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Cathy Dennis

Catherine Roseanne Dennis was born on March 25, 1969 in Norwich, England. She is a British dance-oriented pop singer-songwriter, record producer and actress. After a moderately successful international solo career, Dennis later received great success as a writer of pop songs, scoring 8 UK number ones and winning five Ivor Novello Awards. As a teenager she was spotted recording Stevie Wonder-influenced demos at The Kitchen in Norwich with her father (himself an experienced musician and local restaurateur) on piano. At the time she was working for Norwich Union. Simon Fuller signed her to his 19 Management company (with whom she is still signed) and to label Polydor at aged 17, and this began a career-long association with the impresario that has seen Dennis provide songs for many Fuller-related artists and projects. She became the first female British solo artist to score 4 consecutive top 10 hits from a debut album. Among these were her signature hit, Touch Me (All Night Long) and the ballad Too Many Walls. After the release of her 1996 album (her third and last one) Am I The Kinda Girl, she retired from her recording career and focused on her songwriting career, which has shown quite profitable and successful. Among the hits she's written are Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head, Britney Spears's Toxic and Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl, among a wide number of other hits. In 2004, Dennis was listed 66th in the Q Magazine list of the top 100 most influential people in music and in 2006 she won the UK music industry's Woman of the Year Award.

Move to This (1990)

Move to This is Cathy Dennis's debut album, released on July 29, 1990 by Polydor Records. It was later re-released in 1991. The album charted at #3 in the U.K. and #67 in the U.S. The singles released from this album were: C'mon and Get My Love (#15 U.K., #10 U.S.), Just Another Dream (#93 U.K. 1989 release, #95 U.K. release 1990 release, #13 U.K. 1991 release, #9 U.S.), Touch Me (All Night Long) (#5 U.K., #2 U.S.), Too Many Walls (#17 U.K., #8 U.S.), and Everybody Move (#25 U.K., #90 U.S.).

Cathy Dennis-Touch Me(All Night Long)
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Cathy Dennis - Too Many Walls
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1-) Just Another Dream.
2-) Touch Me (All Night Long).
3-) C'mon and Get My Love.
4-) Too Many Walls.
5-) Tell Me.
6-) Everybody Move.
7-) Move to This.
8-) My Beating Heart.
9-) Got to Get Your Love.
10-) Taste My Love.


Into the Skyline (1992)

Into the Skyline is Cathy Dennis's second studio album, released on May, 1992. It was written with an aim toward the U.S. market. The album featured the singles "You Lied to Me", "Irresistible", "Moments of Love," "Falling", and "Why" - the latter was credited to D Mob with Cathy Dennis. The album got to #8 in the UK Album Chart, whilst in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, "You Lied to Me" was a Top 40 hit, and "Irresistible" made the Adult Contemporary Top Ten; however, the album descended the chart rapidly. Dennis experienced a brief peak of fame, making a cameo in "Beverly Hills, 90210" singing the song "Moments of Love" (a minor U.S. Adult Contemporary chart hit), "Why" (in the episode, without D Mob) and "Touch Me (All Night Long)". The singles released from this album were: You Lied to Me (#34 U.K., #32 U.S.), Irresistible (#24 U.K., #61 U.S.), Falling (#32 U.K.), Moments of Love (#8 U.S. Adult Contemporary Charts), and Why (#23 U.K.).

Cathy Dennis-You lied to me
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Cathy Dennis - Irresistible
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1-) You Lied to Me.
2-) Why.
3-) Falling.
4-) Moments of Love.
5-) Being with You.
6-) For Your Love.
7-) Irresistible.
8-) We've Got to Fight.
9-) Change Will Come.
10-) Our True Emotions.
11-) Everybody Get Up.
12-) You Lied to Me (Sprayed with Shep's Attitude Mix).

Am I the Kinda Girl? (1996)

Am I the Kinda Girl? is Cathy Dennis' third and last studio album, released in 1996. Dennis changed musical track: away from the dance-pop sound of previous releases, to a more traditional singer-songwriter approach. The resulting album, Am I the Kinda Girl?, was more in keeping with the Britpop sound of bands such as Blur and performers such as Stephen Duffy, and featured collaborations with Guy Chambers of The Lemon Trees and Andy Partridge of XTC. However, even though a couple of singles charted in the UK (including a Number 11 cover of Ray Davies' "Waterloo Sunset"), the album failed to make much inroads into the album charts. The album charted to #78 in the U.K. The singles released from this album were: West End Pad (#25 U.K.), Waterloo Sunset (#11 U.K.) and When Dreams Turn to Dust (#43 U.K.).


1-) West End Pad.
2-) Fickle.
3-) When Dreams Turn to Dust.
4-) Stupid Fool.
5-) Am I the Kinda Girl?
6-) Homing the Rocket.
7-) That Is Why You Love Me.
8-) Waterloo Sunset.
9-) Don't Take My Heaven.
10-) The Date.
11-) Crazy Ones.




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