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Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, was born on March 28, 1986 in New York City, in the Italian-American home of Joseph Germanotta and Cynthia Bissett. She started playing piano at the age of 4 and she learned it by ear. Her piano playing started as an idea from her mom to keep her busy by doing something and this something was playing the piano. When she was 13, she wrote her first piano ballad and performing at clubs when she was only 14. Since she was underage she was always accompanied by her mom. When she was 11 she attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, and here she was thespian for a variety of musicals she performed in, playing lead roles such as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and Philia in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. She described her academic life in high school as "very dedicated, very studious, very disciplined" but also "a bit insecure". She explains about this time of her life that she was picked on her classmates because she was considered as a freak and as someone who was provocative and eccentric, so she later started toning down her freakiness. Based on the testimony of some of her old classmates, singing was always number 1 for Gaga, but she also showed quite a fondness for boys and was actually popular. At age 17, Germanotta gained early admission to the New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She was one of around 20 candidates to be admitted to this institution. There, she studied music and improved her songwriting skills by composing essays and analytical papers focusing on topics such as art, religion, social issues, and politics. By the second semester of her sophomore year , she quit school and decided to focus in her musical career. Her father reportedly agreed to pay her rent for a year on the condition that she reenrolled if she was unsuccessful. By the time she was 19, she signed a record deal with Def Jam Recordings after CEO and Chairman L.A. Reid heard her singing down the hallway from his office. The honeymoon lasted only 3 months as she was dropped from the record company. However, through her former management she was introduced to songwriter and producer Red One. She moved into an appartment on the Lower East Side and started recording an EP with her friends of Fiona Apple-esque ballads at a studio underneath a liquor store in New Jersey, becoming a local attraction downtown in the LES club scene. She soon started taking drugs while performing burlesque shows and her father didn't understand what she was doing. Early producer Rob Fusari compared her vocal style to that of Queen's Freddie Mercury and gave her her current stage name, Lady Gaga. This came via a text message Fusari sent to Gaga as Gaga was trying to think of a stage name for herself. Throught 2007, she collaborated with performance artist Lady Starlight, who helped her create her stage costumes. The two Ladys started doing gigs at downtown club venues like the Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, and the Rockwood Music Hall. They also appeared at the Lollapalooza Festival and the act was acclaimed by the public and here is when Gaga found her niche, musically speaking. She discovered she could combine electronic sounds with vintage glam rock of David Bowie and Queen.
Then Fusari sent songs he wrote with Gaga to his friend, producer and record executive, Vincent Herbert. Herbert was quick to sign her to his label Streamline Records, an inprint of Interscope Records. Gaga has credited Herbert as the man who discovered and that she has felt they have made pop history and will continue doing so. During this time, she was in a songwriting internship and was declared as an apprentice songwriter and this is when she started writing songs for her fellow labelmates, such as Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls. Also, Akon recognized her vocal abilities when she recorded her voice for one of his tracks. By 2008, she relocated herself to Los Angeles, working closely with her record company to finalize her debut album The Fame. In August of that year she finally released her very first studio album and little by little she became famous first in the United States and gradually all the rest of the world, thanks to the humongous success of her single Poker Face. When Gaga released this album, she reinvented herself as a fashion icon and sensation with really outlandish and eccentric costumes and wearing her hair generally blonde and using most of the time wigs. Her image at first became really shocking and now it works as an expectation of what comes next, what comes next. Gaga herself has described that her image is inspired by Madonna, David Bowie, Grace Jones and the pop art of Andy Warhol, whom she is a big fan of. A lot of people say that her image is reminiscent of Missing Persons's quirky frontwoman, Dale Bozzio. Her combination of euro and 80's influenced electronic pop music with glam rock influences and her extravagant sense of fashion have made her quite a sensation and a much talked about subject all around the world. Her career has been the center of many controversies such as her 2009 VMA's performance of Paparazzi, where she bleeds and even hangs herself, her video onstage showing what looked like a penis and sparked a heated debate whether she was a hermaphrodite which she admitted at first and then later admitted that it was just a publicity stunt and it was actually a plastic penis, etc. In November 2009 she released her follow up material, The Fame Monster, in which the lead-off single Bad Romance became smashingly successful and very much well received by the audience and critics and even for people who were not previously either in her music or in electropop in general. Its video holds the record of being the most viewed video in Youtube. A fierce advocate of gay rights, a highly dedicated hard worker, a pop sensation, a woman who has made pop music interesting again, a fashion icon, a talented songwriter, an equally talented vocalist, an artist who professes undying love for her fans and doing anything she can for them. That's Lady Gaga in a few words.
Red And Blue (2006) (***NEW***)

Red and Blue is Stefani Germanotta's unofficial EP, released in 2006. During this time, Stefani Germanotta before becoming Lady Gaga, formed a band called Stefani Germanotta Band (SGB), with fellow members guitarist Calvin Pia, bassist Eli Silverman and drummer Alex Beckham. They performed a mixture of songs; some self-penned , along with classick rock numbers like Led Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er. laying in Lower East Side bars like The Bitter End and the Mercury Lounge, the band developed a small fan base and caught the eye of music producer Joe Vulpis. Soon after arranging time in Vulpis' studio beneath a New Jersey liquor store in the months that followed, SGBand were selling their extended plays Words and Red and Blue at gigs around New York while becoming a local fixture of the downtown Lower East Side club scene.


1-) Something Crazy.
2-) Wish You Were Here.
3-) No Floods.
4-) Words.
5-) Red and Blue.

The Fame (2008)

Gaga's first studio album, The Fame, was released on August 19, 2008. The central theme of this album is her love for fame, being famous, and achieving popularity, presented in different subtopics. Lead-off single Just Dance is just an invitation for dancing and celebrating; Poker Face talks about her own bisexuality and thinking about a woman while having sex. This was inspired by her boyfriend at the time who was into gambling. Lovegame is about fame, love, and sexuality. Paparazzi is about hunger for fame and love. Gaga herself wrote the lyrics and wrote some of the hooks and synth parts of the album, and also played the synths and the piano. Musically, this album is mainly electropop with 80's influences and some R&B beats and some Glam rock thrown in the middle and there's even a track influenced by the legendary rock band Queen, the ballad Brown Eyes. The inspiration behind the track Boys Boys Boys was because of Motley Crue's similarly titled Girls, Girls, Girls. The album reached #1 in several countries around the world and the top 10 in most countries. The Fame was generally positively reviewed by the music critics and this album gets the credit of starting off the Gagamania. The singles spawned from this album were: Just Dance (#1 U.S., #1 U.K., among other countries), the smashing hit Poker Face (#1 U.S., #1 U.K., among other countries), the summery Eh, Eh (Nothing Else to Say) (#15 Australia, #9 New Zealand), the disco stick anthem Lovegame (#5 U.S., #19 U.K.), and Paparazzi (#6 U.S., #4 U.K.). This album was supported by her first world tour The Fame Ball Tour.


1-) Just Dance.
2-) Lovegame.
3-) Paparazzi.
4-) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.
5-) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else to Say).
6-) Poker Face.
7-) The Fame.
8-) Money Honey.
9-) Again Again.
10-) Boys Boys Boys.
11-) Brown Eyes.
12-) Summerboy.
13-) I Like It Rough.

Disco Heaven (2009)

This is a compilation of rare tracks of Lady Gaga, released in early 2009. Some of the tracks included are Starstruck, Paper Gangsta, her cover version of Christmas Tree (which was released for the Christmas season in 2008), and Bif Girl Now, featuring the New Kids on the Block, among other featuring artists such as Kalenna, Flo Rida, and Space Cowboy. There's another version of this compilation which contains 3 bonus tracks, which are remixes of Poker Face, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else to Say) and Just Dance.// Esta es una compilación de tracks oscuros de Lady Gaga, lanzado a principios del 2009. Algunos de los tracks incluidos son Starstruck, Paper Gangsta, su versión de Christmas Tree (el cual fue lanzado para la temporada navideña del 2008), y Bif Girl Now, introduciendo los New Kids on the Block, además de otros artistas como Kalenna, Flo Rida y Space Cowboy. Existe otra versión de esta compilación el cual contiene 3 bonus tracks, los cuales son remixes de Poker Face, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else to Say) y Just Dance.


1-) Fashion.
2-) Starstruck (featuring Space Cowboy & Flo Rida).
3-) Disco Heaven.
4-) No Floods.
5-) Kaboom (featuring Kalenna).
6-) I Like It Rough.
7-) Vanity.
8-) Paper Gangsta.
9-) Fandy Pants.
10-) Wonderful.
11-) Big Girl Now (featuring New Kids on the Block).
12-) Rock Show.
13-) Christmas Tree (featuring Space Cowboy).
14-) Shake Ur Kitty.
15-) Fever.
16-) Let Love Down.

The Fame Monster (2009)

Gaga's second studio album, The Fame Monster was released on November 23, 2009. Originally, her record company wanted Gaga to rerelease The Fame album with 3 bonus tracks, to which she opposed citing the cost of an additional disc as a factor to elevate the price of the album and making it not so affordable for her fans and that "rereleases are unfair". Also, she said that she felt that she had enough material to release another album of new material. The title of the album coincided with the headphones she launched which are called Monster. She explained that this wasn't intentional as she had already written the song Monster in March 2009, before meeting Dr. Dre and Noel Lee, the CEO of Monster Cable Products. The theme of this album is about everything Gaga didn't write about fame in her previous album. This is from a darker point of a view and she connects all of the songs with a monster as a metaphor for different negative sides she found while touring for The Fame Ball Tour. According to Gaga, there's "the fear of alcohol Monster", "the fear of sex Monster", the fear of death Monster", "the fear of love Monster", "the fear of loneliness Monster", etc. This album is more personal as she uses her personal experiences for her songs, such as in the case of Speechless, which she wrote when she found out her father was going to have an open heart surgery and she had talked with him on the phone while touring and before her father went into surgery.
Musically speaking, The Fame Monster follows pretty much the type of music she did on The Fame album but shows progression and evolution in the music. The singles released so far from this album are: Lead-off single monster hit Bad Romance with an already epic and classic video revolving around the Russian mafia, prostitution and vodka (#2 U.S., #1 U.K.). The video for Bad Romance became the most viewed video ever in Youtube. Telephone is the second single with a 9 minute 30 second Jonas Åkerlund directed-video featuring Beyoncé, showing lesbian undertones, jail scenes, food poisoning, Gaga preparing sandwiches and even, Lady Gaga's younger sister. The song made it to #3 in the U.S. and #1 in the U.K. And the Ace of Base (the music) and ABBA-influenced (Fernando) Latin-flavored Alejandro was released on February 15 as a download single and so far it's at #50 in the U.S. and #75 in the U.K. The video will be released soon. Many Gaga fans regard this album as being superior than her previous effort. There are two versions of this record. One that is the single disc version with 8 tracks and the other one the 2-CD version, which has The Fame (with bonus tracks) and The Fame Monster. She is currently supporting this album with her grand Monster Ball Tour, which she started last November.

Tracklist for the 2-CD Version:

CD 1:

1-) Bad Romance.
2-) Alejandro.
3-) Monster.
4-) Speechless.
5-) Dance in the Dark.
6-) Telephone (ft. Beyoncé).
7-) So Happy I Could Die.
8-) Teeth.

CD 2:

1-) Just Dance (ft. Colby Odonis).
2-) Lovegame.
3-) Paparazzi.
4-) Poker Face.
5-) I Like It Rough.
6-) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say).
7-) Starstruck (ft. Space Cowboy and Flo Rida).
8-) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.
9-) The Fame.
10-) Money Honey.
11-) Boys Boys Boys.
12-) Paper Gangsta.
13-) Brown Eyes.
14-) Summerboy.
15-) Disco Heaven (Bonus track).
16-) Retro Dance Freak (Bonus track).

Tracklist 1 CD version:

1-) Bad Romance.
2-) Alejandro.
3-) Monster.
4-) Speechless.
5-) Dance in the Dark.
6-) Telephone (featuring Beyoncé).
7-) So Happy I Could Die.
8-) Teeth.

Wunderland (2010)

Wunderland is another unofficial compilation of rare Gaga tracks that were recorded during The Fame and before The Fame. The album features some collaborations, among them with pop sensation, Ke$ha. This was released in this present year, 2010.


1-) Super Lover.
2-) Optimist.
3-) Dirty Ice Cream.
4-) Wish You Were Here.
5-) Something Crazy.
6-) Here We Go Again.
7-) Wonderland.
8-) Rock Show.
9-) Words.
10-) Captivated.
11-) Fountain of Truth.
12-) Don't Give Up (featuring The Mildway State).
13-) Party Boy (Greatest Another Day) (Bonus track).


The Remix (2010)

The Remix is a compilation album of remixes by American recording artist Lady Gaga released in Japan on March 3, 2010. It contains remixes of the songs from The Fame and The Fame Monster. A revised version of the tracklist was prepared for release in additional markets, beginning on May 3, 2010. A number of recording artists have produced several of the remixes, including Pet Shop Boys, Passion Pit and The Sound of Arrows.

The album received positive reviews from contemporary critics who noted how Gaga was able to sell the songs from The Fame in new and novel ways. It reached the top of the charts in Greece, and charted within the top ten in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia region), Canada, Ireland, Japan and the United Kingdom, while reaching the top-twenty in others. It was certified gold in Japan.


1-) Just Dance (Richard Vission Remix).
2-) Poker Face (LLG vs GLG Radio Mix).
3-) LoveGame (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix Mix) (ft. Marilyn Manson).
4-) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (FrankMusik "Cut Snare Edit" Remix).
5-) Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix).
6-) Boys Boys Boys (Manhattan Clique Remix).
7-) The Fame (Glam as You Remix by Guéna LG).
8-) Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix).
9-) Telephone (Passion Pit Remix).
10-) Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix).
11-) Dance in the Dark (Monarchy Remix).
12-) Just Dance (Deewaan Remix).
13-) LoveGame (Robot to Mars Remix).
14-) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Pet Shop Boys Remix).
15-) Poker Face (Live from the Cherrytree House).
16-) Bad Romance (Grum Mix).
17-) Telephone (Alphabeat Radio Edit).

Born This Way (2011)

Born This Way is Lady Gaga's third studio album released on May 23, 2011. However, the album leaked in the U.K. on May 17, 2011 and this made the record stores to start selling the album before the proposed release date. The album's title was revealed as Gaga accepted the 2010 MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year, while the release date was confirmed on her official Twitter page at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day 2011. The following singles have been released so far: Born This Way (#1 U.S., #3 U.K.), Judas (#10 U.S., #9 U.K.), The Edge of Glory (#6 U.K.), and Hair (as a promo only single).


1-) Marry the Night.
2-) Born This Way.
3-) Government Hooker.
4-) Judas.
5-) Americano.
6-) Hair.
7-) Scheiße.
8-) Bloody Mary.
9-) Bad Kids.
10-) Highway Unicorn (Road to Love).
11-) Heavy Metal Lover.
12-) Electric Chapel.
13-) Yoü and I.
14-) The Edge of Glory.



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