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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE was born in Melbourne, Australia on May 28, 1968. After beginning her career as a child actress on Australian television, she achieved recognition through her role in the television soap opera Neighbours, before commencing her career as a recording artist in 1987. Her first single, "Locomotion", spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian singles chart and became the highest selling single of the decade. This led to a contract with songwriters and producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Her debut album, Kylie (1988), and the single "I Should Be So Lucky", each reached number one in the United Kingdom, and over the next two years, her first 13 singles reached the British top ten. Her debut film, The Delinquents (1989) was a box-office hit in Australia and the UK despite negative reviews.

Initially presented as a "girl next door", Minogue attempted to convey a more mature style in her music and public image. Her singles were well received, but after four albums her record sales were declining, and she left Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1992 to establish herself as an independent performer. Her next single, "Confide in Me", reached number one in Australia and was a hit in several European countries in 1994, and a duet with Nick Cave, "Where the Wild Roses Grow", brought Minogue a greater degree of artistic credibility. Drawing inspiration from a range of musical styles and artists, Minogue took creative control over the songwriting for her next album, Impossible Princess (1997). It failed to attract strong reviews or sales in the UK, but was successful in Australia.

Minogue returned to prominence in 2000 with the single "Spinning Around" and the dance-oriented album Light Years, and she performed during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her music videos showed a more sexually provocative and flirtatious personality and several hit singles followed. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" reached number one in more than 40 countries, and the album Fever (2001) was a hit throughout the world, including the United States, a market in which Minogue had previously received little recognition. Minogue embarked on a concert tour but cancelled it when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. After surgery and chemotherapy treatment, she resumed her career in 2006 with Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour. Her tenth studio album X was released in 2007 and was followed by the KylieX2008 tour. In 2009, she embarked upon her For You, for Me Tour, her first concert tour of the US and Canada.

Although she was dismissed by some critics, especially during the early years of her career, she has achieved worldwide record sales of more than 68 million, and has received notable music awards, including multiple ARIA and Brit Awards and a Grammy Award. She has mounted several successful concert tours and received a Mo Award for "Australian Entertainer of the Year" for her live performances. She was awarded an OBE "for services to music", and an Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2008.


Kylie (1988)

Kylie is Kylie Minogue's debut album and it was released on July 4, 1988. It received mixed reviews. Chris True of Allmusic describes the album's songs as "dated at best", but writes that Minogue's "cuteness makes these rather vapid tracks bearable". Kylie peaked at number one in the United Kingdom, and it produced three number one singles in Australia. In North America the album peaked low on the Billboard charts, yet still managed to sell over 500,000 copies and was certified gold. In Australia, the album was re-issued as The Kylie Collection and featured bonus remixes. Kylie was certified seven times platinum in the UK and has sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide. Kylie's singles spawned from this album were: The Loco-Motion (#1 Australia in 1987, #2 U.K. in 1988, #3 U.S. in 1988), I Should Be So Lucky (#1 U.K., #28 U.S., #1 Australia), Got to Be Certain (#2 U.K., #1 Australia), Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (#2 U.K., #11 Australia), It's No Secret (#37 U.S., #22 Canada), and Turn It into Love (#1 Japan). It's important to note that the version of Love at First Sight from this album is NOT the same version as the one in the Fever album.


1-) I Should Be So Lucky.
2-) The Loco-Motion.
3-) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.
4-) It's No Secret.
5-) Got to Be Certain.
6-) Turn It into Love.
7-) I Miss You.
8-) I'll Still Be Loving You.
9-) Look My Way.
10-) Love at First Sight.

Kylie's Remixes Vol. 1 (1989)

This is Kylie's first album of remixes. It was released on March 16, 1989 in Japan. it reached the top thirty (#25 to be exact) on the Oricon Charts being certified Gold. It was later released in Australia in 1993 and reissued in 1998. This compilation include remixes of nine of her early Aitken/Stock/Waterman hits.


1-) I Should Be So Lucky (The Bicentennial Remix).
2-) Got to Be Certain (Remix).
3-) The Loco-Motion (The Sankie Remix).
4-) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Moi Non Plus Mix).
5-) Turn It into Love (Album Version).
6-) It's No Secret (Extended Version).
7-) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (The Revolutionary Mix).
8-) I Should Be So Lucky (New Remix).
9-) Made in Heaven (Made in England Mix).


Enjoy Yourself (1989)

Enjoy Yourself is Kylie's second studio album, released on October 9, 1989 by PWL Records. It received mixed reviews. Chris True of Allmusic describes the album's songs as "catchy stuff", and calls Enjoy Yourself a "good companion to her debut". Rolling Stone reviewer Arion Berger gave the album one out of five stars and called it "inept". Enjoy Yourself reached number one in the United Kingdom, and produced two number one singles. In January 1990, the album was certified four times platinum in the UK, and sold over one million copies within the first ten weeks of its release. The singles spawned from this album were: Hand in Your Heart (#1 U.K., #4 Australia), Wouldn't Change a Thing (#2 U.K., #6 Australia), Never Too Late (#4 U.K., #14 Australia), and Tears on My Pillow (#1 U.K., #20 Australia).


1-) Hand in Your Heart.
2-) Wouldn't Change a Thing.
3-) Never Too Late.
4-) Nothing to Lose.
5-) Tell Tale Signs.
6-) My Secret Heart.
7-) I'm Over Dreaming (Over You).
8-) Tears on My Pillow.
9-) Heaven and Earth.
10-) Enjoy Yourself.


Rhythm of Love (1990)

Rhythm of Love is Kylie's third studio album, released on November 12, 1990 by PWL Records. It received positive reviews. Chris True of Allmusic describes the album as Minogue's "best work from the Stock-Aitken-Waterman era", and writes that "the songwriting is stronger, the production dynamic, and Kylie seems more confident vocally". Rhythm of Love was a top ten album in Australia and the United Kingdom, and it produced four top ten singles. In June 1991, the album was reissued as Rhythm of Love: The Gold Album and featured bonus remixes. In the UK, Rhythm of Love of was certified platinum, and has sold over 300,000 in the UK. In Australia, the original CD was issued as a 'white' picture CD. The singles spawned from this album were: Better the Devil You Know (#2 U.K., #4 Australia), Step Back in Time (#4 U.K., #5 Australia), What Do I Have to Do (#6 U.K., #11 Australia), and Shocked (#6 U.K., #7 Australia).


1-) Better the Devil You Know.
2-) Step Back in Time.
3-) What Do I Have to Do.
4-) Secrets.
5-) Always Find the Time.
6-) The World Still Turns.
7-) Shocked.
8-) One Boy Girl.
9-) Things Can Only Get Better.
10-) Count the Days.
11-) Rhythm of Love.

Let's Get to It (1991)

Let's Get to It is Kylie's fourth studio album, released on October 14, 1991 was and last one under PWL Records. It was well received by music critics, and it was described as being "superior" to Minogue's previous album releases. Let's Get to It was a top twenty album in both Minogue's native Australia and the United Kingdom. The singles spawned from this album were: Word Is Out (#16 U.K., #10 Australia), If You Were with Me Now (#4 U.K., #23 Australia), I Guess I Like It Like That, Give Me Just a Little More Time (#2 U.K., #24 Australia), and Finer Feelings (#11 U.K., #60 Australia).


1-) Word Is Out.
2-) Give Me Just a Little More Time.
3-) Too Much of a Good Thing.
4-) Finer Feelings.
5-) If You Were with Me Now.
6-) Let's Get to It.
7-) Right Here, Right Now.
8-) Live And Learn.
9-) No World Without You.
10-) I Guess I Like It Like That.

Kylie Minogue (1994)

Kylie Minogue is Kylie's eponymously named fifth studio album released on September 19, 1994. The album was first released by Deconstruction Records/BMG throughout much of the world and by Imago Records in the US while in Australia and New Zealand the album was released by Mushroom. The singles spawned from this album were: Confide in Me (#2 U.K., #1 U.S.), Put Yourself in My Place (#11 U.K., #11 Australia), and Where Is the Feeling? (#16 U.K., #31 Australia). It's important to note that here Kylie was trying to become a more serious artist and her music here is more alternative pop with R & B rather than her usual dance pop music.


1-) Confide in Me.
2-) Surrender.
3-) If I Was Your Lover.
4-) Where Is the Feeling?
5-) Put Yourself in My Place.
6-) Dangerous Game.
7-) Automatic Love.
8-) Where Has the Love Gone?
9-) Falling.
10-) Time Will Pass You By.

Impossible Princess (1997)

Impossible Princess is Kylie's sixth studio album, released in October, 1997 internationally and on March 23, 1998 in the U.K. by Deconstruction Records to mixed reviews. The album was produced by Dave Ball, Ingo Vauk, and Brothers in Rhythm. Many critics complimented its maturity and personal subject matter, while others called it uninspired and unbelievable. Impossible Princess was a success in Minogue's native Australia, it reached number four on the Australian albums chart, number one on the Australian Music Report chart in January 1998 and was certified platinum for sales of 70,000 copies. The album was a commercial disappointment in the UK and only sold 44,000 copies(as of '98), far below Minogue's previous albums Kylie Minogue and Let's Get to It. The album represented a change in Minogue's musical style and featured several live instruments. Impossible Princess became the first album Minogue had full creative control over, which resulted in her contributing to all of the lyrics that appeared on the album. The album was retitled Kylie Minogue at the last minute in the UK following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in August 1997. A remastered edition of Impossible Princess was issued by BMG in 2003 with a bonus disc of remixes and B-sides. The singles spawned from this album were: Some Kind of Bliss (#22 U.K., #27 Australia), Did It Again (#14 U.K., #15 Australia), Breathe (#14 U.K., #23 Australia), Cowboy Style (#39 Australia), and Too Far (only as a promo single in the U.K.).


1-) Too Far.
2-) Cowboy Style.
3-) Some Kind of Bliss.
4-) Did It Again.
5-) Breathe.
6-) Say Hey.
7-) Drunk.
8-) I Don't Need Anyone.
9-) Jump.
10-) Limbo.
11-) Through the Years.
12-) Dreams.

Light Years (2000)

Light Years is Kylie's seventh studio album, released on September 25, 2000. It reached number two in the United Kingdom and one on the Australian album charts and number two in New Zealand being certified platinum there (15,000). Light Years is largely seen as Minogue's "comeback" album as it saw her return to her pop roots and to the top of the charts. Official statement on sales of Light Years is 1.3 million while according to the Producer of the track "Spinning Around" the album sold over 3 million. Light Years is also the first album for Kylie Minogue as an new signee to the Parlophone/EMI Label. The singles spawned from this album were: Spinning Around (#1 U.K., #1 Australia), On a Night Like This (#2 U.K., #1 Australia), her duet with Robbie Williams, Kids (#2 U.K., #14 Australia), Please Stay (#10 U.K., #15 Australia), Your Disco Needs You (#20 Australia), and Butterfly (#14 U.S. Dance Charts).


1-) Spinning Around.
2-) On a Night Like This.
3-) So Now Goodbye.
4-) Disco Down.
5-) Loveboat.
6-) Koocachoo.
7-) Your Disco Needs You.
8-) Please Stay.
9-) Bittersweet Goodbye.
10-) Butterfly.
11-) Under the Influence of Love.
12-) I'm So High.
13-) Kids.
14-) Light Years.

Fever (2001)

Fever is Kylie's eighth studio album, released on October 1, 2001 in Europe and Australia and in 2002 2002 in North America by Parlophone, Mushroom and Capitol. The lead single, "Can't Get You out of My Head", was a number one hit in multiple countries. The album reached number one on the Australian and many European charts and sold 1.9 million copies in the United Kingdom alone. The album has sold 8 million copies worldwide, making it Minogue's best selling album ever. It was followed by the KylieFever2002 Tour. It became Minogue's highest-selling album in Australia, USA, Canada, Russia among others and her overall highest selling album. There are three different versions of the album cover. The original version had Minogue wearing white and holding a microphone. This version was distributed to Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Canada. When the album was later released in the U.S. and re-issued (in some countries) in Asia, the cover was changed to the same cover of In Your Eyes. This cover is also available in Canada. The cover for the bonus disc edition is similar to the original, but with Minogue wearing a blue PVC costume instead. In 2008 it was announced that the album is the first album released by a Non-Russian act in the history of recorded music to receive a Diamond certification in Russia. The album has beaten the likes of Michael Jackson's Thriller and Madonna's The Immaculate Collection to the title. The album won Best International Album at the 2002 Brit Awards. The singles spawned from this album were: Can't Get You out of My Head (#1 U.K., #1 Australia, #7 U.S.), In Your Eyes (#3 U.K., #1 Australia), Love at First Sight (#2 U.K., #3 Australia, #23 U.S.), Fever (only as a promo single for Australia), and Come into My World (#8 U.K., #4 Australia).


1-) More More More.
2-) Love at First Sight.
3-) Can't Get You out of My Head.
4-) Fever.
5-) Give It to Me.
6-) Fragile.
7-) Come into My World.
8-) In Your Eyes.
9-) Dancefloor.
10-) Love Affair.
11-) Your Love.
12-) Burning Up.

Body Language (2003)

Body Language is Kylie's ninth studio album, released on November 20, 2003. While Body Language failed to reach the chart and sales success of its predecessor, 2001's Fever, it still managed to chart in the top five in multiple countries. It has been certified 2x Platinum in Australia, selling around 140,000 copies, and has gone Platinum in the UK, selling over 378,000 copies. In addition, the album has also been certified Gold in Switzerland (20,000), Austria (10,000) and New Zealand (7,500) while 50,000 copies were sold in France, and 177,000 copies in the USA. The singles spawned from this album were: Slow (#1 U.K., #1 Australia), Secret (Take You Home), Red Blooded Woman (#5 U.K., #4 Australia), and Chocolate (#6 U.K., #14 Australia).


1-) Slow.
2-) Still Standing.
3-) Secret (Take You Home).
4-) Promises.
5-) Sweet Music.
6-) Red Blooded Woman.
7-) Chocolate.
8-) Obsession.
9-) I Feel for You.
10-) Someday.
11-) Loving Days.
12-) After Dark.


Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour (2005)

Showgirl is a live album by Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue. It was recorded during the Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour in 2005 in London before she cancelled it due to having breast cancer. This is not an official album release since the only official album release of this specific date came in the shape of an EP with 8 tracks instead of the whole show.


Disc 1

  1. Overture - The Showgirl Theme.
  2. Better the Devil You Know.
  3. In Your Eyes.
  4. Giving You Up.
  5. On a Night Like This.
  6. Shocked.
  7. What Do I Have To Do?
  8. Spinning Around.
  9. In Denial.
  10. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.
  11. Confide in Me.
  12. Red Blooded Woman.
  13. Slow.
  14. Please Stay.

Disc 2

  1. Over the Rainbow.
  2. Come into My World.
  3. Chocolate.
  4. I Believe in You.
  5. Dreams.
  6. Hand on Your Heart.
  7. The Loco-Motion.
  8. I Should Be So Lucky.
  9. Your Disco Needs You.
  10. Put Yourself in My Place.
  11. Can't Get You out of My Head.
  12. Especially for You.
  13. Love at First Sight.
Descargar parte 1/Download part 1.
Descargar parte 2/Download part 2.
X (2007)

X is Kylie's tenth studio album, released on November 21, 2007. Work on the album began following Minogue's gradual recovery from breast cancer and subsequent radiotherapy treatment. Her cancer, which was diagnosed in May 2005, resulted in the postponement of Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour tour midway through its run. Minogue resumed the tour in late 2006, in the midst of recording X, and was completed later in the following year. In addition to positive critical reception, X was nominated for a BRIT Award for "Best International Album" and debuted at #1 in Australia, and in the top five in the United Kingdom. No official statement has been given on the sales of X but according to the UK newspaper The Times, as of December 2008, X had sold one million copies worldwide. On 3 December 2008 it was announced that X had been nominated at the 51st Grammy Awards in the category of Best Electronic/Dance Album, making it Minogue's 5th Grammy Award nomination. The singles spawned from this album were: 2 Hearts (#4 U.K., #1 Australia), Wow (#5 U.K., #11 Australia), In My Arms (#10 U.K., #35 Australia), All I See (#3 U.S. Dance Charts), and The One (#36 U.K., #10 Australia).


1-) 2 Hearts.
2-) Like a Drug.
3-) In My Arms.
4-) Speakerphone.
5-) Sensitized.
6-) Heart Beat Rock.
7-) The One.
8-) No More Rain.
9-) All I See.
10-) Stars.
11-) Wow.
12-) Nu-Di-Ty.
13-) Cosmic.


Aphrodite (2010)

Aphrodite is the eleventh studio album by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. It is her first studio album in three years, since her 2007 release, X. Aphrodite was preceded by the release of lead single "All the Lovers" and will be released worldwide on June 30, 2010 in Japan and in July in days 2, 5, and 6 in the rest of the world.


1-) All the Lovers.

2-) Get Outta My Way.

3-) Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love).

4-) Closer.

5-) Everything Is Beautiful.

6-) Aphrodite.

7-) Illusion.

8-) Better than Today.

9-) Too Much.

10-) Cupid Boy.

11-) Looking for an Angel.

12-) Can't Beat the Feeling.



Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour: Live in London (2011) (***NEW***)

Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour: Live in London is a live unofficial album taken from two nights in London, which the audio was taken from the SKY channel broadcast of her Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour. The concert was broadcast on June 19, 2011 but she toured London earlier in April. This concert includes most of her tracks from her Aphrodite album, as well as a couple of her classics, and also her cover version of Eurythmics' 1985 hit There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart).


CD 1:

1-) Aphrodite.

2-) The One.

3-) Wow.

4-) Illusion.

5-) I Believe in You.

6-) Cupid Boy.

7-) Get Outta My Way.

8-) Everything Is Beautiful.

9-) Slow.

CD 2:

1-) Confide in Me.

2-) Can't Get You Out of My Head.

3-) Looking for an Angel.

4-) Closer.

5-) There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart).

6-) Love at First Sight/Can't Beat This Feeling.

7-) Better the Devil You Know.

8-) Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love).

9-) On a Night Like This.

10-) All the Lovers.

Descargar CD 1/Download CD 1

Descargar CD2/Download CD2


Kylie Plus

Kylie Plus is a self-made compilation that consists of Kylie's non-album tracks. Among these, there's the smash hit Especially for You, Celebration, Where the Wild Roses Grow, among many others.


1-) Especially for You (duet with Jason Donovan).
2-) What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before).
3-) Where in the World?
4-) Celebration.
5-) Nothing Can Stop Us.
6-) Love Is Waiting.
7-) If You Don't Love Me.
8-) Where the Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave).
9-) Tears.
10-) This Girl.
11-) German Bold Italic (with Towa Tei).
12-) Whenever You Feel Like It.
13-) Cruise Control.
14-) You Make Me Feel.
15-) I Believe in You.
16-) Giving You Up.


Kylie: The B-Sides:

Kylie: The B-Sides is a self-made compilation which consists of Kylie's b-sides for most of her singles, right from her very early singles from the 80's, from the 90's, up to her latest b-side for All the Lovers, Go Hard or Go Home.


CD 1:

1-) All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine (with Jason Donovan).
2-) Almost a Lover.
3-) B.P.M.
4-) Baby.
5-) Boy.
6-) Carried Away.
7-) Cherry Bomb.
8-) City Games.
9-) Closer.
10-) Cover Me with Kisses.
11-) Do It Again.
12-) Do You Dare?
13-) Getting Closer.
14-) Glad to Be Alive.
15-) Go Hard or Go Home.
16-) Good Life.
17-) Good Like That.

CD 2:

1-) Harmony.
2-) Just Wanna Love You.
3-) King or Queen.
4-) Love Takes Over Me.
5-) Made in Heaven.
6-) Made of Glass.
7-) Never Spoken.
8-) Ocean Blue.
9-) Paper Dolls.
10-) Password.
11-) Rendezvous at Sunset.
12-) Santa Baby.
13-) Soul on Fire.
14-) Tightrope.
15-) We Know the Meaning of Love.

Descargar parte 1/Download part 1

Descargar parte 2/Download part 2


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