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Toyah (Willcox)/Sunday All Over the World/The Humans

Toyah Ann Willcox was born on May 18, 1958 in Kings Heath, Birmingham, England. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress, mostly representative from the early 80's as part of her band Toyah. She's best known for the massive success of her singles Thunder in the Mountains and It's A Mystery. She has participated in Derek Jarman's Jubilee film in 1977, in which she portrays a teen punk that finds Queen Elizabeth I transported to England of the 1970's. She has been married to progressive rock band King Crimson's guitarist, Robert Fripp since 1986. Since 2006, she has been part of the band The Humans, along with guitarist Chris Wong, Bill Reiflin from R.E.M. and her husband Robert Fripp as an occasional member.

Sheep Farming in Barnet (1979 EP, 1980 LP)

Sheep Farming in Barnet is Toyah's first album, released on August 3, 1979 the EP version and on February 22, 1980 the LP version. This record was released under Safari Records. The album was originally released as a 6-track extended EP, dubbed an 'Alternate Play' record (AP) by Safari, and was later expanded into full-album status. The album was later reissued on CD, cassette and white vinyl by Great Expectations in 1990 (As PIPCD 014), and again on CD by Safari themselves in 2002, this time digitally remastered and coupled with the band's second album, The Blue Meaning. The album was produced by Steve James and future band member Keith Hale. The album was originally compiled by the band's German record label, EMI Electrola, but importation of the disc was so widespread, Safari decided to cash in and follow suit. The tracks added included several songs which did not make the original tracklisting and the debut single "Victims of the Riddle" (originally released in July 1979), plus its b-side "Victims of the Riddle (Vivisection)". Several tracks from the album became firm live favourites, and featured on two later live albums. Toyah Willcox still performs the tracks "Danced" and "Neon Womb" in her live sets.

Original EP tracklist:

1-) Neon Womb.
2-) Indecision.
3-) Waiting.
4-) Our Movie.
5-) Danced.
6-) Last Goodbye.


1-) Neon Womb.
2-) Indecision.
3-) Waiting.
4-) Computer.
5-) Victims of the Riddle.
6-) Elusive Stranger.
7-) Our Movie.
8-) Danced.
9-) Last Goodbye.
10-) Victims of the Riddle (Vivisection).
11-) Race Through Space.

The Blue Meaning (1980)

The Blue Meaning is Toyah's second studio album, released on June 6, 1980 by Safari Records. Although not the first full-length release, this is often considered to be the band's first "proper" album. It saw its first release on CD in 1990 on the Great Expectations label (As PIPCD 015), and was reissued in a double-CD package with Sheep Farming in Barnet in 2002. The latter release was remastered and included two bonus tracks. The track "Spaced Walking" was recorded as Toyah inhaled helium gas to give her vocals a 'squeaky' demeanor (she can be heard inhaling between lines). "The Helium Song", a b-side from this period, was simply an extended version of "Spaced Walking" with a longer introduction, and a proper ending - the album version simply fading out. The track Ieya was released as a single and has become a live favorite for her fans. The album charted at #40 in the U.K.


1-) Ieya.
2-) Spaced Walking.
3-) Ghosts.
4-) Mummies.
5-) Blue Meanings.
6-) Tiger! Tiger!
7-) Visions.
8-) Insects.
9-) Love Me.
10-) She.

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! (1980)

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! is Toyah's first live album, released on November 28, 1980. This was recorded by Toyah on 17 June 1980 at the Lafayette Club in Wolverhampton. The concert was also filmed by ATV as part of a TV documentary about the band and its eponymous singer. The album saw its first CD release in 1990 on the Great Expectations label. A new remastered reissue Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! (Special Edition) was released on 30 October 2006 via Cherry Red Records. This expanded edition features extra live tracks from 1980 and from the 1982 The Changeling tour. The latter tracks include those cut from the abridged CD release of Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour - albeit taken from a different concert of the same tour recorded for "Warrior Rock". Six of the eight bonus tracks are previously unreleased. The new edition includes an introductory note from Toyah herself and a sleevenote by Craig Astley, in addition to rare live photographs.


1-) Victims of the Riddle.
2-) Indecision.
3-) Love Me.
4-) Visions.
5-) Tribal Look.
6-) Bird in Flight.
7-) Danced.
8-) Insects.
9-) Race Through Space.
10-) Ieya.

Anthem (1981)

Anthem is Toyah's third studio album, released on May 22, 1981. This is Toyah's most successful album to date, propelling them into both the UK Album Charts as well as the singles charts with releases of "It's a Mystery" and "I Want To Be Free". The album reached number #2 in the UK albums chart as well as charting in several countries including Norway, where it charted at number #20. Original vinyl issues of the album came complete with a colour insert featuring photographs of the band wrapped in bandages, with various exposed body parts sprayed gold, and Egyptian themed drawings across the lyrics pages. A picture disc variation, featuring the albums front and back artwork and no sleeve, was also issued at the time. The singles released from this album were It's a Mystery (#4 U.K.) and I Want to Be Free (#8 U.K.). The album was released in CD format in 1999.


1-) I Want to Be Free.
2-) Obsolete.
3-) Pop Star.
4-) Elocution Lesson.
5-) Jungles of Jupiter.
6-) I Am.
7-) It's a Mystery.
8-) Masai Boy.
9-) Marionette.
10-) Demolition Man.
11-) We Are.

The Changeling (1982)

The Changeling is Toyah's fourth studio album, released in May, 1982. Although it has a similar overall sound, the band's writing took a darker, almost gothic direction. Tracks such as "The Packt" and "Brave New World" take a rather dystopian although still hopeful view of the future, a theme which largely pervades the whole album. The Changeling was not released on CD until 1999, although this long-awaited release did at least include six bonus tracks, four of which were previously unavailable on CD, and the video for "Thunder In The Mountains". Original vinyl issues of the album came complete with a lyric insert, the background of which featured drawings of circuit boards. Around the lyrics of each song were sections of poetry written by Toyah Willcox, which were not included on the album. The album was released internationally and sold particularly well in the UK (#6) and Norway (#22). The only single released from this album was Brave New World (#21 U.K.). There were plans to release Dawn Chorus as a follow-up single but unfortunately it was never materialized. This record was released in CD format in 2002.


1-) Creepy Room.
2-) Street Creature.
3-) Castaways.
4-) The Druids.
5-) Angel & Me.
6-) The Packt.
7-) Life in the Trees.
8-) Dawn Chorus.
9-) Run Wild, Run Free.
10-) Brave New World.

Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour (1982)

Warrior Rock: Toyah on Tour is Toyah's second and last live album to date, released in 1982. This was recorded on July 17 and July 18 at London's Hammersmith Odeon at the end of Toyah's 25 date The Changeling tour. The original vinyl release of this album was the only Toyah record to be issued in a gatefold sleeve. This album was released in CD format in 2005.


1-) Good Morning Universe.
2-) Warrior Rock.
3-) Danced.
4-) Jungles of Jupiter.
5-) It's a Mystery.
6-) Castaways.
7-) Angel & Me.
8-) Brave New World.
9-) The Packt.
10-) Thunder in the Mountains.
11-) We Are.
12-) I Want to Be Free.
13-) Dawn Chorus.
14-) War Boys.
15-) Ieya.

Love Is the Law (1983)

Love Is the Law is Toyah's fifth and last studio album as a band before Toyah Willcox embarked on her solo career. It was first released on CD in 2005, which contained five additional bonus tracks. The phrase "Love is the law" is from The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema, written (or received) by Aleister Crowley. The album peaked at #20 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were Rebel Run (#24 U.K.) and The Vow (#50 U.K.).


1-) Broken Diamonds.
2-) I Explode.
3-) Rebel of Love.
4-) Rebel Run.
5-) Martian Cowboy.
6-) Dreamscape.
7-) Time Is Ours.
8-) Love Is the Law.
9-) Remember.
10-) The Vow.

Mayhem (1985)

Mayhem Mayhem is a collection of previously unreleased material, originally released in 1985, consisting mostly of demos and tracks not included on previous albums. When Toyah left Safari Records, the record company found enough material to compile one last album; this was apparently done without the consent of the band members. In spite of that, it was well-received by the band's fans. This album was reissued in 2005 with bonus tracks (which are included in the uploaded file).


1-) Clapham Junction.
2-) Change of Scenery.
3-) Problem Child.
4-) You're My Hero.
5-) Cotton Vest.
6-) Gaoler.
7-) Paradise Child.
8-) Israel.
9-) Christmas Carol.
10-) The Merchant and the Nubile.
11-) Danced (previously unreleased version).
12-) I Believe in Father Christmas.
13-) Guilty (cassette and CD version).
14-) Three Sided Face (cassette and CD version).
15-) Island Race (cassette and CD version).
16-) Love Me (demo) (CD version).
17-) Tribal Look (demo) (CD version).
18-) It's a Mystery (demo) (CD version).
19-) Run Wild, Run Free (demo) (CD version).
20-) Rinaphobia. (CD version).


Minx (1985)

Minx is Toyah's sixth studio album and first one as a solo artist, released in August, 1985. It has something of a controversial reputation as it represented a departure from her previous works, which tended toward thematic albums written almost in their entirety by Willcox and long-standing band members such as Joel Bogen and Phil Spalding. As an attempt to make a more "polished" pop album and (supposedly) to break into the U.S. market, a lot of artistic control was ceded to the producers leading to an unprecedented six cover versions from the original CD's 12 tracks. The lead single "Don't Fall in Love (I Said)" was a hit in the UK, reaching the top 30, as did the album, but follow-up releases "Soul Passing Through Soul" and "World in Action" were less successful. The album became very hard to find in the 1990s, and before its 2005 reissue, CD copies were commanding high figures on e-bay.The singles released from this album were: Don't Fall in Love (I Said) (#22 U.K.), Soul Passing Through Soul (#57 U.K.), and World in Action (#90 U.K.).

LP Tracklist:

1-) Soldier of Fortune, Terrorist of Love.
2-) Don't Fall in Love (I Said).
3-) Soul Passing Through Soul.
4-) Sympathy.
5-) I'll Serve You Well.
6-) All in a Rage.
7-) Space Between the Sounds.
8-) School's Out.
9-) World in Action.
10-) America for Beginners.


1-) Soldier of Fortune, Terrorist of Love.
2-) Don't Fall in Love (I Said).
3-) Soul Passing Through Soul.
4-) Sympathy.
5-) I'll Serve You Well.
6-) Over Twenty-One.
7-) All in a Rage.
8-) Space Between the Sounds.
9-) School's Out.
10-) World in Action.
11-) America for Beginners.
12-) Vigilante.

Desire (1987)

Desire is Toyah's seventh studio album and second as solo artist, released in 1987. It is more typical of her band's earlier albums rather than its more commercial predecessor Minx, although it didn't entirely escape the imposition of cover versions, including "Echo Beach", originally recorded by Martha and the Muffins, and, somewhat incongruously, "Love's Unkind", originally by Donna Summer. However, most of the songs are once again co-written by Willcox, and while the original release of the album does not feature any musician credits, it does however benefit from a consistent band line-up [as detailed on Toyah Willcox's official website], rather than the large number of session musicians involved in Minx. In her autobiography, Willcox stated that she was forced to record "Love's Unkind" by her record label, but she was fiercely opposed to it. E.G. Records threatened to cancel the album's release if she did not.To date, the album has yet to be reissued - so cd copies are rare and tend to be very expensive. However, Toyah has stated in her webletters that a reissue is on the cards for the future. The singles released from this album were: Her last charting hit, Echo Beach (#54 U.K.) and Moonlight Dancing.


1-) Echo Beach.
2-) Moonlight Dancing.
3-) Revive the World.
4-) The View.
5-) Moon Migration.
6-) Love's Unkind.
7-) Dear Diary.
8-) Deadly as a Woman.
9-) Goodbye Baby.
10-) When a Woman Cries.
11-) Desire.

Prostitute (1988)

Prostitute is Toyah's eighth studio album and third as solo artist, released in 1988. It is a concept album and highly experimental in nature, marking a considerable divergence from previous works. It is uncompromising in its style, containing no obviously "radio-friendly" tracks. The album was reissued on Toyah's own record label, Vertical Species, in 2003, together with its follow up album, Ophelia's Shadow. In the extensive sleeve notes she provided for the reissue, Willcox explains the gestation of the album, particularly the scrutiny her recent marriage to Robert Fripp was under in the press, and the feeling that by the release of Desire, she had become, in her own words, "staid and predictable". It's important to point out that Toyah played al ot of the instruments herself in this album.


1-) Hello.
2-) Prostitute.
3-) Wife.
4-) The Show.
5-) Dream House.
6-) Homecraft.
7-) Obsession.
8-) Let the Power Bleed.
9-) Restless.
10-) Falling to Earth.
11-) Jazz Singers in the Trees.
12-) Vales of Evesham.
13-) Ghosts in the Universe.

Ophelia's Shadow (1991)

Ophelia's Shadow is Toyah's ninth studio album and fourth as a solo artist, released in 1991. Moving on from the experimental Prostitute, it showcases a more progressive style of music and is very much the sister album to Sunday All Over The World's Kneeling at the Shrine. This album was critically acclaimed in the USA and entered the American Import chart at number #12. The album was reissued in 2003 via Toyah's own Vertical Species label. Toyah has said that Prostitute and Ophelia's Shadow are part of an album trilogy, with the third album never recorded to date.


1-) Ophelia's Shadow.
2-) The Shaman Says.
3-) Brilliant Day.
4-) Prospect.
5-) Turning Tide.
6-) Take What You Will.
7-) Ghost Light.
8-) The Woman Who Had an Affair with Herself.
9-) Homeward.
10-) Lords of the Never Known.

Take the Leap! (1993)

Leap! or Take the Leap! are the names of Toyah's 1993 album. It consists of six new tracks, either previously unrecorded or written for the new album, and eight older tracks re-recorded with her new band. It was originally released as Leap!, a cassette-only tour album, and was sold at concerts during her 1993 tour. A CD version called Take the Leap! was released in Japan the following year. A UK release finally happened in 2006, and consequently original copies of the album have become much sought after. Again, it shows a change in style from previous recordings, and has a much more raw feel than the polished albums which preceded it. Many of the 6 'original/new' compositions had been written and demoed much earlier, including "Invisible Love" in 1989 with Simon Darlow. A glutch of demos recorded with Phil Nicholas in 1992, were also re-worked from their dancey ambient style into albums tracks with a rockier feel, namely "God Ceases to Dream" and "Now I'm Running". Another demo from these sessions with Nicholas, "Tears For Elie" found a home as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue CD, along with "Requite Me", a stray 1992 demo produced by Toyah and Simon Darlow.


1-) Now I'm Running.
2-) Lust for Love.
3-) Invisible Love.
4-) Name of Love.
5-) Winter in Wonderland.
6-) God Ceases to Dream.
7-) Ieya.
8-) Waiting.
9-) Neon Womb.
10-) Elusive Stranger.
11-) Our Movie.
12-) Thunder in the Mountains.
13-) I Want to Be Free.
14-) It's a Mystery.

Dreamchild (1994)

Dreamchild is Toyah's tenth studio album and fifth as a solo artist, released in 1994 via Cryptic Records in Germany. It is the album with the least amount of input from Toyah herself, as almost every track was composed by Mike Bennett, with Toyah contributing lyrics to only one track. The dance nature of the album also contrasts with the rest of her catalogue, making it Toyah appear more of a guest vocalist than the leading artist on her own album. 'Dreamchild' was re-issued in the UK with an alternative cover and extra tracks by Cherry Red records in July 2010. The singles released from this album were Now and Then and Out of the Blue. This album was also re-released in 1997 as Phoenix, with one bonus track.

Dreamchild tracklist (THIS IS THE UPLOADED FILE):

1-) Now and Then.
2-) Let Me Go.
3-) World of Tension.
4-) Out of the Blue.
5-) Unkind.
6-) Dreamchild.
7-) Lost and Found.
8-) Over You.
9-) I Don't Know.
10-) Disappear.
11-) Tone Poem.
12-) Now and Then (Extended X-Rated Mix).


Phoenix Tracklist:

1-) Now and Then.
2-) Let Me Go.
3-) World of Tension.
4-) Out of the Blue.
5-) Unkind.
6-) Dreamchild.
7-) Lost and Found.
8-) Over You.
9-) I Don't Know.
10-) Disappear.
11-) Phoenix.
12-) Tone Poem.
13-) Now and Then (Extended X-Rated Mix).
Madhatter (1996)

Madhatter is an unreleased Toyah album recorded in 1996. Musically, it follows the line of Dreamchild since it was again produced by Mike Bennett and Tacye.


1-) Abandon Me Never!
2-) Flicker.
3-) Time Frame Deception.
4-) Vicious Scream.
5-) Satellite Whores.
6-) Glowing So True.
7-) Trapped Inside Paradise.
8-) This Crumbling Sea.
9-) Hold Me Down (Flicker Revisited).
10-) Tidal Waves.
11-) Beyond That Thin Disguise (Bonus track).
12-) Hidden Track.

Velvet Lined Shell (2003)

Velvet Lined Shell is Toyah's 2003 EP. The album was cited as a return to her punk roots. Recorded in her home town of Birmingham, most of the tracks have a deliberately raw feel to them, with Toyah citing Nick Cave and Garbage amongst her newer influences. In much the same way as Toyah's debut album, Sheep Farming In Barnet was a compilation of tracks previously released on single and EP in their own right, three tracks on this album first appeared on the 2002 Little Tears Of Love EP, which was sold exclusively via Toyah's website, and strictly limited to 1000 signed copies. One track from that EP, the Tim Elsenburg composition Experience, does not feature on the album. Three of the musicians on this album, Anthony Bishop, Tim Elsenburg, and Alistair Hamer are members of experimental rock band Sweet Billy Pilgrim.


1-) Every Scar Has a Silver Lining.
2-) Velvet Lined Shell.
3-) Little Tears of Love.
4-) You're a Miracle.
5-) Mother.
6-) Troublesome Thing.

In the Court of the Crimson Queen (2008)

In The Court of the Crimson Queen is Toyah's eleventh studio album and sixth as a solo artist, released on September 12, 2008 originally as download-only. In 2009 it was released in CD format. The single released from this album was Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel in You) and it shows Toyah going back to her roots.


1-) Sensational.
2-) Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel in You).
3-) Heal Ourselves.
4-) Lesser God.
5-) Angel in You.
6-) Love Crazy.
7-) Bad Man.
8-) Hyperventilate.
9-) Come.
10-) Legacy.

We Are the Humans (2009) (***NEW***)

This is another one of Toyah's side projects and this is as part of the band, The Humans. In this occasion Toyah joined forces with Bill Neflin and Crhis Wong. This album includes a featuring collaboration with Toyah's husband, Robert Fripp.


1-) We Are the Humans.
2-) Is It Wrong.
3-) Twisted Soul.
4-) Telekinesis.
5-) Quicksilver.
6-) Labyrinth.
7-) Icarus.
8-) Noise in Your Head.
9-) This Belongs to You.
10-) Demigod.

Bonus track:

11-) These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (ft. Robert Fripp).

Toyah Plus

Toyah Plus is a self-made compilation which comprises Toyah's B-sides and non-album tracks from 1979 to 1981.


1-) Bird in Flight.
2-) Tribal Look.
3-) Sphinx.
4-) Street Addict.
5-) Walkie Talkie.
6-) Alien.
7-) Revelations.
8-) For You.
9-) War Boys.
10-) Angels and Demons.

Toyah Plus II

Toyah Plus II is a self-made compilation which comprises Toyah's B-sides and non-album tracks from 1981 to 1985.


1-) Warrior Rock.
2-) Thunder in the Mountains.
3-) Voodoo Doll.
4-) Good Morning Universe.
5-) In the Fairground.
6-) Ieya 1982.
7-) Be Proud (Be Loud, Be Heard).
8-) Laughing with the Fools.
9-) To the Mountains High.
10-) Baptised in Fire.
11-) Haunted.
12-) Snow Covers the Kiss.
13-) Kiss the Devil.


Toyah Rarities

Toyah Rarities is a self-made compilation which contains even more rare Toyah tracks such as Lion of Symmetry (a collaboration with Tony Banks from Genesis) and some live tracks.


1-) We Play Machines. (From It's a Knockout USA).
2-) Symbiotic. (From the Trey Gunn The Third Star CD).
3-) Desire. (Sung live in Leeds).
4-) River Deep, Mountain High. (Sung live in Blackpool, 2005).
5-) Don't Stop Me Now. (Sung live on TV, 2005).
6-) Heartbreaker. (First song sung by Toyah in a TV play).
7-) 9 to 5. (From the film Jubilee).
8-) Ride. (From the Kim Fowley Let the Madness In CD).
9-) Silly Little Girl. (Alternative version of Toyah demo Paradise Child).
10-) Lion of Symmetry. (From the film Lorca and the Outlaws).
11-) Berserk. (Early live song).
12-) Sweet Child O' Mine. (Live on a radio show of the Guns 'n' Roses classic hit).
13-) King of His Domain. (Rare live song).
14-) The Rose. (From TV.)
15-) Mummies. (Live TV Show).
16-) Because the Night. (Live TV show of the Patti Smith Group signature hit).
17-) Duchess. (From The Stranglers live cd).
18-) Everybody Needs PR. (From the film Julie and the Cadillacs).
19-) Angels and Demons. (Sung live).


Toyah Rarities II

Toyah Rarities II is a self-made compilation which contains even more rare Toyah tracks such as Furious Futures among others.


1-) Space Hopping.
2-) Fret and Tap.
3-) Robert's Night.
4-) Broken Special.
5-) Hicksville.
6-) Harlequin.
7-) Blue Meanings (live).
8-) Furious Futures.
9-) Urban Tribesman.
10-) Re-Entry Into Dance.
11-) Sun Up.
12-) Plenty.
13-) Stand Proud.
14-) Lime in the Coconut.
15-) It's a Mystery (Radio Remix).

Sunday All Over the World:

Kneeling at the Shrine (1991)

Kneeling at the Shrine is an album released by Toyah with a project called Sunday All Over the World (which included her husband Robert Fripp), released in 1991. It's considered as Ophelia's Shadow sister album.


1-) Sunday All Over the World.
2-) Blood Bruise Tattoo.
3-) Kneeling at the Shrine.
4-) Don't Take It Away.
5-) Transient Joy.
6-) Open Air.
7-) Strange Girls.
8-) If I Were a Man.
9-) Answered with a Smile.
10-) Storm Angel.
11-) Freedom.



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