia 1 called Matricole & Meteore ("Freshmen and Meteors"), in which she travelled the world to uncover the recent situations of former stars such as Shannen Doherty, Gary Coleman, Jimmy Sommerville, and others. In 2004, she married her longtime partner Enrico Monti and had her first child, Luca Maria. In 2005, Sabrina starred in the independent film Colori that premiered at the Salerno's Independent Cinema Festival, where she won the Critics' Choice Award as best actress. Sabrina also took part in ITV's Hit Me Baby One More Time where she sang the songs "Boys" and The Sugababe's Hole in the Head. In November of that same year, she performed the songs "Boys" and "All of Me" in the Russian concert Diskoteka 80-x. In 2006, Sabrina released (but only through her own website) a new song called I Feel Love (Good Sensation). Sabrina continued touring and on August 24, 2008, Sabrina performed in Poland in a concert of the stars of the 80's along with Kim Wilde, Samantha Fox, Sandra, Modern Talking, Limahl, and Shakin' Stevens. This concert was a part of the Sopot Festival 2008 presented live on Polish channel TVN. Nowadays, Sabrina is a record producer; she owns a recording studio which was used by Sade, Simply Red, Vasco Rossi, and many others. She also runs a management agency, called New Boys Productions, and she manages some song and dance acts. On October 3, 2008, Sabrina published her first official greatest hits album called Erase/Rewind. It includes new versions of her hits, as well as several new recorded tracks and cover versions. On September 28, 2009, a newly remixed version of Erase Rewind was released. It features 7 remixed versions and also includes the video clip shot in the previous year. On June 1, 2010, Sabrina's and Samantha Fox's video for their take on Blondie's classic hit, Call Me was premiered in Youtube. The single will get to radio stations on June 4, 2010. A model, a sex symbol, a woman with huge natural………possessions, an actress, a singer, a TV hostess, a mother and wife is in short words the story of one of Italy's most popular and much talked about artists.
Sabrina (1987)

Sabrina's first studio album Sabrina was released in late 1987. This includes her signature hit Boys (Summertime Love), Sexy Girl, Hot Girl and some cover versions like Rod Stewart's Da Ya Think I'm Sexy and The Knacks' My Sharona and LaBelle's Lady Marmalade. The singles spawned from this album were: Sexy Girl (which was released in 1986, #20 Italy), Lady Marmalade (#41 France), Boys (Summertime Love) (#1 Italy, #3 UK and top 5 pretty much everywhere) and Hot Girl (#21 Italy, #2 Spain). Many people say that Hot Girl became such a big hit in Spain because Sabrina performed this song in a TV show and her breasts came off from the halter top she was wearing due to the fact that she was dancing very enthusiastically. This album charted at #4 in Finland, #24 in France and #11 in Switzerland.


1-) Boys (Summertime Love).
2-) Hot Girl.
3-) Get Ready (Holiday Rock).
4-) Kiss.
5-) Sexy Girl.
6-) Kiss Me.
7-) Lady Marmalade.
8-) My Sharona.
9-) Da Ya Think I'm Sexy.

Super Sabrina (1988)

Sabrina's second studio album, Super Sabrina, was released in 1988. Sabrina continues with the same line of music, kind of a pop Italo disco sound. The album reached #9 in the Finnish album charts. The singles spawned from this album were the S/A/W-produced All of Me (#12 Italy, #25 U.K.), My Chico (#1 Italy), and Like a Yo Yo (#18 Italy, #1 Finland). The album charted at #9 in Finland, #39 in Sweden and #28 in Switzerland. The downloaded file will be of the LP version of this record.

LP Tracklist:

1-) Like a Yo Yo.
2-) All of Me.
3-) Doctor's Orders.
4-) Boys (Summertime Love) (in Italian and German LP versions only).
5-) Funky Girl.
6-) My Chico.
7-) Pirate of Love.
8-) Sexy Girl (in Italian and German LP versions).
9-) Guys and Dolls.
10-) Sex.

CD tracklist:

1-) Like a Yo Yo.
2-) All of Me.
3-) Doctor's Orders.
4-) Funky Girl.
5-) My Chico.
6-) Pirate of Love.
7-) Guys and Dolls.
8-) Sex.
9-) All of Me (Boy oh Boy Mix).
10-) My Chico (Extended Version).

Over the Pop (1991)

Sabrina's third studio album, Over the Pop was released in 1991. By this time, Sabrina had a strong desire to grow as an artist and stop relying heavily on her sexy image. This led to conflicts with her management and her record label and the promotion for this album was eventually halted and only two singles were released: Yeah Yeah (#24 Italy) and Shadows of the Night. This album also includes her duet with Italian singer Jo Squillo, Siamo Donne (#11 Italy) and a cover of The Carpenters' Yesterday Once More. It is important to mention that this is Sabrina's first album in which she contributed with co-writing and even co-producing some of the songs. The download file for this album will be the picture disc edition.

Tracklist of original edition:

1-) Yeah Yeah.
2-) Vola.
3-) Dirty Boy Look.
4-) With a Boy Like You.
5-) Yesterday Once More.
6-) Shadows of the Night.
7-) Afraid to Love.
8-) Promises in the Dark.
9-) You Can Get It if You Really Want.
10-) Love Dream.
11-) Domination.
12-) Love is Like Magic.

Tracklist of picture disc edition:

1-) Siamo Donne (with Jo Squillo).
2-) Promises in the Dark.
3-) Vola.
4-) You Can Get It if You Really Want.
5-) Dirty Boy Look.
6-) Domination.
7-) Love is Like Magic.
8-) Yeah Yeah (Remix).
9-) Afraid to Love.
10-) Love Dream.
11-) With a Boy Like You.
12-) Yesterday Once More.
13-) Shadows of the Night.
14-) Yeah Yeah (Acapella).


Maschio Dove Sei (1995)

Maschio Dove Sei is Sabrina Salerno's fourth studio album and her first using her full name and her first to be performed in her native tongue. It was released in 1995. She started recording Italian songs in 1995 that had an Italo rock style sound instead of her signature dance style. Even some tracks she had recorded in English in 1994 were rerecorded in this new style, like the track "Maybe Your Love" which became "Gioco Perverso". The result was the album Maschio Dove Sei, which was released by the Italian NAR label, in late 1995. The album was later licensed to Barsa Promociones in Spain, who released it with a slightly different picture sleeve and a different print on the CD. The album was surprisingly critically acclaimed though it was a commercial flop due to lack of promotion and distribution. Only two singles were released: Maschio Dove Sei and Fatta e Rifatta. This album includes an Italian version of Kim Wilde's song Stay Awhile, Alice Rivivrà. Maschio Dove Sei was rereleased in 1997 under the title Numeri, which included a bonus track which was the title track, Numeri.


1-) Maschio Dove Sei.
2-) Palpito D'Amore.
3-) Fatta e Rifatta.
4-) Cuore.
5-) Non Va.
6-) La Porta É Sempre Là.
7-) Alice Rivivrà.
8-) Messico.
9-) Tango Italiano.
10-) Gioco Perverso.


A Flower's Broken (1999)

A Flower's Broken is Sabrina's fifth and so far last studio album, released in January 1999. It was produced by Enrico Monti and Sabrina herself and was finally released in Italy and Spain by the RTI-Music label. Style-wise, the album saw Sabrina's return to electronic dance-pop, the type of music she has been known and loved for before she discarded this style for 1995's Maschio Dove Sei album. Only one single was released from this album - "I Love You". Unfortunately, both the album and the single were unsuccessful and the album's music label RTI Music (controlled by Mediaset) was being sold at the same time of the album's release, and all marketing and promotion was stopped. The only single taken from this album was I Love You.


1-) Shallala.
2-) Jimmy.
3-) I Love You.
4-) Diamond in the Sand.
5-) I Want You.
6-) You Oughta Know.
7-) Flower's Broken.
8-) Love Is All There Is.
9-) Russian Lover (with Dimitri Kuznitsof).
10-) Never Too Late.


Call Me (Mini album) (2010)

Call Me is a mini album released in June 15, 2010. Since late 2009 there were strong rumors that the two queens of voluptuous pop, Samantha Fox (!) and Sabrina Salerno (!) were gonna record a duet together. You've heard it!! Their final collaboration was a rerecording of Blondie's hugely successful 1980 hit, Call Me. Both women self-produced the record and there are 3 versions of this mini album. One, the 10 track (plus the video) version, which is the one that will be uploaded here. This version even includes solo versions of Call Me from each of the ladies, a remix of Sabrina's classic Italo disco hit, Gringo, among other tracks. Another version is the picture disc version which consists of 4 tracks only and another version is the 8-track version which is made up of only remixes of Call Me. It certainly is everything worth to watch, listen, and form part of the experience of the biggest news of the year in the 80's revival department. The duet of the two queens of voluptuous pop. Don't miss this!!!


1-) Call Me.
2-) In the Morning (Sabrina).
3-) I Give Myself to You (Samantha Fox).
4-) Gringo (Remix) (Sabrina).
5-) Call Me (Solo version) (Samantha Fox).
6-) Call Me (Solo version) (Sabrina).
7-) Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Yes Tibet Remix).
8-) Call Me (Starlet DJs Club Mix).
9-) Call Me (Sleazesisters Club Mix).
10-) Call Me (Williamsburg Trash Bar Mix).

Sabrina Plus

This is a self-made compilation which comprises of Sabrina's non-studio album releases such as her 1989 hit, Gringo, the 1990 version of Yeah Yeah, Angel Boy, her cover version of The Cardigans' Erase and Rewind among others.


1-) Hot Girl (Single version).
2-) Gringo.
3-) Yeah Yeah (1990 version).
4-) Cover Model.
5-) Rockawillie.
6-) Angel Boy.
7-) Numeri.
8-) Erase/Rewind.
9-) Born to Be Alive.
10-) No Matter What You Say.
11-) Skin on Skin.
12-) Mama Said.
13-) Now Is the Time.
14-) Don't Want to Be Falling in Love.
15-) You Lie to Me.
16-) Maybe Your Love.
17-) Goodbye Baby.




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