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Fun Fun/Spagna

Fun Fun

Fun Fun were a popular Italian synth pop duo of the 1980s. Their hits included "Colour My Love" and "Baila Bolero". The Fun Fun are Francesca Merola and Roberta Servelli (later replaced by Elena Trastulli) who were only models miming the songs. The real vocalists were Ivana Spagna, Angela Parisi, and Antonella Pepe. They're remembered mainly for their style in high-energy dance music: the producers Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi succeeded to create a perfect cocktail of rhythm and elegance that allowed the duo, in 1983, to gain huge success with the first song "Happy Station" with several weeks of permanence in the Music Week and Billboard charts. The single "Happy Station" was sampled in Ferry Corsten's single "We Belong". The hits "Colour my love" and "Baila Bolero" obtained strongly international resonance. Behind the Fun Fun there were the Italian musicians Larry Pignagnoli and Spagna. With the worldwide decrease of the High Energy their production was reduced: the last singles were Mega Hit Mix, Give Me Love, and I'm Needin' You. This last one was printed in the 1994 and concluded the "adventure" of the Fun Fun duo.

Have Fun (1984)

Have Fun is Fun Fun's debut album, released in 1984. The singles released from this album were: Happy Station (#11 Germany, #4 Netherlands), Colour My Love (#17 Germany, #10 Netherlands), Give Me Your Love (#17 Germany, #25 Netherlands), Living in Japan, Sing Another Song, and Tell Me.


1-) Give Me Your Love.
2-) Sing Another Song.
3-) Tell Me.
4-) Living in Japan.
5-) Colour My Love.
6-) Give a Little Love Again.
7-) Happy Station.

Double Fun (1987) (***NEW***)

Double Fun is Fun Fun's second and last studio album, released in 1987. The following singles were taken: Gimme Some Lovin', Could This Be Love, and Hit Mix (#5 Netherlands).


1-) Gimme Some Lovin'.
2-) Could This Be Love.
3-) Psychedelic Visions.
4-) Hit Mix.
5-) Give Up Your Fight.
6-) Lonely Feeling.
7-) I'm a Believer.


Ivana Spagna was born on December 16, 1954 in Verona, Italy. She's the daughter of Theo Spagna --who was Greek-- and a German mother. She started her singing career in the early 1970's, by releasing a cover version of the song Mamy Blue. Then, in the 80's she resurrected her career by writing and performing vocals for the Italian dance pop duo, Fun Fun. During this time, she also wrote material for other bands. Then, in 1986 she started her solo career with the release of her smash hit, Easy Lady. This led her to release her first album in 1987, Dedicated to the Moon which sold 500, 000 copies around the world and won an award in Italy. This material was another addition for the Italo disco craze, occurred on the second half of the 1980's. She has continued releasing albums, including a few sung in Italian. In Italian, she has performed the Italian version of The Lion King's Circle of Life song, rebaptized as Il Cerchio della Vita. She has also sung in French and even in Spanish. She has sold over 10 million copies all around the world and has been awarded the Disco d'oro alla carriera (Gold Disc for the career) by the Italian Federation of the Music Industry in 2006.

Dedicated to the Moon (1987)

Dedicated to the Moon is Spagna's first studio album, released in 1987. The album sold 500, 000 copies in Italy and won an award of Album of the Year in Italy for its sales. The singles released from this album were: Easy Lady (#1, Italy, #4 France, #62 U.K.), Call Me (#2 Italy, #2 U.K., #13 U.S. Billboard Dance charts), and Dance Dance Dance (#7 Italy, #38 France), and Dedicated to the Moon. This album was re-released and remastered with bonus tracks in 2010 by Cherry Pop Records.


1-) Call Me.
2-) Sarah.
3-) Dedicated to the Moon.
4-) So Easy.
5-) The Power of Money.
6-) Easy Lady.
7-) Dance Dance Dance.
8-) Why Can't I Say (I Love You Babe).
9-) Baby Blue.
10-) Girl It's Not the End of the World.

You Are My Energy (1988)

You Are My Energy is Spagna's second studio album, released in 1988. The singles released from this album were: Every Girl & Boy (#2 Italy, #20 France, #23 U.K.), I Wanna Be Your Wife (#7 Italy, #34 France, #82 U.K.), This Generation (IIII) (#17 Italy), and Let Me (Say I Love You).


1-) I Wanna Be Your Wife.
2-) This Generation (IIII).
3-) Let Me (Say I Love You).
4-) Friday.
5-) Me and You.
6-) You Are My Energy.
7-) Why Don't We Talk Anymore?
8-) Every Girl & Boy.
9-) Don't Call It Love.
10-) Woman in Love.
11-) March 10, 1959 (Memories of the Taste of Freedom).

No Way Out (1991)

No Way Out is Spagna's third studio album, released in 1991. For the recording of this album, Spagna moved to Santa Monica, California. The album features a Diane Warren-penned song, There's a Love. The album sold 100, 000 copies in Italy and was certified Platinum. The singles released from this album were: Only Words (#5 Italy), Love at First Sight and Me and My Love.


1-) Only Words.
2-) You Break into My Heart.
3-) No Way Out.
4-) Love at First Sight.
5-) Me and My Love.
6-) I Don't Wanna Fall in Love.
7-) There's a Love.
8-) Number One.
9-) I Miss You.
10-) I Only Dance with You.

Matter of Time (1993)

Matter of Time is Spagna's fourth studio album, released in 1993. For the recording of this album she moved back to Europe. This time around she opted to record Eurodance music, which was quite fashionable in those days. The singles released from this album were: Why Me (#10 Italy) and I Always Dream About You (#5 Italy, #43 France).


1-) If I Listened to My Heart.
2-) Why Me.
3-) You'll Be Mine.
4-) Don't Go Away Tonight.
5-) Why Are You Leaving Me.
6-) If You Really Love Me.
7-) I Always Dream About You.
8-) Matter of Time.
9-) You & I.
10-) I'll Walk Away.
11-) I'll Keep Loving You.

Siamo In Due (1995) (Two of Us).

Siamo In Due is Spagna's fifth studio album and her first one in Italian. It was released in 1995. The album sold over 350, 000 copies in Italy. She also took part in the San Remo Festival with the song Gente Come Noi, which came to 3rd place in the contest. The singles released from this album were: Il Cerchio Della Vita (1994, #6 Italy), Gente Come Noi (#4 Italy), Come Il Cielo (#10 Italy), Davanti Agli Occhi Miei, and Siamo In Due.


1-) Davanti Agli Occhi Miei. (Before My Eyes).
2-) Siamo In Due. (Two of Us).
3-) Mai. (Never).
4-) Chiamami. (Call Me).
5-) Come Il Cielo. (Like the Sky).
6-) Il Cerchio della Vita. (The Circle of Life).
7-) Gente Come Noi. (People Like Us).
8-) A Pugni Chiusi. (A Closed Fist).
9-) Uno Como Te. (One Like You).
10-) Un Natale Che Non Finirà. (A Christmas that Will Not End).

Lupi Solitari (1996) (Lone Wolves) (***NEW***)

Lupi Solitari is Spagna's sixth studio album, released in 1996. The album charted to #3 in Italy. It sold more than 400, 000 copies in Italy, obtaining 4 Platinum discs. The following singles were released: E Io Penso a Te (#12 Italy) and Ci Sarò.


1-) Colpa del Sole. (The Sun's Fault).
2-) Ti Amo. (I Love You).
3-) E Io Penso a Te. (And I Think of You).
4-) Ci Sarò. (I'll Be There).
5-) Come l'Alba. (Like the Dawn).
6-) Lupi Solitari. (Lone Wolves).
7-) Un Amico. (A Friend).
8-) Se Perdo Te. (If I Lose You).
9-) Se Ti Rivedrò. (If I See You Again).
10-) Arriverà. (Will Arrive).

Indivisibili (1997) (Undivided) (***NEW***)

Indivisibili is Spagna's seventh studio album, released in 1997. The album charted to #10 in Italy. It sold more than 150, 000 copies in Italy, obtaining a Platinum disc. The only single taken from this album was the title track, Indivisibili.


1-) Indivisibili. (Undivided).
2-) Una Razione d'Amore. (A Ration of Love).
3-) Dov'eri. (Where Were).
4-) Fuori dal Normale. (Out of the Ordinary).
5-) Immaginarti Qui. (Imagine You Here).
6-) Cipolle e Fragole. (Onions and Strawberries).
7-) Torniamo Insieme. (Back Together).
8-) Ogni Giorno di Più. (Every Day More).
9-) Quello Che Voglio. (What I Want).
10-) Sarà. (Will).

Domani (2000) (Tomorrow) (***NEW***)

Domani is Spagna's eighth studio album, released in 2000. It charted to #37 in Italy. It sold more than 50, 000 copies in Italy, obtaining a Gold disc. The following singles were released: Con Il Tuo Nome (#46 Italy) and Mi Amor.


1-) Gloria.
2-) Con Il Tuo Nome. (With Your Name).
3-) Un Po' d'Amore. (A Little Bit of Love).
4-) Aspettavo Te. (Waiting for You).
5-) Acqua. (Water).
6-) Mi Amor.
7-) Domani. (Tomorrow).
8-) Anime Sole. (Lonely Souls).
9-) Messages of Love.
10-) Anche Un Momento (È Tanto Se Tu Ci Sei). (Also a Time So Much Whether You're There).
11-) Al Sole. (To the Sun).
12-) L'ora dei Ricordi. (Time of Memories).
13-) Claire de Lune. (Moonlight).

La Nostra Canzone (2001) (Our Song) (***NEW***)

La Nostra Canzone is Spagna's ninth studio album, released in 2001. The album charted to #28 in Italy. The following singles were released: Quella Carezza della Sera (#64 Italy), Eloise/Teorema.


1-) Teorema. (Theorem).
2-) Eloise.
3-) Il Nostro Concerto. (Our Concert).
4-) Ho Difeso il Mio Amore. (I Defended My Love).
5-) Dicitencello Vuje.
6-) Quella Carezza della Sera. (That Evening's Caress).
7-) Never Alone.
8-) Bang Bang.
9-) La Donna Cannone. (The Fat Lady).
10-) De Jour en Jour. (From Day to Day).

Woman (2002, 2003)

Woman is Spagna's tenth studio album, released originally in 2002 by Swiss independent record label B & G. However, a re-release which includes the Spanish version of Never Say You Love Me, No Digas Te Quiero was released in 2003. This was her first studio album sung in English since 1993's Matter of Time. This album features 8 songs in English, 2 in Spanish (3 with No Digas Te Quiero) and 1 in French. The singles released from this album were: Never Say You Love Me (#27 Italy), No Digas Te Quiero (released only in Spain), Woman, Más Allá Del Cielo Azul (released only in Spain), and Do It with Style (#36 Italy).


1-) Woman.
2-) Never Say You Love Me.
3-) A Day Without You.
4-) Rain and Tears.
5-) Baila.
6-) Más Allá del Cielo Azul.
7-) Lady in Black.
8-) Comme C'est Bizarre La Vie.
9-) Do It with Style.
10-) A New Day.
11-) Tears of Love.
12-) No Digas Te Quiero (2003 re-release bonus).

Diario di Bordo (2005, 2006)

Diario di Bordo is Spagna's twelfth studio album, originally released in 2005. However, a re-release called Diario di Bordo Voglio Sdraiarmi al Sole emerged in 2006. During the promotion of this album, she participated once again in San Remo's Festival with the song Noi Non Possiamo Cambiare. The singles released from this album were: A Chi Dice No, Day by Day, Noi Non Possiamo Cambiare (#17 Italy), and Vorrei Fossi Tu. The album charted at #64 in Italy, passing hugely unnoticed among the audience.

2005 tracklist:

1-) Prova d'Amore. (Proof of Love).
2-) A Chi Dice No. (Who Says No).
3-) Anche Solo Per Un Instante. (Even for an Instant).
4-) Day by Day.
5-) Diario di Bordo. (Logbook).
6-) Greta.
7-) Donna Invisibile. (Invisible Lady).
8-) Come Un Raggio di Sole. (Like a Ray of Sunshine).

2006 tracklist: (THIS IS THE UPLOADED FILE)

1-) Noi Non Possiamo Cambiare. (We Can Not Change).
2-) Vorrei Fossi Tu. (I Wish You Were).
3-) Voglio Sdraiarmi al Sole. (I Want to Lie in the Sun).
4-) Prova d'Amore. (Proof of Love).
5-) A Chi Dice No. (Who Says No).
6-) Anche Solo Per Un Instante. (Even for an Instant).
7-) Day by Day.
8-) Diario di Bordo. (Logbook).
9-) Greta.
10-) Donna Invisibile. (Invisible Lady).
11-) Come Un Raggio di Sole. (Like a Ray of Sunshine).

Buon Natale (2010) (***NEW***)

Buon Natale is Spagna's thirteenth studio album, released in 2010. The mp3 edition of this album is comprised of only 5 tracks all in English (which is the uploaded file in here) while the whole CD edition is made of a total of 12 tracks, including songs sung in Italian. The tracks in English include cover versions of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You, Wham's Last Christmas, and traditional carols.

Tracklisting MP3 version: (THIS IS THE UPLOADED FILE!!!)

1-) All I Want for Christmas Is You.
2-) Last Christmas.
3-) Jingle Bells.
4-) Silent Night.
5-) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.


Tracklisting full version:

1-) All I Want for Christmas Is You.
2-) Last Christmas.
3-) Jingle Bells.
4-) Silent Night.
5-) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.
6-) Se Crederai. (If You Believe).
7-) You'll Be in My Heart.
8-) Il Mondo È Mio. (The World Is Mine).
9-) I Colori del Vento. (Colors of the Wind).
10-) Il Cerchio della Vita. (Circle of Life).
11-) Restiamo Insieme. (Stay Together).
12-) Goccia di Mare (Il Colori dell'Amore). (Drop of Water. The Colors of Love).

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