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Nik Kershaw

Nicholas David Kershaw was born on March 1, 1958 in Bristol, England but grew up in Ipswich, southern England. He is an English singer-songwriter. The one time jazz-funk guitarist was a mid-1980s teen idol. His 50 weeks on the UK Singles Chart in 1984 beat all other soloists. Kershaw appeared at Live Aid, and penned hits for Let Loose, The Hollies and a #1 for Chesney Hawkes, "The One and Only". He may be best remembered by hits like Wouldn't It Be Good and The Riddle, among others. He also played guitar and did backing vocals for Elton John's 1985 hit, Nikita.

Human Racing (1984)

Human Racing is Nik Kershaw's debut album, released in early 1984 by MCA Records. The title track was a top #20 hit in the United Kingdom, peaking at #19. The album's first single in the UK was "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," which peaked at #47 upon its first release. "Wouldn't It Be Good" became Kershaw's first major hit, spending three weeks at the UK #4 spot and logging his longest chart run there. It is also the song Kershaw is best known for in the U.S., where he narrowly missed going Top 40, peaking at #46. Further hits from the album were "Dancing Girls" and the title track, but the album's first single would become a smash hit upon its second UK release in 1984. Kershaw's Human Racing album peaked at #70 in the U.S and #5 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were: I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (#47 U.K. in 1983, #2 U.K. in 1984 re-release), Wouldn't It Be Good (#4 U.K., #46 U.S.), Dancing Girls (#13 U.K.), and Human Racing (#19 U.K.).


1-) Dancing Girls.
2-) Wouldn't It Be Good.
3-) Drum Talk.
4-) Bogart.
5-) Gone to Pieces.
6-) Shame on You.
7-) Cloak and Dagger.
8-) Faces.
9-) I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.
10-) Human Racing.

The Riddle (1984)

The Riddle is Nik Kershaw's second studio album, released on November 10, 1984 by MCA Records. It charted at #8 in the U.K. and #113 in the U.S. The singles released from this album were: The Riddle (#3 U.K.), Wide Boy (#9 U.K.), and Don Quixote (#10 U.K.).

Original Tracklist: (THIS IS THE UPLOADED FILE!!)

1-) Don Quixote.
2-) Know How.
3-) You Might.
4-) Wild Horses.
5-) Easy.
6-) The Riddle.
7-) City of Angels.
8-) Roses.
9-) Wide Boy.
10-) Save the Whale.


US Tracklist:

1-) The Riddle.
2-) Know How.
3-) You Might.
4-) Don Quixote.
5-) Easy.
6-) Wouldn't It Be Good.
7-) Wide Boy.
8-) Wild Horses.
9-) Roses.
10-) Save the Whale.
Radio Musicola (1986)

Radio Musicola is Nik Kershaw's third studio album, released on December 6, 1986 by MCA Records. The album deals with subjects of integrity - media skepticism (particularly towards tabloid journalism), privacy, insecurity and mass produced run-of-the-mill pop ("Why can't you let us do it like Joni does it? There you go again, giving it your very best - trying so hard to make it sound like all the rest"). The subject is reflected in the cover art concept. The LP release features 1950's style spoof advertisements with the song titles woven in, some of which was replicated in the CD booklet. The album charted at #47 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were: When a Heart Beats (#27 U.K.), Nobody Knows (#44 U.K.), and Radio Musicola (#43 U.K.), and James Cagney (released only in Germany).


1-) Radio Musicola.
2-) Nobody Knows.
3-) L.A.B.A.T.Y.D. (Life's A Bitch And Then You Die).
4-) What the Papers Say.
5-) Life Goes On.
6-) Running Scared.
7-) James Cagney.
8-) Don't Let Me out of My Cage.
9-) When a Heart Beats. (CD version only).
10-) Violet to Blue.

The Works (1989)

The Works is Nik Kershaw's fourth studio album, released on May 22, 1989 by MCA Records. It introduces slight jazz influences in some tracks. The title could be interpreted as "the end", a possibility supported by the lyrics of the track "Take My Place". He did not release any new material until 15 Minutes, 10 years later. The singles released from this album were: One Step Ahead (#55 U.K.), and Elisabeth's Eyes.


1-) One Step Ahead.
2-) Elisabeth's Eyes.
3-) Take My Place.
4-) Wounded Knee.
5-) Cowboys and Indians.
6-) One World.
7-) Don't Ask Me.
8-) Burning at Both Ends.
9-) Lady on the Phone.
10-) Walkabout.

15 Minutes (1999)

15 Minutes is Nik Kershaw's fifth studio album and first one in 10 years, released on April 6, 1999. The album charted at #194 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were: Somebody Loves You (#70 U.K.), and What Do You Think of It So Far.


1-) Somebody Loves You.
2-) Have a Nice Life.
3-) Billy.
4-) Find Me an Angel.
5-) Your Brave Face.
6-) What Do You Think of It So Far.
7-) God Bless.
8-) Stick Around.
9-) Fiction.
10-) Made in Heaven.
11-) Shine On.
12-) 15 Minutes.
13-) Wouldn't It Be Good (Acoustic version) (Bonus track).

To Be Frank (2001)

To Be Frank is Nik Kershaw's sixth studio album, released on April 23, 2001. The only single released from this album was Wounded (#100 U.K.). NOTE: The acoustic version of Wouldn't It Be Good is NOT included in the uploaded file.


1-) Wounded.
2-) Get Up.
3-) Die Laughing.
4-) Jane Doe.
5-) How Sad.
6-) Take Me to the Church.
7-) Hello World.
8-) Already.
9-) One Day.
10-) All Is Fair.
11-) Show Them What You're Made Of.
12-) Wouldn't It Be Good (Acoustic Version) (Bonus track on 2002 rerelease).

You've Got to Laugh (2006)

You've Got to Laugh is Nik Kershaw's seventh and so far last studio album, released on October 26, 2006 under his own record label. Initially at least, the album is only available for purchase online via his web site through his own studio, Shorthouse Records. The album is also available for a digital download via ITunes or eMusic. No promotion and no singles were taken from this album.


1-) Can't Get Arrested.
2-) Oh You Beautiful Thing.
3-) Lost.
4-) All About You.
5-) Promises, Promises.
6-) I Hope You're Happy Now.
7-) Old House.
8-) Yeah, Yeah.
9-) Born Yesterday.
10-) Loud, Confident & Wrong.
11-) She Could Be the One.
12-) You Don't Have to Be the Sun.

No Frills (2010) (***NEW***)

No Frills is Nik Kershaw's live album, recorded during his 2009 tour in which he performed acoustic, stripped-down versions of his back catalogue. Hits included are Wouldn't It Be Good, I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, The Riddle, among many others.


1-) Oh You Beautiful Thing.
2-) Have a Nice Life.
3-) Dancing Girls.
4-) Somebody Loves You.
5-) Lost in You.
6-) The Riddle.
7-) Loud, Confident & Wrong.
8-) Fiction.
9-) Don Quixote.
10-) Oxygen.
11-) Wounded.
12-) Wouldn't It Be Good.
13-) Billy.
14-) This Broken Man.
15-) I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

Kershaw Plus

Kershaw Plus is a self-made compilation which contains several B-Sides plus a couple of collaborations, including one with Elton John. Among the B-sides there's She Cries, which was later re-recorded by British pop group, Bucks Fizz.


1-) Dark Glasses.
2-) Monkey Business.
3-) She Cries.
4-) Progress.
5-) So Quiet.
6-) One of Our Fruit Machines Is Missing.
7-) Old Friend (with Elton John).
8-) Sometimes (with Les Rhythmes Digitales).
9-) Times Like These.
10-) Dangerous Eyes.
11-) Cloud Nine.
12-) What It Is.


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  1. Very great that I can download some B-sides, because most B-sides of Nick Kerhsaw were only on a single. But I can't download all :-(. These songs are not to download from here: Don't Lie, When I Grow Up, My Friend John,'They Said, Food For Fantasy', The Wrong Man, Woman and Oxygen. Please, if possible, put them in Kershaw Plus. Many thanks in advance.