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Exposé is an American vocal group, originally formed by Miami disc jockey and producer, Lewis Martinée in 1984 with members Sandra "Sandée" Casañas, Alejandra "Alé" Lorenzo, and Laurie Miller. Then, they were subsequently replaced by classic line-up consisting of Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado and Italian-born Gioia Bruno. In 1985, the trio recorded "Point of No Return" for Pantera Records as a 12-inch vinyl single, which became a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. The song helped to introduce a still-popular genre of music that became known as freestyle, which often features keyboard riffs, a sing-along chorus, and electro funk drum-machine patterns in the music arrangement. The success of "Point of No Return" quickly led Exposé to sign with Arista/BMG Records, which promptly assumed distribution of the 12-inch vinyl single. A year later, Exposé recorded and released its second club-dance Latin freestyle 12-inch single, titled "Exposed to Love". These songs were released during the period when radio began airing continuous mixes of House/Club/Dance songs in major markets. As such, Exposé realized continued success, including a club tour to key cities. Impressed with the performance of the two singles and its sound, Arista granted approval for the group to record an album. During the recording of the group's first studio album Exposure, the personnel of the group changed. Reports vary based on the source. According to People magazine, one of the original singers quit while two of the girls were fired midway through the recording of the first album, but according to Billboard, all three were fired. Arista records felt that the three original singers lacked star potential. Martinee states that he made the decision himself to replace the three girls, while Miller maintains it was all their choice, and Jurado confirms that Lorenzo wanted to leave. Shortly thereafter, Casañas pursued a solo career and Lorenzo pursued other ambitions; they were replaced by Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno. Miller began a solo career; she was replaced by Ann Curless. Lorenzo returned to the dance charts with the Vendetta Records releases "I Wanna Know" in 1988, and "Stop Me if I Fall in Love" in 1990, while Miller evolved into a headline performer frequently showcasing her talents on cruises with a more intimate jazz style, and formed her own entertainment company called Xica productions. In February 1987, the new lineup of Exposé released its debut album, Exposure, on Arista Records. Notably, unlike many classic girl groups, Exposé alternated lead vocals among its members. During the group's peak, Exposé endured legal issues behind the scenes. Similar to the girl groups of the 1960s, the members of Exposé had a restrictive contract, and there were reports in the media of backstage battles. According to Bruno, they were only paid $200 (US) per show. Reportedly, the record label intervened to keep peace between the members and the producers. Despite this intervention, the members filed a lawsuit and ultimately settled their legal case for a renegotiated contract. In August 1990, while touring with Exposé, Bruno began having throat problems—later linked to a benign tumor on her vocal cords—and which caused the group to cut the tour short. The group took time off from their schedule in hopes that she would recover. Ultimately, Bruno lost her voice, and could not sing at all for several years—she also had to keep talking to a minimum. She was replaced by Alaska native, Kelly Moneymaker in 1992. After Kelly Moneymaker joined Exposé, the group released its self-titled, third album Exposé, which integrated more adult contemporary material in addition to their established freestyle, house, R&B, pop, and love-ballad repertoire. It was also the first album to use producers besides Martineé, with Clive Davis taking over as executive producer and Martineé only contributing production to four songs. The album was aimed to demonstrate musical growth for the group and to compete with the success of Wilson Phillips, which had great success in 1990 with its debut album. However, the album wasn't successful. Toward the end of 1995, Arista dropped the group, and the members disbanded at the beginning of 1996 to pursue their own projects. In 1997, Bruno fully recovered from her throat tumor and began singing again. After a small stint with the band Wet, she worked on a solo career focused mostly on dance-oriented material. Her first album, Expose This, was released in the spring of 2004. In 2006, the group officially reformed with Gioia Bruno making a return, after 15 years of not performing with the band. In 2010, Exposé informed fans on Facebook that they are recording a new album. Exposé recorded a 2011 version of their hit "Point Of No Return" working with dance producer Giuseppe D. and Chris cox. The cd single was released on June 20, 2011.

Exposure (1987)

Exposure is Exposé's debut studio album, released on February 2, 1987. When first released, the album featured the original 1984 recording of "Point of No Return," with lead vocals by Alé Lorenzo. On all subsequent versions, including its release on compact disc, the re-recording with Jeanette Jurado on lead is featured, which was also the single version released to radio several years after the original made its rounds on urban radio and in clubs. However, all pressings of the album feature the original 1985 recording of "Exposed to Love", with lead vocals by Alé Lorenzo. Lead vocals of the majority of the album were sung by Jurado. Bruno and Curless each sing lead on two tracks, the former on "Let Me Be the One" and "December," and the latter on "Extra Extra" and "Love Is Our Destiny." On the track "I Know You Know," Jurado sings lead, then Bruno provides a soulful improvisation at the end. The album charted to #16 in the U.S. (3x Platinum discs). This album spawned the following singles: Point of No Return (1985: #1 U.S. Dance charts, 1987: #5 U.S., #83 U.K.), Exposed to Love (#12 U.S. Dance charts, 1986), Come Go with Me (#5 U.S.), Let Me Be the One (#7 U.S., #76 U.K.), and Seasons Change (#1 U.S., #97 U.K.).


1-) Come Go with Me.
2-) Let Me Be the One.
3-) Exposed to Love.
4-) Seasons Change.
5-) Extra Extra.
6-) Point of No Return.
7-) Love Is Our Destiny.
8-) I Know You Know.
9-) You're the One I Need.
10-) December.

What You Don't Know (1989)

What You Don't Know is Exposé's second studio album, released on June 13, 1989. Unlike the previous album, this one focuses on the vocals of Gioia Bruno, as she sings lead vocals on half of the tracks. She only sang lead vocals on 3 of the tracks from Exposure. Curless sings lead on two tracks ("Stop, Listen, Look & Think" and "Now That I Found You"), Jurado on three ("When I Looked at Him," "Still Hung Up on You," and "Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue"). The album peaked to #33 in the U.S. (Gold disc). The following singles were released: What You Don't Know (#8 U.S., #99 U.K.), When I Looked at Him (#10 U.S.), Tell Me Why (#9 U.S., #97 U.K.), Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue (#17 U.S.), and Stop Listen Look & Think (#19 U.S. Dance charts).


1-) What You Don't Know.
2-) Stop, Listen, Look & Think.
3-) Tell Me Why.
4-) When I Looked at Him.
5-) Let Me Down Easy.
6-) Still Hung Up on You.
7-) Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue.
8-) Now That I Found You.
9-) Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall).
10-) Didn't It Hurt to Hurt Me.
11-) Walk Along with Me.
12-) What You Don't Know (In Effect Mix).
13-) When I Looked at Him (Suave Mix).

Exposé (1992)

Exposé is Exposé's third and so far last studio album, released on October 9, 1992. This album marks the debut of Kelly Moneymaker as a member of the group. This album's music style is less Latin influenced with more adult-contemporary material. This album also saw more Ann Curless lead vocals than on previous albums; she sings lead on "I Think I'm in Trouble," "As Long as I Can Dream," "In Walked Love," and "Angel." For the track "I Specialize in Love," Jurado (who provides the lead vocals for the majority of the album) sings co-lead with Curless, and then shares lead vocals with Curless and Moneymaker during the final bridge. The album peaked to #135 in the U.S. (Gold disc). It spawned the following singles: I Wish the Phone Would Ring (#28 U.S.), I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me (#8 U.S., #75 U.K.), As Long as I Can Dream (#55 U.S.), and In Walked Love (#84 U.S., 1994), and I Specialize in Love (#6 U.S. Dance charts, 1995).


1-) I Think I'm in Trouble.
2-) You Don't Know What You Got.
3-) I Wish the Phone Would Ring.
4-) As Long as I Can Dream.
5-) In Walked Love.
6-) I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me.
7-) Angel.
8-) Face to Face.
9-) I Specialize in Love.
10-) Touch and Go.
11-) The Same Love.
12-) Give Me All Your Love.


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