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Corey Hart

Corey Mitchell Hart was born on May 31, 1962 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. He grew up in Montreal, Spain, Mexico City, and Key Biscayne, Florida, and was raised solely by his mother from the age of 10 when his parents divorced. At 13, he sang for Tom Jones and recorded with Paul Anka in Las Vegas and, at 19, recorded demos with Billy Joel and Eric Clapton before signing to a major label at the age of 20. Later, Corey Hart was offered an opportunity to star in films in the mid-1980s but turned down the role of Marty McFly in the successful Back to the Future trilogy. Fellow Canadian Michael J Fox eventually starred in the sci-fi trilogy. Hart recorded songs even after his commercial success in the United States began to wane. However, he continued to be successful in Canada throughout the 1990s. He amassed 26 Top 30 hits in his native country. Hart relocated to Nassau in the Bahamas, and lives with his second wife, French-Canadian singer Julie Masse (Hart was married to photographer/graphic designer Erika Gagnon from 1990 to 1994) and their four children: daughters India, Dante, and River and son Rain. Masse, born on June 3, 1970, was the inspiration for Hart's song "Third of June." Hart currently works primarily as a songwriter, writing music for his wife and other artists, including Celine Dion.

First Offense (1983)

First Offense is Corey Hart's debut album, released in 1983. After his first break in meeting Billy Joel in a New York recording studio, Corey Hart was signed to Aquarius Records and went to England to record his first album. Much of it was recorded at Revolution Recording Studios in Cheshire, where owner Andy Macpherson helped Hart acquire a mix of English musicians who were known for their work in other bands, including Gary Tibbs (Adam and the Ants) on bass, Paul Burgess (10cc) on drums and Michael Hehir (Sad Café) on guitar. Hehir would become a fulltime member of Hart's band for the next seven years. The album also features a cameo by Eric Clapton, playing the Dobro (Resonator guitar); a fact mentioned in Hart's early promotional materials. Hart had completed the album by August 1983, minus "Sunglasses at Night" which had yet to be written. Hart was subsequently nominated for four Juno Awards and a Grammy Award for "Best New Artist". In the liner notes, Hart dedicated the album to his mother Mindy. The album charted to #6 in Canada (3x Platinum discs) and #31 in U.S. (Gold disc). This album spawned the following singles: Sunglasses at Night (#7 U.S., #24 Canada), It Ain't Enough (#17 U.S., #74 Canada), She Got the Radio (#40 Canada), and Lamp at Midnite (#38 Canada).


1-) Sunglasses at Night.
2-) Peruvian Lady.
3-) Lamp at Midnite.
4-) She Got the Radio.
5-) It Ain't Enough.
6-) Does She Love You?
7-) Cheatin' in School.
8-) The World Is Fire.
9-) At the Dance.
10-) Jenny Fey.

Boy in the Box (1985)

Boy in the Box is Corey Hart's second studio album, released on June 14, 1985. The album charted to #1 in Canada (Diamond Disc) and #20 in U.S. (Platinum disc). The singles released from this album were: Never Surrender (#3 U.S., #1 Canada), Boy in the Box (#26 U.S., #7 Canada), Everything in My Heart (#30 U.S., #1 Canada), and Eurasian Eyes (#29 Canada).


1-) Boy in the Box.
2-) Komrade Kiev.
3-) Never Surrender.
4-) Sunny Place, Shady People.
5-) Eurasian Eyes.
6-) Everything in My Heart.
7-) Silent Talking.
8-) Waiting for You.
9-) Water from the Moon.

Fields of Fire (1986)

Fields of Fire is Corey Hart's third studio album, released in 1986. The album charted to #5 in Canada (2x Platinum discs) and #63 in the U.S. (Gold disc). It spawned the following singles: I Am by Your Side (#6 Canada, #18 U.S.), his cover of Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling in Love (#1 Canada, #24 U.S.), Angry Young Man (#29 Canada), Dancin' with My Mirror (#16 Canada, #88 U.S.), and Take My Heart (#23 Canada).


1-) I Am by Your Side.
2-) Dancin' with My Mirror.
3-) Take My Heart.
4-) Angry Young Man.
5-) Goin' Home.
6-) Can't Help Falling in Love.
7-) Broken Arrow.
8-) Political Cry.
9-) Is It Too Late?
10-) Jimmy Rae.
11-) Blind Faith.

Young Man Running (1988)

Young Man Running is Corey Hart's fourth studio album, released on August 24, 1988. The album charted to #12 in Canada (Platinum disc) and #121 in the U.S. The following singles were released: In Your Soul (#2 Canada, #38 U.S.), Spot You in a Coalmine (#29 Canada), Truth Will Set You Free (#39 Canada), and Still in Love.


1-) Don't Take Me to the Racetrack.
2-) In Your Soul.
3-) Truth Will Set You Free.
4-) Chase the Sun.
5-) So It Goes.
6-) Still in Love.
7-) Spot You in a Coalmine (ft. Ruby Turner).
8-) Lone Wolf.
9-) No Love Lost.
10-) Crossfire Caravan.
11-) Chippin' Away.


Bang! (1990)

Bang! is Corey Hart's fifth studio album, released on March 22, 1990. The album charted to #24 in Canada and #134 in the U.S. and this was his last charting album in the U.S. This album spawned the following singles: A Little Love (#9 Canada, #37 U.S.), Bang! (Starting Over) (#30 Canada), and Rain on Me (#72 Canada).


1-) A Little Love.
2-) Bang! (Starting Over).
3-) Rain on Me.
4-) Chase the Sun.
5-) Diamond Cowboy.
6-) Icon.
7-) Can't Stand Losin' You.
8-) Kisses on the Train.
9-) Art of Color.
10-) Slow Burn.
11-) Ballade for Nien Cheng.

Attitude & Virtue (1992)

Attitude & Virtue is Corey Hart's sixth studio album, released in 1992. The album charted to #41 in Canada. The following singles were released: 92 Days of Rain (#26 Canada), Baby When I Call Your Name (#14 Canada), Always (#30 Canada), and I Want (Cool Cool Love) (#24 Canada).


1-) Back in the Hand.
2-) Love and Money.
3-) Baby When I Call Your Name.
4-) She's Everywhere.
5-) I Want (Cool Cool Love).
6-) Always.
7-) Poster.
8-) 92 Days of Rain.
9-) Without Your Love.
10-) Sonnets from the Portuguese.

Corey Hart (1996) (***NEW***)

Corey Hart is Corey Hart's seventh studio album, released in 1996. The album peaked to #38 in Canada and has sold 100,000 copies over there (Platinum disc). Four singles were taken from this album: Black Cloud Rain (#2 Canada), Tell Me (#14 Canada), Third of June (#17 Canada), and Someone (#36 Canada).


1-) Black Cloud Rain.
2-) Someone.
3-) Love Hurts.
4-) Third of June.
5-) Simplicity.
6-) Tell Me.
7-) Angel of My Soul.
8-) Sunflowers.
9-) Kiss the Sky.
10-) On Your Own.
11-) India.

Jade (1998) (***NEW***)

Jade is Corey Hart's eighth and so far last studio album, released in 1998. It charted to #46 in Canada. The following singles were released: So Visible (Easy to Miss) (#22 Canada), Break the Chain (#38 Canada), and Là-Bas.


1-) Let It Fly.
2-) Without You.
3-) You & I.
4-) Break the Chain.
5-) Là-Bas.
6-) So Visible (Easy to Miss).
7-) Jade.
8-) Reconcile.
9-) Above the Trees.
10-) Bittersweet.
11-) Believing.
12-) Everytime You Smile.



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