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Taylor Dayne

Leslie Wunderman was born on March 7, 1962 in Baldwin, New York, U.S.A. She is an American pop vocalist, songwriter, dance artist, and actress. Overall, she has 17 individual Top Tens on Billboard Charts including, most recently, her 2008 Billboard #1 "Beautiful". Dayne's career ignited with seven consecutive top ten Billboard Hot 100 hits including the #1 Love Will Lead You Back; she has also topped the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart three times. Taylor Dayne began singing professionally after graduating from high school in Baldwin, Nassau County, New York, singing in little-known rock bands such as Felony and Next. She began singing solo after finishing college, and released the dance single "I'm The One You Want" under the name Les Lee in 1985. As an actress, Dayne appeared in the 1997 Sci-fi television series Nightman as Carla Day, a singer who is also the leading character's love interest, performing many jazz songs alongside Marc Bonilla and Dragonchoir. Later on, she performed on Broadway in Elton John's Aida in 2001. She has had roles in independent films such as Fool's Paradise (1997), Stag (also in 1997) and Jesus the Driver (2004), as well as the Warren Beatty-produced 1994 remake of Love Affair. Dayne also had a recurring role on the Showtime series Rude Awakening. n May 2010, she lobbied congressional leaders on Capitol Hill on behalf of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) and VH1's Save The Music Foundation to reduce cuts in music education in America's schools. In July 2010, she released "Facing A Miracle", the official theme song to the 2010 Gay Games. Dayne performed the song to an audience of 50,000 fans on July 31, 2010 in Cologne, Germany. It ended the year at #9 on Perfect Beat's Top Worldwide Singles of 2010. Dayne is currently working on remastering her Greatest Hits album.

Tell It to My Heart (1987)

Tell It to My Heart is Taylor Dayne's debut album, released first in 1987 and then on January 19, 1988. Two covers were used for the album: the original was very colorful and had Dayne resemble her appearance in the "Tell it to My Heart" music video with big hair and a tight black dress. The subsequent cover was more subdued and had Dayne with much less makeup and hair, sitting against a wall in a brown leather jacket and white t-shirt. The album charted to #21 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs), and #24 in the U.K. The album spawned the following singles: Tell It to My Heart (#7 U.S., #3 U.K.), Prove Your Love (#7 U.S., #8 U.K.), I'll Always Love You (#3 U.S., #41 U.K.), and Don't Rush Me (#2 U.S., #76 U.K.).


1-) Tell It to My Heart.
2-) In the Darkness.
3-) Don't Rush Me.
4-) I'll Always Love You.
5-) Prove Your Love.
6-) Do You Want It Right Now.
7-) Carry Your Heart.
8-) Want Ads.
9-) Where Does That Boy Hang Out.
10-) Upon the Journey's End.


Can't Fight Fate (1989)

Can't Fight Fate is Taylor Dayne's second studio album, released on October 7, 1989. The album charted to #25 in the U.S. (2x Platinum discs). The singles taken from this album were: With Every Beat of My Heart (#5 U.S., #53 U.K.), Love Will Lead You Back (#1 U.S., #69 U.K.), I'll Be Your Shelter (#4 U.S., #43 U.K.), and Heart of Stone (#12 U.S.).


1-) With Every Beat of My Heart.
2-) I'll Be Your Shelter.
3-) Love Will Lead You Back.
4-) Heart of Stone.
5-) You Can't Fight Fate.
6-) Up All Night.
7-) I Know the Feeling.
8-) Wait for Me.
9-) You Meant the World to Me.
10-) Ain't No Good.


Soul Dancing (1993)

Soul Dancing is Taylor Dayne's third studio album, released on July 13, 1993. The album charted to #51 in the U.S. (Gold disc). The following singles were taken from this album: Her cover of Barry White's Can't Get Enough of Your Love (#20 U.S., #14 U.K.), Send Me a Lover (#50 U.S.), I'll Wait (#103 U.S., #29 U.K.), and Say a Prayer (released in 1995 #7 U.S. Dance charts, #58 U.K.).


1-) I'll Wait.
2-) Send Me a Lover.
3-) Can't Get Enough of Your Love.
4-) Say a Prayer.
5-) Dance with a Stranger.
6-) I Could Be Good for You.
7-) Soul Dancing.
8-) The Door to Your Heart.
9-) Someone Like You.
10-) Memories.
11-) If You Were Mine.

Naked Without You (1998)

Naked Without You is Taylor Dayne's fourth studio album, released on October 6, 1998. The album didn't chart. Nevertheless, the following singles were released: Whatever You Want (#6 U.S. Dance charts), Naked Without You (#3 U.S. Dance charts), and Unstoppable.


1-) Don't Make Me Love You.
2-) Whenever You Fall.
3-) Unstoppable.
4-) Naked Without You.
5-) Whatever You Want.
6-) Stand.
7-) You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.
8-) Love's Gonna Be on Your Side.
9-) Dreams.
10-) There Is No Heart That Won't Heal.
11-) Soon As My Heart Breaks.
12-) Whatever You Want (Remix).

Satisfied (2008)

Satisfied is Taylor Dayne's fifth and so far last studio album, released on February 5, 1998. The single "Crash" was used in a promotional commercial for the ABC network. The album charted to #179 in the U.S. The album spawned the following singles: Beautiful (#1 U.S. Dance charts), My Heart Can't Change (#19 U.S. Adult Contemporary charts), and Crash.


1-) Beautiful.
2-) I'm Over My Head.
3-) My Heart Can't Change.
4-) She Don't Love You.
5-) Under the Bridge.
6-) Satisfied.
7-) Dedicated.
8-) Kissing You.
9-) Crash.
10-) The Fall.
11-) Love Chain.
12-) Fool to Cry.
13-) Hymn.




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